Mental Health Benefits Of Positive Self Talk

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“Positive Self talk is the most powerful form of communication because it either empowers you or it defeats you.” – Wright Thurston

One must be willing to talk to self to learn more about our actions. The emotional wellbeing is directly reflected in our actions in life, so it is essential to be in touch with our inner self. What we pretend to be or perceive for the world on the external often clouds our connection to the spirit. Therefore, we must allow ourselves to have an introspect on the behaviour and what’s better than the positive self talk.

Sometimes we don’t realise the power the inner voice has over us, but that can be significantly hampering our growth. If you self talk negatively at most of the times, it can increase the stress levels. One can develop an inability to perform best as one can think less of ourselves to take a challenge. Harbouring such a habit can lead to bringing adverse events from the past to the present and cause unnecessary stress.

All of this can develop negative feelings, lack of confidence, anxiety and lack of motivation will reduce productivity. Hence, we want to tell you about the importance of positive self talk. So in this article, let’s learn a little more about that and what are the benefits of positive self talk.

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What Is Positive Self Talk?

The pep talk you give yourself before attending a meeting or giving a presentation is positive self talk. We always have an inner voice in our head which works as a narrative to us. Just like a narration goes on in a play or movie, our life story has our inner voice. This keeps telling us to weigh the pros and cons, deliver correct words while speaking and often drives our body to action. Remember that you can not live a positive life with a negative mind.

So, it’s evident that while we have our little narrator with us, it’s important to make sure it’s a positive one. As the voice, we carry with us everywhere and also impacts our lives at a great extent. It’s needed that we make this internal voice a positive one to help us out in life to make better decisions. It is generally a combination of the conscious and subconscious thoughts in our brain, the general perception of the world and the beliefs in general, which inhabit our thoughts and influence this self talk.

So let’s make an effort to learn to have a positive attitude in life with this positive self talk.

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What Are The Effects Of Positive Self Talking?

To begin with, one must analyze the type of self talk. It is often judged by the kind of self talk, which is a factor in taking us forward to make a decision or take actions. First, we must understand the difference between negative and positive self talk. As often, two of them are confused with being rational. We would like to give you an example of a child trying to learn a new activity. If they fail to be good in it, and no one assures them about it being completely fine, they can develop issues with it. This might lead to a problem with self-confidence in future. The kid turned adult will always talk themselves out of that activity to avoid failure. This is the kind of behaviour which can hamper our growth and worsen our mental health.

The personal commentary that goes on in our brain can be misleading at times, feeding on our fears. This is how we can quickly develop anxiousness and stress ourselves over it. This can be commonly seen as a sign when we have stage fright or right before an examination. Even though it is not an impossible task, we have a fear of failing or making a fool of ourselves in front of people. Such behaviour often leads to character traits, which may drift away from our talent. A person may get panic attacks due to the negative thoughts in the head.

How To Have Positive Self Talk?

How To Have Positive Self Talk

It is indeed said that we live in our brains, and therefore it’s important to feed it right. No negative talking to self will help you eradicate the thoughts which cause stress and panic. One learns to defeat the pain and wins over the anxiety and stress. Let’s learn the proper way to have positive self talking in this infographic. We have shown an alternative to negative self talk with a positive attitude which can help you in the below image.

Effects Of Positive Self Talk

Treat yourself as you will advise your loved ones, which will be in their best interest. Similarly, treat yourself as the person and learn to love and accept yourself. Positive self-talk, be it in whispers or out loud should always be in our benefit. Just the same way you can have a significant impact on how you think of a situation. In another exercise, we would like you to write down all the thoughts you have in a day. Now read them at the end of the day along with the actions you reluctantly avoided. You will see the issue as the negative thoughts which undermine your calibre.

Remember to give yourself the due credit for how far you have come. Success is only the part of this journey; one must not stop after one obstacle in life. The way to continue is being your cheerleader and hustling with all of your capacity. This is the only way to keep all the possibilities open for oneself as the person determines to walk on the path of positivity.

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What’s The Importance Of Positive Self Talk?

“Take care of how you speak to yourself because you are listening.”

The importance of positive self talk is simple to counter the negative thoughts in our head. This leads us to the results that we have never imagined for us. Too often, we collect a bunch of things said to us as a child and bring that to our present, which is not correct. Parents, teachers, siblings and friends all make remarks for different aspects of one’s life. The negative things stick to our brain and often lead to depression in some cases. We must learn that there is a better way to anticipate things, and it will be changed to good when you speak positively with your self.

There are several mental health benefits of positive self talk. One of them is a sports team forming a huddle and repeating their slogans to cheer the players for the victory. It has a positive impact on the human’s brain, and it lets us respond with full vigour and confidence. When you sit back and think, negative talking to self can damage your self-esteem. With positive talk, loneliness does not haunt you, instead works as a thought process to learn better about yourself.

Importance Of Positive Self Talk

Here are some of the positive self talk benefits-

    • You learn your true potential.
    • Gain self-confidence.
    • Empower others with the belief that if you can do, they can too.
    • Removes hesitation, and the learning process comes at ease.
    • You stop the comparison to others.
    • Have a better understanding of yourself.
    • Create a positive environment around you.
    • Have clarity in your vision.
    • Start being grateful to others and yourself.
    • Have a positive attitude.
    • Don’t feel anxious all the time.
    • A greater sense of self-purpose in life.
    • Lesser distractions.
    • Improved physical health.
    • Enhances your performance.
    • Gives you strong willpower.
    • Have an optimistic outlook for the future.

Types Of Positive Self Talk-

types of positive self talk

The way we keep the internal dialogue run in our head is mostly seen in the actions. That’s why it’s needed to keep that place positive and stick to hope and encouragement. There are different ways to start speak positive with yourself.

“If you hear a voice within you saying, you are not a painter, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. – Vincent Van Gogh

First, you can start by focusing on the way your thoughts work for daily tasks. Now, try to see what negative thoughts you see in response to that. If you get any, please try and change it to a positive one like “I am good at what I do” or “ I like my work”.

Second, stop avoiding trying things as in your head; you have made sure you are not good enough. Positive self-talk can begin with words like ” I can try” and “Failing isn’t such a bad thing”.Positive affirmations are of greatest help in turning negative thoughts into positive.

Third, accept yourself and stop the self agonizing all the time. Body shaming is one of the biggest hurdles for many of us. We avoid multiple things just because of it, so one should start believing in self. Positive talks for this should sound like “I like the way I am”. “ I am good enough” “ I am thankful for my healthy body”.

Fourth, start practising self-talk in front of a mirror with positive praises for self. This will help you boost confidence and have a positive opinion. Self-improvement is always good and necessary if you want to lead a happy life.

Also, learn to take the criticism not to your heart, if you feel there is a scope of betterment, do it. We are not saying that be unrealistic and just go with the positive thoughts. But, we want you to focus on the good from the circumstances and remove the negative thoughts. The positive self-talk will only promote joy, passion in your life and help you achieve the best of yourself as a person.

To Sum up-

The way we move forward in life relies a lot on our self-talk, therefore making it positive self-talk is required. To change the way we think will help us achieve beliefs, trust in self and improve our communication with others. Your mind will always believe what we feed it, therefore try to feed it positive things like- hope, love and truth. If you feel you are still not good enough with this practice, ask a friend to help or seek a therapist.

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