Pride Counseling Review: Get The Best Therapist For LGBTQ Community

Last Update on August 9, 2023 : Published on January 26, 2021
Pride Counseling Review

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We all are different in one way or the other, and that is why our needs differ. Maybe for me, food is something I love spending on, but for my partner, it is sneakers that he can spend on blindfolded. Maybe for you, yoga is a must to start your day, and for your father, it has to be a warm cup of coffee that marks his start of the day.

Similarly, when we talk of mental wellness and therapy there are different therapy providing platforms and certified therapists that cater to different populations. They address their specific issues and help them learn effective coping strategies to overcome the same.

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One such therapy platform that is directed to make therapy, counseling and mental health awareness among the LGBTQIA+ community is Pride Counseling. Coming from the realization and research that the LGBTQ community is at a greater rate to be affected with mental issues and they don’t have many channels available to get the much-needed help, Pride Counseling is now a one-of-a-kind platform.

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While many people from the community have accessed its services and recommended it, certain questions and concerns still remain unanswered. So, here is your complete Pride Counseling review.

Overview Of Pride Counseling

Pride Counselling Home page
Pride Counselling Home page

Pride Counseling is a relatively new branch of the long-established online therapy platform- BetterHelp. Pride Counseling was launched in the year 2017 to make online counseling accessible to the community and help them take care of their overall mental wellness. It is currently providing a safe space for the LGBTQ community to seek online therapy. You can access the online therapy services through the website and application.

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Pros And Cons Of Pride Counseling:

Pride Counseling definitely got much recognition in the same amount of time, but it does have its own loopholes. Let us address the Pros and Cons of Pride Counseling:


  • Therapists are certified, trained, specialized, experienced, and interested in dealing with the problematic areas that are typically faced by the LGBTQ community. This offers more comfort and a safe space for the users.
  • It is comparatively more affordable than other such platforms.
  • You can easily choose your mode of communication from text messages to live chat and from phone chat to video conferencing.
  • It offers you comfort in the sense that you can access counseling anytime and anywhere.
  • If you don’t gel well with the therapist then it offers you a hassle-free option to switch your therapist.
  • You are free to contact your counselor anytime, the chats remain accessible to you, and you can reflect on your progress anytime.


  • No diagnosis is provided for medication or hormonal therapy.
  • Not many federal and state insurance companies cover it.
  • Some people might find the questionnaire filling part lengthy.

Now let us get answers to the most crucial questions: “Is Pride Counseling Right For Me” by looking at in-depth information on this therapy platform.

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How To Register On Pride Counseling?

The sign-up process on Pride Counseling is easy and cumulative.

Create Your Account
pride counseling registration page

Step 1: Questionnaire

It starts with an individual completing a questionnaire. This questionnaire will ask you questions that will identify how you feel, your orientation, age, relationship status, and more.

After collecting the generic information the other part of the questionnaire asks for mental health conditions, challenges, and symptoms that you are experiencing on a day-to-day basis.

Step 2: Create an Account

After completing the form and selecting your language you are redirected to create a account. Next, you will be directed to the payment page.

Step 3: Select Payment and Plan.

Post making the payment you will be matched with a counselor based on your objectives. This might take from a few hours to a few days. Generally, within 48 hours, you are matched with a good fit counselor.

Then you can start your healing journey with the help of a certified mental health professional.

What Kinds Of Counseling Services Does Pride Counseling Offer?

how pride-counseling works

The counselors and therapists at Pride Counselling specialize in resolving LGBTQ issues. But that is not it. The therapy services can also be used by everyone and anyone. The platform helps in resolving issues like:

What Is The Pricing Of Pride Counseling?

The cost of counseling at Pride Counselling starts from $60 per week. It includes unlimited text messages with your counselor. It is billed monthly, and you can cancel it whenever you wish to.

On Average Pride Counseling costs $60 – $90/week and all members can get one weekly live session.

What Are The Therapist Qualifications At Pride Counselling?

Mental health professionals who work with Pride Counseling are well trained, licensed, and accredited psychologists, marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, and clinical social workers.

  • All the professionals specialize in LGBTQ issues as well as mental wellness.
  • They hold Master’s or Doctorate degrees in the relevant fields.
  • The professionals are qualified and certified by their state’s professional board.
  • They possess at least 3 years of experience and 1,000 hours in practice.

What’s Unique About Pride Counseling?

One feature that sets Pride Counseling apart from the other online therapy platforms is that its team of mental health professionals specializes in dealing with issues faced by the LGBTQ community. That is why they are sensitive towards their needs and connect with them differently.

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General FAQs about Pride Counseling

1. How long can I use Pride Counseling?

It depends on the subscription that you have opted for whether it is for a week or for a month. The best part here is that if you are satisfied with the services you can update your plan easily and if it’s the opposite, you can end it in a hassle-free manner. However, we would suggest that just like traditional therapy doesn’t opt out until your concerns are resolved.

2. How many sessions can I have with my counselor?

Again it is the subject matter of the subscription that you opt for. But generally, you can connect with your counselor anytime you want. They are available to resolve your issues and concerns through text messages.

3. What are the types of sessions available on Pride Counselling?

Pride Counseling offers therapy sessions through four different channels. This includes:

  • Text Messages. After matching with a suitable counselor you get a chat room to communicate with him. Here you can discuss your concerns and get solutions for the same. This interaction is accessible 24/7 and is unlimited.
  • Live Chat. You can schedule a live interaction session with the therapist.
  • Phone Chat. By scheduling time with your counselor you can also opt for cell phone chat. Rest assured your number is not shared with the counselor.
  • Video Conference. If you are looking for a face-to-face video conference session with the counselor you may opt for it. You can schedule a video chat session anytime depending on the availability of the counselor.

4. Is Pride Counselling Right for Me?

Pride Counseling specializes in catering to the needs of the LGBTQ community and all the above they use SSL browsing encryption, which makes it unique and the right choice for those who are part of this community. But, they are not just limited to a particular community and issues, every identity is welcomed here. This makes Pride Counseling a one-stop solution for many.

If you find this honest Pride Counseling review useful then do share your reviews in the comments section. And if you have signed up for Pride Counseling already do leave feedback for others to help them make their decision.

We hope this review will help you make better choices! Thank you for reading.

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