What Does Your Coffee Preference Say About You? Find Out Here!

Last Update on October 7, 2022 : Published on October 9, 2022

“Caffeine — It maintains my sunny personality.” – Unknown

Well, to be real, a dose of caffeine does more than that. I’ve read many online articles about how our personalities are connected with simple aspects of our lives and this includes our coffee preferences too!

I’m not saying that your coffee order can exactly predict your personality but there has to be some truth in the link between our beverage preferences and our personality traits, right? Well, don’t fret, we’re exploring that in this article today.

The idea that our coffee can say a lot about our personality was based on research that was first published in People here. This research took data from over 2000 coffee drinkers and assessed their personality traits including extroverted and introverted, perfectionism, sensitivity, sociability, and more.

In the results, it was found that 40% of people who preferred iced coffee were more likely to prefer sunny weather, 37% were more likely to binge-watch sci-fi shows, and 40% were likely to be GenZ. Meanwhile, 40% of hot coffee drinkers were more likely to be extroverts, 30% of those preferred overcast weather, and almost 90% of people were likely to be a boomer.

Surprising, isn’t it?

Let’s find out what your coffee preferences say about your personality!

What your coffee order reveals about you

In a study by clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula, she said that “we are no more defined by our coffee preferences than we are by our zodiac signs.” So what does our coffee preference say about us? Let’s find out!

1. Black Coffee Personality


The classic coffee drinker, a Black coffee personality is someone who tends to be well…classic, or old-school. They are set in their ways and want to keep things simple.

Alternatively, you may be a black coffee drinker because of a dietary need or other health benefits. A black coffee personality can also be a fitness enthusiast, determined, and focused on their goals. They want to be self-sufficient and empowered.

2. Latte Personality


A latte personality, just like the coffee taste, can be a pleasing personality. They are more likely to be a people pleaser, helpful, open to others, and generous in their offers. However, they might overestimate their skills and neglect to take care of themselves. A latte personality is also simple and doesn’t require much fanfare. They might not be much adventurous or risk takers but are mild-mannered, agreeable, and happy being in the present moment.

3. Iced Coffee Personality


Coffee drinkers who prefer iced coffee are considered bold and spontaneous. If you’re an iced coffee personality, then you might be imaginative and childlike in your attitude and thinking but you’re also prone to make unhealthy choices and reckless decisions. You might be refreshing and warm but you’re also someone who plays by your rules and can be stubborn in some areas of your life.

4. Espresso Personality


An Espresso personality is one of my favorite coffee personalities because they are adventurous, strong, and powerful in their ways. They know what they want and ask for it without hesitation. They are no-nonsense, straightforward in their approach, and would be frank always.

5. Instant Coffee Personality


If you consider yourself an instant coffee enthusiast, then you’re a laid-back personality, a poor planner, and a seasoned procrastinator. Alternatively, your coffee preference might depend on your socioeconomic status as well.

Instant coffee is cheap and readily available so your upbringing and cultural background might also play a role in you being an instant coffee personality. You’re someone who looks at the big picture and believes in seizing opportunities as they arise. Your multitasking abilities are always something to be admired.

6. Filter Coffee Personality


As the coffee slowly brews to taste, you’re a personality that has an abundance of patience in your arsenal. If you’re a filter coffee personality, then you’re patient, dependable, and sensible. Others seek your advice as you’re reliable and a voice of reason. You avoid doing anything impractical as you see no value in it.

7. Decaf And Other Coffee Orders

If you prefer more decaf or special caffeine options then you’re likely to be controlling, obsessive, and a perfectionist. Also, you’re a personality, who’s set on making healthy choices. You don’t dally and know what you want, exactly how you want it to. Quite bold, if I say so myself.

The Psychology Behind Coffee Preferences

As much as we want our coffee preferences to say something about our personality, they can’t. Not truly. Personality is a spectrum that can develop over time depending on your background,  culture, upbringing, financial situation, and even diet.

In a 2015 study, it was found that people who preferred a bitter taste were more likely to show signs of sadism and psychopathy.

Although the study is published and so are similar studies, these are all relatively small and are not scientifically proven.

However, some researchers have found that there can be a link between psychopathic traits and food with a bitter taste but this does not mean that black coffee or no-sugar coffee drinkers are particularly psychopathic or have any kind of personality disorder or that people who prefer latte and cappuccino over iced coffee are simply more empathetic or kind.

Bottom Line

Caffeine can be beneficial for us as well as can have many side effects on our health – mental and physical. Large amounts of caffeine can cause anxiety and panic attacks and can worsen depression and sleep issues. Whereas, caffeine can also help decrease Alziehmer’s in middle-aged patients.

Caffeine can be addictive and if you decide to break your coffee habit, it is recommended that you do so gradually as immediate quitting of caffeine can cause caffeine withdrawal. If you’re caffeine sensitive, then it is recommended you avoid caffeine as much as you can.

No one can judge your personality based on your beverage or food preferences but they can still say a lot about you! Even though there’s limited information and evidence on how coffee preferences can predict our personality, there’s still no need to worry.

Go have your daily dose of caffeine and live your best life without worrying about what your coffee preferences say about your personality.

I hope you found this article fun! Let me know what your coffee personality is in the comments below. You can also drop me an email at info@calmsage.com or DM us on social media.

Thanks for reading!

Take Care!

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