10 Best Online Group Therapy Platforms of 2024

Last Update on February 27, 2024 : Published on January 23, 2022
10 Best Virtual Group Therapy Platforms You Can Join In 2022

When we talk about therapy we first imagine a one-on-one session, don’t we? Maybe you may find support and help with an individual session but there are times when you might feel that no one understands you and if no one does, how will you heal?

Here comes group therapy. When you feel that you’re alone in your struggles, a session of group therapy can make you see that you’re never truly alone. Trust me, having the support of others going through the same struggles as you can make a huge difference.

Group therapy offers a safe and supportive environment where you can share your problems with others and get advice from people going through similar situations.

Normally, a group therapy session takes place in clinics, community centers, or hospitals, however, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic demanded we stay at home, many people found therapy almost inaccessible.

With the world moving online and where businesses and services are going digital, here I’ve combined some of the best online or virtual group therapy/support groups you can join. Moreover, online group therapy is easy to join, affordable, and most importantly, they are accessible to all, anywhere, anytime.

Let’s take a look at some of the best virtual group therapy platforms you can join in 2022.

10 Best Online Group Therapy Or Support Groups

1. Circles


Circles is one of the programs that specializes in group therapy and group support. Founded in 2018 as “7 Chairs”, Circles aim to provide emotional support to all in need. With over 500 groups, the platform helps people with trauma recovery, grief, divorce, chronic diseases, stress, anxiety, burnout, relationship issues, and more.

The groups at Circles are led by professional therapists and life coaches. The group size at this platform is small which can maximize time for group discussions. Although, you can join only one group at a time and if you find the group unsuitable for you, you can easily switch.

Price: $20/week

Medium: Live video calls, messaging

Where To Join: Circles

2. Sesh


Another online group therapy platform on our list is Sesh. Sesh was founded in 2020 to provide affordable emotional support during times of the pandemic. If you’re struggling with burnout, parenting issues, relationship issues, or high anxiety, Sesh offers a dedicated online support group to help you.

Led by licensed therapists or psychiatrists, Sesh is an excellent platform if you’re looking to join one or more support groups. One of the features of this online group therapy platform is that you can attend one session at a time or you can subscribe for a month.

Price: $30/session or $60/month

Medium: Live video calls

Where To Join: Sesh Groups

3. Growing Self


One of the few to offer in-person as well as online group therapy, Growing Self is the next platform on our list. Relationship problems, conflicts, divorce, can all lead to poor mental health but with this online therapy platform, you can find resolution and heal your broken heart. There are two groups offered; one for emotional support and one for people who’ve recently gone through separation or divorce.

Led by trained and licensed professionals, Growing Self offers 60-90 minute group sessions. If you feel the need to undergo individual therapy, this online therapy platform offers that as well.

Price: $40/session

Medium: Phone calls, live video calls, in-person sessions

Where To Join: Growing Self

4. Monument


One of the online therapy to focus on people struggling with alcohol addiction or recovery, Monument offers free online support and group therapy. However, if your primary concern isn’t alcohol addiction or recovery then Monument may not be the online group therapy you’re looking for.

If you join Monument’s online groups, then you can do so anonymously as well. Moderated by a therapist specialized in dealing with alcohol addiction, you can find the right help. For individual support, you can join Monument’s other three plans. Check the other plans here.

Price: Free for online group

Medium: Phone calls, live video calls, messaging

Where To Join: Monument

5. Kip


Limited to a certain geographic area, Kip is another online group therapy platform that offers support to people wanting help with issues such as self-identity, racism, xenophobia, or other cultural experiences. Kip, even if limited to a certain area, offers individual therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy as well.

The group sessions offered via Kip are affordable and are topic-specific (and ever-expanding).

Price: $20-40/session

Medium: Live video calls, phone calls, in-person sessions

Where To Join: Kip Therapy

6. 7 Cups


Services available in more than 180 countries in over a hundred different languages, 7 Cups is the next online group therapy platform! A dedicated peer-support service, 7 Cups is a messaging-based service where you can find emotional and mental health support.

Founded in 2013, 7 Cups is dedicated to providing help for various mental health issues. You also have the option to join as many groups as you want. While many people haven’t found 7 Cups as effective as other online group therapy services, it is still one of the best if you’re looking for low-cost support online.

Price: Free for group sessions

Medium: Messaging

Where To Join: 7 Cups

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7. Support Groups Central

Support Groups Central

Support Groups Central is another free service that can help you find support and heal from mental health problems such as depression, addiction, eating disorders, parenting issues, PTSD, and more. Support Groups Central also offers services and support to members of the LGBTQ+ community, People Of Color, military veterans, and older adults.

Led by trained facilitators, this online group therapy platform is easy to sign up for and find the help and support you need.

Price: Free for group sessions

Medium: Live video calls

Where To Join: Support Groups Central

8. The Dinner Party


Next on our list of best virtual group therapy platforms is The Dinner Party, a community of 20 and 40-somethings who’ve been through the loss of their loved ones. If you’re looking for a therapy service focused on healing from loss and grief, then The Dinner Party might be the one platform you can join.

With a dedicated team, this online therapy platform provides help to all – men, women, people of the LGBTQ+ community, POC. All you need to do is sign up, register, and join a table.

Price: Free

Medium: Live video

Where To Join: The Dinner Party

9. Psychology Today


One of the best therapist-finding services, Psychology Today is the next on our list of best virtual group therapy platforms. Finding a support group on Psychology Today is easy; all you need to do is go to “Find A Therapist”, click on “Support Groups”, and find the group you’re looking for using your Zip code or city.

Price: Vary from group to group

Medium: Online and in-person sessions (depending on the group)

Where To Join: Psychology Today

10. BetterHelp


Well, last but not least, we have BetterHelp next on our list. With licensed and trained professionals, BetterHelp is one of the leading online therapy platforms that offer group therapy, individual therapy, and couples therapy.

To join a group, you can contact your BetterHelp therapist. With this online therapy platform, you can find the right help and support at affordable prices and easy access.

Price: $35/week

Medium: Video calls, voice calls, messaging

Where To Join: BetterHelp

As a BetterHelp Affiliate, we may receive compensation from BetterHelp if you purchase products or services through the links provided on this page.

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Joining group therapy has its advantages and disadvantages and while group therapy may help others, it may not help you. Group therapy – online or in-person – offers a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space to share your experiences and get the support you need to heal and recover.

I hope the above-listed online group therapy platforms will help you find the right one for you! Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below or you can also drop us an email at info@calmsage.com.

Take care and stay safe

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