What Is Your Motivation Style? (And Why Knowing It Is Important)

Last Update on May 18, 2022 : Published on May 18, 2022

Finding the motivation to do something in life is…hard to find these days, isn’t it? Struggling to find motivation is a real challenge. Even if you do find motivation, it eventually goes away and the vicious cycle of gathering motivation begins again.

But what people don’t tell you is that finding motivation isn’t the real deal. What you need is to know your motivation style! When you’re aware of your motivation style, only then you can find the perfect way to stay motivated.

Before we delve deeper into learning the motivation styles, let’s take a look at why knowing your motivation style is important.

Why Should You Know Your Motivation Style?

Here are some reasons why you should know your motivation style:

1. It Changes Your Mindset: Knowing your motivation style can help you choose the right mindset and behavior. If your behavior doesn’t align with your motivation style, then you’ll feel more discouraged. But if it aligns right, then you’ll be able to push forward.

2. Brings A Sense Of Satisfaction: When you know your motivation style, you can set the goals you care about. If your goals are met rightly, then you’ll get a sense of satisfaction and increased motivation.

3. Increases Your Interest: The right motivation style can help increase your interest. When you have motivation, you’ll try to spend more time on your interests, right? Hence, increasing your ability to focus on what interests you the most.

4. It Helps Develop Habits: The right goals and knowing the right motivation style to pursue said goals can help develop good habits.

5. Increases Self-Awareness: When you know your motivation style, it can increase your self-awareness as well. You become more adept at identifying problems and how to push yourself to solve them.

What Is Your Motivation Style?

Before we learn about the different motivation styles, let’s take a brief look at the two main types of motivation. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. A basic understanding of these types of motivation will help you easily understand the other motivation styles and what is your motivation style.

Extrinsic motivation or external motivation, as the name suggests, is the type of motivation that comes from your surroundings or external forces. For example, motivational videos, speakers, posters, etc. Any external factor that drives you to do something is extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation or internal motivation is the opposite of extrinsic motivation. This type of motivation comes from within. For example, when you decide to get ice cream, your motivation here is to simply enjoy eating the ice cream. There are no external factors that drive you to get ice cream.

Both of these types of motivation are equally important and can play a huge role in achieving success in life. From these two types of motivation come the different motivation styles.

Let’s take a look at them!

1. Physiological Motivation

The first motivation style we’re exploring is physiological motivation. This style comes from the intrinsic motivation type and is something that we can’t ignore. This motivation style is situational.

A good example of this motivation style can be Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory. In this theory, it is stated that we’re all motivated, one way or another, to fulfill our basic needs. This motivation style is always present in all of us.

2. Achievement Motivation

Another style of intrinsic motivation, achievement motivation stems from achieving the goal. You’re not only motivated by the reward you’ll achieve but by the joy and process involved in the achievement.

An example of this motivation style can be: when you’re trying to lose weight. If your motivation style is achievement motivation, then you’ll enjoy knowing that you’re making progress. You might not be close to achieving your final goal but the process is motivating for you.

3. Attitude Motivation

Another intrinsic motivation style is attitude motivation. This motivation style is acquired by the desire to change your attitude or those of others. If your motivation style is attitude motivation, then you love engaging in activities to uplift yourself and others.

A prime example of this motivation style is motivational speakers. For the listeners, it’s extrinsic motivation but for the speakers, it’s about helping others change their attitudes and thinking.

4. Learning Motivation

Another style of intrinsic motivation, learning motivation is when your motivation is more about the learning process than the reward. The process matters here more than the reward of learning.

In simple words, it’s all about the journey, not about the destination (at least not just the destination). This is one of the most common intrinsic motivation styles.

5. Reward Motivation

Reward-based motivation style, a style of extrinsic motivation is one of the most common types of extrinsic motivation. This motivation style is when you find motivation in rewards rather than just the satisfaction of completing something.

An example of this motivation style can be: signing up for a race because the reward is something you’ve been coveting. You’ll motivate yourself to win the race just because of the reward not because it satisfies you.

6. Fear Motivation

Another style of extrinsic motivation, fear motivation is finding motivation by driving yourself into an uncomfortable situation. This kind of external motivation is negative yet effective. You can even turn the fear into something positive.

For example, if a disease runs hereditarily in your family, then you can motivate yourself to exercise more and maintain a healthy routine to avoid catching the disease.

7. Control Motivation

Another style of extrinsic motivation, control motivation is where you’re motivated by having control or power. If you like having options to choose from, then you’re probably someone with a control motivation style. Examples of this motivation style can be; when you’re given a choice between things. This power and control over your choices allow you to intentionally choose your thoughts and follow through with them.

8. Social Motivation

This is another type of motivation style that comes from extrinsic motivation. The social motivation style is when the motivation stems from the determination to connect socially. When you’re socially motivated, your actions depend on the desire to be socially accepted. Here, you’re motivated to engage with others. Examples of this motivation style can be; affiliation, aggression, altruism, achievement, approval, power, etc.

Wrap Up

So now you know! Your Motivation Style! Take this article as your guide and learn more about the motivation style that you associate with. When you know your motivation style, you’ll be better able to control your mindset, and your actions, and change or push through the challenges you face in life.

Plus, when you know your motivation style, you understand what satisfies you in life, what interests you to do, and create habits to improve your self-growth.

I hope this article helps you. For more, you can write to us at info@calmsage.com or DM us on social media. Do let us know what your motivation style is, in the comments below!

Take care and stay motivated!

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