What Are The Possible Effects Of Untreated Depression?

Last Update on May 19, 2022 : Published on December 5, 2020
Effects of untreated depression

Depression brings low energy, lack of concentration, anger, sadness, sleeping problems and multiple other issues which hinder the working of a human being. Now if it is left untreated, there are chances of health risks and extreme mood changes. In some cases, it can lead to extreme steps like hurting oneself or having suicidal thoughts.

Untreated depression worsens the condition of a person while ruining personal relationships, inducing alcohol or substance abuse and the way you perform everyday activities. It must be noted that depression not only affects mental health but also physical and emotional reactions of a person.

Problems Associated With Long Term Depression

 If depression is left untreated and the person is left on his own, there could be severe results including:

  • Behavioral problems like angry outbursts, irritability or mood disorder. Although such behavior could be due to normal changes, their persistence is one of the results of untreated depression.
  • Fatigue and lack of energy makes it difficult for a person to work productively. It even shows lack of concentration in any work they do.
  • If the individual is in school or college, they could be struggling with studies and show declining performance in grades.
  • Long term depression comes with excessive substance use like drugs, alcohol, or other self treating medications.
  • Careless behavior or attitude like reckless driving, illegal actions or other actions that devastate others in surroundings.
  • Appetite changes which leads to weight changes. It could be falling in weight or gaining it, ultimately leading to eating disorders.
  • Suicide threats due to emotional pain, trauma, bullying or other reasons why depression struck.

Long Term Depression

Does Untreated Anxiety & Depression Cause Physical Problems?

 Let’s say, Yes! Depression itself impacts the physical health of a human being where they feel tired, drowsy and cannot feel the changes in body due to lack of mindfulness. Apart from this, the person also faces sleeplessness, a sleep full of tiredness or excessive sleepiness.

This change in sleep cycle becomes a reason for inattention in daily life and performance. One must understand about sleep disorder and that sleep and mental health are correlated. Checkout breathing exercises to help in sleeping better.

Other consequences of depression that tag along include heart problems like stroke, coronary artery disease or blockages. Those who go through long term depression have higher chances of getting heart attack at an early age.

Can Untreated Depression Be Considered Disability?

 Depression can make a person feel disabled in their work, social and family life. However, if it is left untreated then it may lead to heart diseases as well as work loss. Moreover, a person may not be considered disabled by body condition but the mental condition does affect productivity, failed treatment and absenteeism.

Are There Any Signs Of Substance Abuse With Prolonged Depression?

People going through clinical depression can find themselves with varying signs like:

  • Secretive use of alcohol or drugs
  • Avoiding a discussion on alcohol abuse
  • Talking about self pity
  • Facing unexplained memory loss
  • Avoid maintaining personal relationships with others

If any of the signs are evident with your loved one, it is best to help them by dropping us an email at info@calmsage.com and connect with an expert counselor or therapist. Although if suicide risks are present, contact 911 or suicide prevention helpline number immediatey.

Can Untreated Depression Lead To Suicide?

As shared above, depression acts as a major drive to take extreme step like suicide. If you or your loved one are facing such thoughts, suicide prevention lines or 1-800-273-8255(TALK) must be called.

Effects Of Depression & Warning Signs

 Long term depression could be seen in different warning signs and must be looked carefully to protect your loved ones.

  • Losing complete interest in activities that they really cared about
  • Talking about worthlessness, hopelessness and helplessness
  • Using phrases like ‘I should never have been here’ or ‘I want to be out’ commonly
  • Writing or talking about suicide
  • Consuming content based on suicide reports or suicide methods
  • Explaining death wishes to you or their friends


Amidst the side effects of untreated depression, an individual needs to keep himself aware of the people around them and even be mindful for himself. Make sure that if you show any signs of untreated depression or persistent depression, don’t hesitate in asking for help. Drop us a line at info@calmsage.com now!

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