Brain Exercises To Sharpen Your Memory & Improve Focus (Start Them From Now)

Last Update on July 6, 2020 : Published on July 6, 2020
Tips for brain exercise

Your brain needs to stay fit as much as your body. Brain exercises are the best way to keep your brain fit before you lose yourself in the trail of thoughts and the balance between body and brain desyncs. We often fail to notice that the brain is working even when the body is at rest and it needs to be cared for as well. When you perform brain workout, studies show that you tend to improve your memory, concentration and focus, no matter what the number of your age is.

However, some scientists believe that mind exercises do not result in sharpening of the brain but various experiments and researches have proven that brain gym activities are beneficial for overall brain functioning. So, here are some brain training exercises that must be followed by everyone.

Benefits Of Strengthened Mind:

Before switching to the brain workout tips, you must know why we must look for these tips and how relevant they are to enjoy minute details of our life.

  • You can accept and adapt to changes in your life, even when you grow old.
  • You are happy to try new things in life and become more flexible.
  • You begin to enjoy your everyday tasks and feel happy with yourself.

Brain Exercises To Try Out Often

1. Use Non-Dominant Hand For A Day

Non-Dominant Hand For A Day

Decide a day and make your non-dominant hand work. If you use your right hand for your tasks, make sure that you operate your phone, open doors, try writing and gesturing with your left hand. It will make your brain work more efficiently and you will actually be able to explore new ways for your daily tasks.

2. Learn One Phone Number Each Day

learn One Phone Number Each Day

Although saving phone numbers in our phones has made the task easier than ever and removed the requirement of a contacts diary but if you want to improve your memory, a new task needs to be done. Learning a phone number every day is one of the best brain exercises and improves your cognitive skills. For example, you have learned your best friend’s number today, try calling them with your skill after 2-3 days. Repeat the task! Even if you don’t want to call, just type and find if you are doing great.

3. Try Brain Training Games

try Brain Training Games

Solving puzzles, building new skills and challenging yourself could be done for a great brain workout. We recommend you trying apps for brain training that possess challenges to solve problems speedily, track your progress, stimulate the focus and keep upgrading your mental balance with a variety of levels. In case your newspaper already has puzzles, go for them every morning with a cup of coffee and notice the time you are taking to solve a puzzle everyday.

4. Read A Book On New Subject

Read A Book On New Subject

If you love fictional novels, try an autobiography today. Or if you love sci-fi books, try a love story this time. Put yourself to a brain exercise which wants you to learn something new and different from your taste. Try out some great mental health books, best motivational books or even psychology books which are capable of changing your perception from what it had always been. Set a weekly target and you will notice that you are gaining so much with each passing day. That’s what a brain needs for a good workout.

5. Card Games

Card Games

Not a lot of people know that card games are capable of stimulating mental health and improving thinking skills. Several regions of the brain get activated when you try your hands on solitaire, rummy, poker, bridge and crazy eights. So even if you are organizing a party, make sure to add some brain games as it will not only entertain but also helps in brain exercises.

6. Change Your Routine

Change Your Routine

Thankfully we have weekends to experiment with this mental exercise! Whenever we are bound with the routine of waking up, having breakfast and going to the office, the brain gets comfortable. Comfort is surely great but you need to push it to try a different routine for the day. As soon as you get up, finish your errands first, drink tea instead of coffee, socialize with friends and later hop for a good bath. The whole deal is to break the monotony and let your brain go through a difference.

7. Determine To Learn A New Skill

Learn A New Skill

Want to learn Yoga, pottery making, dance or a new language? Whatever you wish to, just pick the activity. When you give your brain a new dose of activity, it activates itself with new connections and strengthens itself for better functioning. Your brain releases happy hormones and your focus towards your goals enhances.

8. Meditate


Brain training doesn’t mean to put yourself in an activity every time. It also means to settle down at a place, close your eyes and tune yourself for calm. Amongst various types of meditation, you can choose one and give yourself a few minutes of thoughtful thinking. Everyday session makes your brain stronger and determined for success.

Bonus Brain Exercises

Those who are stepping new heights everyday have one thing in common; their zeal to grow and regular activities for brain training. Even if they are not able to take out some time, they make sure to meditate, dance their hearts out, listen to music, quickly learn vocabulary and make sure that all of their mindfulness is supporting them. Even when you talk to them, you will find them with interesting stories, have good observation skills and are a good listener.

We are sure that you will love to go through brain exercises and make yourself stronger with these hacks described above. Yet we would like to know which one you would begin with in the comment section below. Let us know and keep following us on Facebook for everyday positive updates.

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  1. Anjali Singh
    Anjali Singh

    WOW WOW WOW! Totally loved it! Will definitely try them. The most interesting exercises for me are learning a new number and using the non-dominant hand. TBH Due to my health issues sometimes I do use my left-hand in typing, writing, using my phone, and other activities, and does it feel different! Keep writing such out of the box content!

    1. Akanksha Soni
      Akanksha Soni

      I am glad that you liked it.

  2. Vernoica

    WOW WOW WOW! Totally loved it! Will definitely try them. The most interesting exercises for me are learning a new number and using the non-dominant hand. TBH Due to my health issues sometimes I do use my left-hand in typing, writing, using my phone, and other activities, and does it feel different! Keep writing such out of the box content!

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    Impressive article as i am searching such thing to improve memory and sharp my brain , it really helpful.

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