Meditation: Concentration and More

Last Update on August 11, 2020 : Published on March 1, 2020
Meditation benefits

Meditation? Why? What’s the need? What are the benefits of meditation? From our childhood, we have probably heard multiple times, that meditation is good for you, and you should spend some time daily doing it. We even sit down from time to time and meditate. Some of us make it a habit while the majority of us, just forget or don’t feel like doing it. Making meditation a habit is quite difficult than it seems. There is a Zen saying on the need for meditation “If you don’t have time to meditate for an hour every day, you should meditate for two hours”.

What are meditation benifit

It’s not just for sages, monks, gurus, pastors, nuns, religious preachers but for everyone. Irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender, country, etc. Mental health benefits of Meditation everyone who wants to calm down his or her mind, who feels a need for change, for anyone who wants to focus, for anyone who wants to do it. Meditation is not rocket science, Its quite simple. Below I am going to quickly list some of the benefits that come with meditating regularly.

What are the Benefits of Meditation

1. Reduces Stress

Reduces Stress

Spend as less as 10-15 minutes a day and you will find your stress to be eroding away. Think of how you can sort the things out in the best manner possible. Don’t let your thoughts take the best of your time. Let the ideas flow in. You don’t have to make them, and you don’t have to fight them. Just breathe in deep, exhale slowly and calm down before you start.

2. Increases Focus

increases Focus

It is quite a simple process that we see day to day in our lives. If you practice music daily then you will be quite good at it, practice playing football, and you will become good at it. Similarly, if you practice on focussing then you will become good at it.

3. Increases Gray Matter

increases Gray Matter

People who meditate daily or on a regular basis have more grey matter coverage in their hippocampus and other parts of the brain. A group of people was studied over a period of 8 weeks. They were trained on meditation and mindfulness, and it was found out that the presence of grey matter increased and also the areas which are responsible for emotions, shown an increase in size. Meditation can be also regarded as an exercise for the brain.

4. Enhances Willpower

enhances Willpower

A study conducted at Stanford by Psychologist Kelly McGonigal showed that not only physical exercises but also mediation help in increasing willpower. The regular practice of meditation can boost self-awareness, attention span, stress management, etc.

5. Builds Cognitive Function

builds Cognitive Function

Meditation helps save the prefrontal cortex which thins with the age. It can reduce the cognitive function to a greater extent. It was also found out that meditation helped students to score better in tests. A group of basketball players was also asked to meditate after their training session about the game and training itself. And they were found to perform well than the group which wasn’t meditating.

6. Increases Gratitude:

increases Gratitude

When you calm down your mind, you tend to become thankful for the small things which you enjoy on a daily basis in life. People from the control group were found to take more care of things and animals in a way in which they weren’t doing before. Meditation has multidimensional benefits.

7. Incubates Compassion

incubates Compassion

Meditation has also found to increase compassion and empathy in humans. Researches at Harvard University confirmed that meditation can be used to boost compassion. People were also more about their bodies and wellbeing. And they also paid attention whenever they found someone else in pain.

The benefits of meditation have been surfacing again in this sea of possibilities. This ancient technique of Indian culture has benefitted people all around the world. Though there are many organizations working to spread awareness about meditation, there is still a big part of the population that is unaware. If you too find it difficult to meditate or want to learn it, you can Google search it. There are many many articles and videos on how to meditate and types of meditation. But do remember that no matter who teaches you, until and unless you start to work on yourself, there is no one that can help you because no one knows you better than yourself. Start working and I hope you find success in it.

The benefits of meditation

Do comment below and let us know what was your experience of learning meditation.

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