Calm down the Chatter of Mind with these tricks

Last Update on October 25, 2023 : Published on July 13, 2020
Calm Down the Chatter of Mind

Mental chatter is one of the biggest issues we all face specifically on those hectic days. I am going to introduce all with a new term which is “Monkey Mind.” In ancient times, Buddha explained that the human mind is always filled with drunken monkeys which they referred to as always clamoring, screeching, and chattering for attention continuously.

Now in the modern world, we are completely bombarded with technologies and so much information to grasp. So, chattering and screeching are now replaced with anxiety, stress, and intrusive thoughts. In this blog, I have highlighted 5 simple ways to calm down the chattering of mind which are scientifically proved and used by Buddhists as well. So let’s get started.

Simple Ways to Stop the Chattering of Mind:

1. Observe your chattering mind

observe your chattering mind

The fact about calming your mind is that you don’t have to meditate; all you have to practice is mindfulness. Mindfulness means to live in the present moment without any judgments. What keeps you up late night… chattering mind right!

During dark nights, we think about our mistakes, regrets, and negative thoughts. Such situations can be resolved quickly by focusing on your thoughts without any kind of attention or judgment and thinking about resolutions. In this way, you can calm the chatter of your mind.

2. Deliberately and consciously change your focus

This tool is referred to as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for helping people with anxiety and depression. Changing your focus means reframing the thoughts and calming down the mental chatter.

While your mind starts chattering, start asking yourself, “what is the evidence for and against my thinking, Am I jumping to negative interpretations and conclusions”.

Meanwhile, focus on what I can do to resolve my problems, how to filter out the positive aspects, what is the brighter side in this negative situation, how to achieve my goals without dwelling in the past.

3. Practice deep and slow breaths

deep and slow breaths

In such situations, you can practice mindfulness, if you are not comfy with meditation. The essential part about mindfulness is to focus on breathing.

Simply, close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath which enters your body (inhale) and leaves your body (exhale). While breathing, inhale the positive energies, and exhale the negative thoughts and judgments. Practice the process slowly and bring back your focus onto positivity. With slow breathing, we can bring back our body and mind to the equilibrium because the chattering mind agitates our breathing.

4. Take the help of your favorite music

Take the help of your favorite music

Music is the quickest and powerful sidekick to calm down the monkey mind. Research shows that there are various benefits of listening to music and personally speaking music turns out to be really effective when my mind does not stop thinking negatively.

People listen to music to manage stress, ease pain, and strengthen memory. Some of the great music you can try to calm down the chatter of mind are classical music, Vedic hymns, ambient sounds, Buddhist hymns, and electronic chill.

5. Try Rhythmic and Vigorous Exercise

Vigorous Exercise

Exercise is also a great way to kick out the negative thoughts from our body. You can try exercises like swinging dumbbells, jumping jacks, and jumping rope. Research shows such physical activities busts mood hormones like 0endorphins and oxytocin.

The fast and quick movements in the body from exercise release the negative energy and maintain the equilibrium of the body.

Small Quick Tips from Calm Sage to Stop Chattering of Mind

1. Talk to a friend

2. Go for a nature walk

3. Try forest baths

4. Read a book

5. Focus on a hobby

6. Maintain a journal

7. Try meditation or yoga

8. Practice gratitude sandwich

9. Learn to find peace amidst the chaos

10. Try chocolate meditation

I hope this blog helps you to stop chattering in your mind. For more such inspiring content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

Thank you for reading!

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