Love Your Enemies: A Positive Trait That Evolves You For Good

Last Update on October 23, 2020 : Published on October 25, 2020
Love your enemies-The trait that evolves you for good

“Whenever you are confronted with your opponent, conquer them with love.” –Mahatma Gandhi

Human beings are social creatures but they not only make friends but enemies too. Although forming enemies is backed up with different reasons for some, others hate for no reason at all. The story is fine unless the presence of your enemy in your life and its activities start bothering you and you are not able to ignore the fact.

Well, the rage inside is understandable but have you learned what the Holy Bible says?

“Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you.”

Regardless of issues that you are dealing with your enemies, this blog will tell you powerful reasons to love your enemies and conquer your own shortcomings. Remember, sometimes your calmness can even melt your enemy and put the water on burning fire.

 Reasons Why Loving Your Enemies Is Important For Your Own Goodness

1. Anger Management

You can keep your anger balanced when surrounded by friends or family members but the real lesson of anger management is learned when you confront your enemies. When you forgive and forget the hatred for your enemies and love them, you control your anger towards them.

Trust yourself and start extending your love towards them from now. You will understand the importance of controlling impulsiveness soon.

2. Opportunity To Have A Healthy Competition

Even though your enemies are great rivals, they can find a better competitor in you. If you love your enemies, the hidden motivation to compete with them can lead to positive victory. Working against the course of wind can only lead to adverse conditions in personal and professional life, hence healthy competition is what you need to look for.

3. Your Find Positivity Everywhere

In a world where negativity is easiest to find, do you want to add an enemy and get negative vibes in your life? We are sure, no! When you love your enemies, you find another reason to be positive again. You can focus on your work and better multitudes once again as hatred is gone away.

4. Saves Your Energy

You are joyous and calm when you act with love but when there is hatred, you lose most of your good energy into negativity. Negative thoughts and acts can only suck your energy off. Imagine overthinking about the problems you are going through, cursing someone, throwing things away, screaming, or plotting another act to hurt them! Do you feel good about yourself? Probably, no! Rather it lowers your energy to a greater level.

5. Self Control

The moment you control your own actions and feelings, you become powerful enough to control the surrounding situations. Self-control allows you to calm volatile situations which could have harmed you or your enemies physically, mentally or legally. Loving your enemies means keeping yourself and human beings on the stage of well-being.

6. Enemies Can Be Powerful Allies In Future

Imagine making peace with your enemy! Even if you do not feel like going to them for any help right now, you establish an opportunity to have an alliance in the future. Think logically, those who help others in growing up, they make their space in the longer run. Same is the case with loving your enemies.

7. You Learn To Appreciate

Every person has his own qualities, even if it is your enemy. The day you start finding right in your enemy, loving them becomes easier. Don’t let the hate within you overshadow the appreciable qualities of a person. For example, your enemy might be great with financial deals but if you consider learning from them rather than hating, it is you who grow yourself into a better human being.

How To Start Loving Your Enemies?

We know that reading is easy but implying the same aspect in life is surely not an easy process. So here are some tips to start the tough but beautiful journey!

1. Cultivating compassion within us for a human being is the first step. If you are not able to erupt compassion for the enemy, think of them as children they once used to be. Imagine they are still those children and treat them with love and kindness.

2. Make efforts to know them as a person. Try finding their hopes, fears, aspirations and things that can help you bond a little better.

3. Do not judge the person right at the beginning. Understand what the reasons behind his actions are and join with them for a common goal.


Loving your enemies may still seem a little typical to many of us but understand that it is a powerful way to win yourself and others around you. Be a resilient human being and watch the world growing optimistically.

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Akanksha Soni
Akanksha Soni

Akanksha is an active lifestyle blogger and writer at Calmsage. She has learnt various lessons on happiness and methods to fight depression through 'Gurus' as well as own experiences. An ardent practitioner of Yoga and meditation, she keeps traveling, writes and interacts with people to feel alive.


  1. mariya jonsan
    mariya jonsan

    Sometime it is very important and here you are explaining this thing very well.

  2. CHTN

    I think loving your enemies will keep the grudge away from your heart & that's what's important.

  3. Jackie

    We learn from our mistakes and also from people who have wronged us in the past. This is a very good message you've imparted through your article.

  4. James

    You just made things so simple, now I know what I have to do to stay positive and be happy

  5. rahul

    self-control is the most important thing it control our action or emotions... very well said

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