10 Best Online Therapy For Anxiety We Tested In 2024

Last Update on February 28, 2024 : Published on January 4, 2023
Best Online Therapy for Anxiety

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Anxiety is one of the leading mental health conditions that is limiting people from achieving growth. Fortunately, we have reached a place where you can receive therapy for anxiety even in your room. Online therapy for anxiety is one of the best options for people who wish to receive therapy in a controlled environment. 

Living with anxiety can fill you with fear of the world and it stops you from achieving your goals. In the past finding therapies for anxiety and going to your therapist itself used to be a task. We are fortunate to live in times when treatment for anxiety can come home. 

There are various online therapies for anxiety for you. You have the liberty to choose from N number of options, there is online CBT  therapy for anxiety, free online therapy for anxiety, and much more. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best online therapy for anxiety…

Best Online Anxiety Therapy: Our Top 10 Picks

1. BetterHelp : Best Overall


Price: Starts from $60/ Week

App Availability: Yes (Android | iOS)

Platforms: Video, audio, live chats, and unlimited messaging

BetterHelp is one of the largest online therapy platforms with millions of clients from all over the world. This therapy platform is designed to treat anxiety As well as it can be used for treating various mental health-related issues. This platform has received a lot of satisfactory reviews and ratings in such a short period.

According to various surveys, clients are actually very satisfied with the services. Before enrolling in the sessions or therapy, you can read therapist bios so that you can connect better with them. All of the therapists available on BetterHelp are licensed and experienced.

If you want to know Betterhelp Therapy in detail, We have Covered the independent and Honest review of betterhelp.

Moreover, there are multiple communication modes available so that users can connect easily with their therapists. Talking about price, there are multiple plans available as per the client’s needs, issues, and other aspects.

Visit Betterhelp

2. Online-Therapy.com: Best For Online CBT Therapy for Anxiety

Price: Begins from $31.96 per week

App Availability: No, only the desktop version is available

Platforms: Live sessions, text, and voice messages

Another online therapy for anxiety is Online-Therapy.com, a subscription-based online therapy service, that was founded in 2009. It provides its users access to professional-led and delivered online CBT therapy sessions. This platform is best for online CBT therapy for anxiety with 24/7 access to worksheets, journals, therapy toolbox, yoga, meditation sessions, and more.

One of the best online therapy for anxiety, Online-Therapy.com offers therapy delivered by licensed therapists and counselors who are experienced in different therapy approaches. What’s more, is that every therapist that registers with the platform is trained in CBT. So, rest assured you’ll get personalized CBT treatment with this online therapy platform.

Moreover, users also get unlimited communication with the therapist via video, audio, and text messaging. If we talk about the price, then there are three plans available as per your need and other financial aspects.

Please note that all subscriptions are charged monthly, meaning you can cancel the subscription after a few days but you’ll be charged for the whole month. Online-Therapy.com also offers 20% off your first month.

Visit Online-Therapy.com

3. Talkspace: Best for Insurance Plan


Price: Begins from $65 per week

App Availability: Yes (Android | iOS)

Platforms: Video, audio, live chats, and unlimited messaging

Talkspace is one of the leading mental health services platforms available on the internet. The services offered by Talkspace are user-friendly, accessible, and affordable. Additionally, it offers therapy in all communication modes so that the client’s needs are fulfilled. Some of the services offered by Talkspace are also covered by insurance. The best part about Talkspace is its medication management services.

Users can choose their plans and subscriptions according to their needs and issues. All of the therapists enrolled on Talkspace are licensed and experienced. The other best part about Talkspace is that they provide free 10-minutes live video chat or call with the therapist after signing up for their services.

Two things that I didn’t like about Talkspace are, therapists’ bios are not available and additional services are expensive. Overall, Talkspace offers services for all types of mental health issues and it is a HIPAA compliant website.

Visit Talkspace

4. ReGain: Best for Couples


Price: Begins from $240 per month

App Availability: Yes (Android )

Platforms: Video and audio calls, optional live chats, and unlimited messaging

ReGain is an online mental health service platform specially designed for couples that offers therapy and counseling at really affordable prices. Not only this, their website is full of resources especially for couples. ReGain has also received a lot of satisfaction reviews and ratings from clients all over the world.

If you are experiencing anxiety or stress due to your relationship or your partner, you can easily get counselled for your issues. Additionally, the therapists also provide single and couple sessions so that your bond can become stronger. All of the therapists enrolled in ReGain are licensed and experienced.

Additionally, the therapists are specially appointed to handle couple issues; hence, it is one of the best anxiety counseling services for couples. ReGain lacks in the selection of therapists and unavailable medication management.

According to a recent survey, 77% of the clients rated the services as excellent or very good. Overall, ReGain is the best option if you are facing issues in your relationship.

Visit ReGain

5. Wellnite: Insurance purpose

Wellnite online therapy

Price: Begins from $75 per month

App Availability: No

Platforms: Audio and video calls

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly online service for treating anxiety, Wellnite is for you. Wellnite provides talk therapy and medication at an affordable price. Wellnite is known for treating and counseling all types of mental health-related issues.

