The Best Calming Images Of All Time You Can’t Miss Looking At

Last Update on March 29, 2021 : Published on April 8, 2020

Do you ever come across a picture while swiping through your social media that makes awestruck or calls for keep looking at it and you feel calm altogether?

I bet you just nodded with a YES!

Because they are truly calming images to look at!

But, do you wonder why some images are Arhh… normal while others are solely classified in the calm picture category?

For example, this Aloe Vera picture might fall into that Arhh… okay picture category for you!

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Best Calming Pictures

But, hey what about this one here?

Doesn’t it just add in the calming images list?

Of course, it does!

Best Calming photo

But why is it so? Why are some images CALMING?

Well, research suggests that certain pictures have a pattern, fractals, colors or textures that make us feel relaxed and happy. These patterns can be natural or even man-made. Ultimately they soothe our brain. Even cute images like that of puppies, seals, kittens, to name a few can also make you feel happy and relaxed. The science behind It says that in pursuit of pleasure, the brain learns to hit the repeat button. So when we see repetitive patterns (like fractals) we feel happy. Also, guided imagery is used to reduce stress and anxiety because our brain is bound to perceive certain images as positive leading to positive feelings.

“There are studies that show that looking at pleasant images can provide a type of mental escape for individuals during times of moderate stress,” said Sandra Sgoutas-Emch, a psychological sciences professor at the University of San Diego. That pretty much sums up!

Top 7 Types of Calming Photos

There are innumerable images that can make you feel calm just by looking at them. However, we can still categories calming images into 7 broad domains. Let us find out in which calming pictures you will find your CALM

1. Lush-Green Calming Pictures

People who live near green spaces are found to feel less mental distress as supported by studies. Well, if you can’t go out for a walk and avail mental health benefits of green space then calming images of greenery can do the needful. Research conducted in 2012 that even if exposed to posters of plants experience a lower level of stress.

Best Calming image

Whom would you take along this lush green pathway?

Calming Pictures of All time

That green color in itself is so eye-pleasing!

calming photos for anxiety

Waterfalls and greenery is there a better combination to look at?

calming image for anxiety

Leaves can be calming too…

2. Seascape Calming Images

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a relaxing calm vacation?  Or a day at the beach?

Psychologically, oceans have a soothing effect. A study by Michael Merzenich explained that ‘the ocean has a calming effect on us just like closing your eyes is calming.

calming picture for anxiety

A clear sky and water waves are delight to eyes.

picture to calm anxiety

This one just sent chills to my spine

photos to calm anxiety

Beach sand, sea waves, and sky, couldn’t ask for anything more

image to calm anxiety

The color tones are mesmerising

3. Fractal Calming Photos (Nature-made)

Fractal is a mathematical term which means a never-ending pattern. These patterns are found to have a strong calming effect on the parasympathetic system. Natural fractals help to calm our brain down keeping the chaos at bay.

Fractal Calming Images

May I take this eye-soothing aloe vera home?

Can’t get my eyes off this one!

Can’t get my eyes off this one!

Colors and natural fractals are a complete win win

Colors and natural fractals are a complete win win!

Seashells could be this eye pleasing

Seashells could be this eye pleasing? Thank you god for your amazing creations

4. Fractal Calming Images (Man-made)

Similar to fractals that nature has to offer us there are some man-made fractals to soothe our brain. A study showed that looking at a fractal can speed up our recovery from stress by up to 60 percent (that’s huge).

Fractal Calming Image

I can keep looking at it to find my calm

How can something man-made be so perfect

This fractal took me to a whole different world…

That is never-ending calm

That is never-ending calm

How can something man-made be so perfect

How can something man-made be so perfect?

5. Cute Calming Photos

Apart from getting millions likes, cute images can also increase our focus and helps us stay calm. A study by scholars of Hiroshima University found that cute images of animals ignite our innate parenting sense.

Cute Calming Images

OMG! Say hi to baby panda he just got some peace for you

Is this baby bunny even real

Is this baby bunny even real?

happier and calming image than this one

Haven’t seen a happier and calming image than this one.

That’s a lot of cuteness to handle

That’s a lot of cuteness to handle.

Have to be fair for the cat lovers

Have to be fair for the cat lovers (look at those eyes)

6. Blue Color Images to Keep you Calm

It might sound little paradoxical to the saying ‘Monday blues’ but the color blue has a calming effect on our mind and soul, studies have shown. So, blue color calming images can be used to release stress.

Blue Color Calming Images

Just plain blue! So brain soothing.

Blue and whitebrush strokes

Blue and whitebrush strokes are truly calming

Hues of blue

Hues of blue… I will never get tired looking at it.

Blue with fractal effect

Blue with fractal effect… Calming power multiplied

7. Curvy Calming Pics

We humans generally prefer curved shapes over sharp and edgy shapes. Research support that looking at curvy lines excites the same parts of the brain as that when we have any sexual desire, which in itself is related to pleasure.

Curvy Calming Images

That’s a huge curve to look at and soak yourself in calm

I am never going to eat that swirl! Perfection!

I am never going to eat that swirl! Perfection!

A bread bun so flawless

A bread bun so flawless that I want to keep admiring it

Finding a rock so smooth and round

Finding a rock so smooth and round is no less than an invention

It is important to understand that an image might be a calming picture for you but not for your friend. Individual differences are wide just like the number of calming images available for us.

So, why not share it with your friends or loved ones and see what kind of calming images work for you and which calming pictures work the best for them?

Do share it with us.

For me, it is cute animals and fractals (be it natural or man-made) that works amazingly well for me.

Stay Calm… Stay Safe

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