Ways to Develop More Confident Body Language

Last Update on July 27, 2020 : Published on July 27, 2020
Ways to look more confident with positive body language

This article is specifically created for people with Social Anxiety Disorder. For those people, who face difficulty while interacting with someone… be it interviews, formal meetings, or casual dates. This article will provide you with ways to develop confident body language so that others will never get to know about the hidden weaknesses, only confidence and strength will be visible. This article will help you to boost confidence with positive body language. In this article, I have enlisted the top 10 ways to develop confident body language. So, let’s get started.

Ways to Develop Positive Body Language

1. Incline your back forward

look confident

Whenever you are in conversation wherein you want to look confident, lean your back forward in a straight direction. Straight back indicates that you are interested in and listening to the conversation. If you still feel socially anxious, try to keep it simple, and keep your replies short and crisp.

2. Strong eye contact

This is the most important thing to have when you feel socially anxious at work. Maintaining eye contact shows that you are socially active and comfortable. When I say look in the eyes, do not stare, simply look in the eyes for about 60%. If you feel that the eye contact is intimidating, look at the spit closer to the eye.

3. Keep your chin up

Looking downwards shows that you are not comfortable or interested. Therefore, to keep the conversation up to the mark, keep your chin up, maintain eye contact and keep your lips closed. At first, you might feel unnatural or fake, but eventually, with time you will get comfortable with the pose.

4. Don’t forget to smile

Don’t forget to smile

If you are in an interview or meeting, keep the chin up and smile according to the situation. A little smile shows that you are confident and interested. Smile also shows that you are friendly. Whenever you reply, make sure that you reply with a smile.

5. Avoid putting your hands in pocket

I have observed that most of the people keep their hands in pocket to avoid situations. But, keeping the hands in pocket is never a solution and it does not look good as well. Therefore, if you are sitting on a table, keep your hands close and intact. Keeping the hands close is the most effective and confident body language.

6. Do not fidget

Fidgeting is the most common indication of social anxiety. Hesitant movement show that you are scared which draws the attention of listeners to somewhere else. Therefore, try to fidget less and keep the conversation straight to the point.

7. Watch your hands

When we are anxious, our hand movement fastens along with the breathing. Therefore, calm down and complete your sentence more clearly and watch your hands. When I say watch your hand’s means do not keep your hands somewhere else, keep your hands close and intact.

8. Give a nice and firm handshake

firm handshake

Whenever you meet someone, without fidgeting and shaking, give a nice and firm handshake to the person you are meeting. A firm handshake shows that you are friendly, confident, and interested.

9. Speak clearly

Speak clearly

More fidgeting leads to heavy breathing which causes problems in speaking clearly therefore, keep your chin up, hands close, and try to speak clearly and slowly. Take your time but speak clearly to maintain the interest of listeners.

10. Take larger steps

When you walk make sure that you do not walk fast. Walking fast shows that you are anxious. Therefore, slow down your movement, walk slowly with large steps, it shows that you are confident and makes you less anxious about being judged.

I hope this information helps you to develop positive and confident body language. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

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