The monthly subscription offered by Wellnite is pretty affordable when compared with other platforms. All therapists and doctors appointed are well-trained, certified, and experienced. Wellnite also offers medication management service along with 30-day medicine supply delivery. The specialty of Wellnite is Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

The only thing where Wellnite lacks is therapist bios. Additionally, the only insurance option available on Wellnite is PPO reimbursement. The main focus of Wellnite is mild conditions that can be counseled by psychotherapy. As of now, they do not offer any in-person psychiatric visits or controlled substances.

Visit Wellnite

6. Ayana Therapy: BIPOC community

Ayana Therapy

Price: Begins from $140 per session

App Availability: No

Platforms: Audio and video calls with messaging

Ayana Therapy is specially developed for people who wish to bridge the difference between marginalized people and minority groups. If you wish to get therapy beyond your values and background, Ayana Therapy is for you.

As of now, Ayana Therapy has no phone applications, but its website is full of resources. Moreover, the pricing plans offered by Ayana Therapy are pretty affordable. The clients can easily connect with the therapists through live audio and video calls with limited messaging.

The best part I loved about Ayana Therapy is that they match clients’ needs with the therapists so that the therapist can understand their values and background. Ayana Therapy is an organization with a goal to serve marginalized communities or BIPOC communities. Ayana Therapy always prioritized accessibility, inclusion, and affordability.

7. Pride Counseling: LGBTQ+ community

Pride Counseling

Price: Begins from $240 per month

App Availability: Yes (Android | iOS)

Platforms: Video and audio calls, optional live chats, and unlimited messaging

Pride counseling services are specifically for the LGBTQIA+ community. If you are having any issue related to mental health, you can blindly subscribe to Pride counseling as it prioritizes the privacy and affordability of the clients. Pride Counseling offers various subscription packages which are pocket-friendly for clients.

The therapists appointed by Pride Counseling are well-trained for handling issues related to the LGBTQIA+ community. The website matches clients with a therapist according to their issues and needs. Clients get the option to switch between the therapists easily (according to the needs of the client).

All of the appointed therapists hold a doctorate or master’s degree. According to a survey, 83% of clients rated Pride Counseling as excellent or very good.

Pride Counseling offers live audio and video calls along with unlimited messaging. Additionally, clients also get a live chat option.

Visit Pride Counseling

8. Teladoc: Psychiatry


Price: Begins from $99

App Availability: Yes (Android | iOS)

Platforms: Live video and audio calls

Teladoc has become people’s best choice in such a short time. Teladoc has appointed various licensed and experienced therapists. All of the therapists are well-trained to handle mental health issues like anxiety, stress, depression, and more. Teladoc also offers services for teenagers.

It also provides medication management for mental health disorders except for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The best part I loved about Teladoc is that it supports many insurance plans (you can check with your insurance plan).

The only thing that I didn’t like about Teladoc is the absence of therapists or doctors bio. Moreover, if you’re looking for individual sessions, Teladoc is definitely for you. Overall, the services are pretty good and they prioritize clients’ needs before anything.

Visit Teladoc

9. Rethink My Therapy: Families

Rethink My Therapy

Price: Begins from $99 per month

App Availability: Yes (Android)

Platforms: Live video and audio calls with unsecured messaging

ReThink My Therapy provides the best mental health services as it’s a highly rated and reviewed website with the highest customer satisfaction rates. ReThink My Therapy values money which is why they provide different subscription plans at affordable rates. ReThink offers medication management along with talk therapy.

ReThink is an all-rounder because it provides sessions for couples, families, and individuals. the only part where Rethink lacks is that your sessions will be scheduled on the basis of therapist availability. Additionally, it does not offer live messaging as of now.

The best part I loved about ReThink is that they provide a seven-day free trial which means you have the power to decide and think even after signing up with them.

Visit Rethink My Therapy

10. Amwell: Scheduling and accessibility


Price: Begins from $109 per session

App Availability: Yes (Android | iOS)

Platforms: Live video and audio calls with messaging

Amwell provides services at affordable prices and they accept insurance as well. The best part about Amwell is that clients can schedule appointments according to their availability. Additionally, some of the therapists are available on weekends and nights as well which means you have a 24*7 accessibility option.

Amwell offers services for various mental health issues like anxiety, PTSD, grief, OCPD, and more. Additionally, they offer the best services in stress management techniques.

Visit Amwell

Final Verdict by the Author

According to the research, personal reviews, and experience, BetterHelp will always be my first choice when it comes to counseling for anxiety because BetterHelp has the expertise to provide solutions for anxiety. Their surveys have always topped the list and additionally, the therapists are all experienced and well-trained to handle mental health issues.

Moreover, I also consider Online-therapy.com and ReGain as better options apart from BetterHelp. If you are looking for a therapist trained to handle LGBTQ+ issues as well, you can blindly opt for Pride Counseling.

Their services are the best. Additionally, if you are looking to manage your anxiety as a couple, you can definitely opt for ReGain.

I hope this blog helps you with the 10 best online therapy services for anxiety.

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Thanks for reading!

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