Verbal or nonverbal communication - whether we realize it or not - is important to express feelings. With our posts, get an immersive guide on how to communicate your feelings and needs 


Redefining Family Units: The Meaning Of ‘Chosen Family’ And How To Find Yours

“We’ve all done this —created our mix-and-match families, our homemade safety nets.” - David Levithan…

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Understanding The Meaning Of Doublespeak! How Does It Affect Us?

Have you ever been manipulated? I am sure most of you must have experienced manipulation…

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all about Toxic-Femininity

Toxic Femininity, Its Impact, And What We Can Do About It (With Examples)

Toxic femininity, just like toxic masculinity, is a broad term that refers to a repressive…

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5 Healthy Texting Habits To Build A Strong Relationship With Your Partner

Did you know what is the most used source of communication among people? Texting! On…

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Need A Closure In Your Broken Relationship? Read This Guide

Getting out of a relationship is hard especially when it is toxic. It really does…

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Facing A Defensive Personality? 6 Tips To Calmly Communicate With Defensive People

Conflicts are a part of communication - whether in a professional relationship, personal, or social…

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Why People Interrupt So Much! 5 Clever Ways To Deal With Chronic Interrupters

You’ve bravely decided to speak up at a work meeting about the idea you’ve been…

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I Statements

The Power of “I” Statements (Your Magical Mental Health Tool)

“I” is a powerful word. Interestingly, the power of this word and “I” statements has…

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Types of grief

7+ Types of Grief That We All Experience

Grief! An emotion that we often associate with death. Which itself is a big life…

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