What Are The Effects Of Depression On Human Body?

Last Update on April 19, 2021 : Published on January 2, 2020

Depression is a mental health disorder that swings the mood of a person and brings hopelessness, sadness, and despair. There are various signs and symptoms of depression that brings trauma and poor mental health condition, including negative thoughts, mismanaged sleep pattern, and having suicidal thoughts. So, why we are talking about physical symptoms of depression here?

Although depression is considered a mental disorder, it affects the human body and physical well-being too. With this blog, we want to convey to you that if any physical symptoms of depression are visible to you, DO NOT IGNORE THEM! These physical effects of depression interfere with day to day activities of life and may cause a serious medical condition if left untreated.

Physical Symptoms Of Depression:

Physical Symptoms Of Depression

Apart from the brain facing issues like persistent sadness, negative thoughts, and troubled thinking, the impact of depression on the body include:

1. Weight Fluctuations

Depression or anxiety affects the usual appetite. In some cases, a person hogs up everything in front without a second thought whereas, in some, he doesn’t even touch food. At times, even the optimum amount of food doesn’t help the human body to survive normally.

Such a fluctuated eating pattern either causes weight gain or weight loss. This, in turn, can impact people who are suffering from diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

2. Chronic Pain

As there is no sleep for such a long time and food is not consumed in the right amount, the body becomes weak. From here, stomach pain, cramps, constipation, and malnutrition/overnutrition becomes a concern.

Apart from them, headache and body pain also joins in due to restlessness and wrong postures.

3. Risk Of Heart Disease Increases

When the effects of depression on the human body are talked about, we cannot ignore cardiovascular health. Depression and stress can elevate the heart rate and tighten the blood vessels. Heart disease might not be so sudden but might occur over a period of time with continuous stress.

Moreover, the situation worsens if smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes combine these facts. This situation can also make a person immune to multiple other infections and diseases.

4. Loss Of Libido

At one point, the person loses interest in all the activities that were once loved, including having sex. Since sleep and appetite are hampered, sex drive gets affected at a higher rate. In fact, most of the people suffering from depression symptoms lose interest in sex. Problems like arousal, lack of orgasms or no pleasure during sex.

5. Gastrointestinal Problems

As already described above, the physical effects of depression include stomach and digestion problems. From constipation to diarrhea to vomiting, the condition of a person can worsen.

What Else?

In short, the effects of depression on the human body are abundant. And the complication is that when the mind is not thinking in the right direction, it becomes tough for a person to realize his own worsening condition.

Well, if you or your loved one is showing any signs of depression or any other physical symptoms of depression, WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

Suicidal thoughts or self-harm are other physical effects of depression, which has become a serious case for now! TALK TO US and we will help you to heal from depression. NEVER GIVE UP! Learn how to stay motivated during the depression and try to heal yourself from regular exercise.



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