Did you know that meditation is one of the best ways to relieve stress and find your inner strength? With our posts, find which meditation is best for you and how to practice the art of meditation

Dynamic Meditation

What is Dynamic Meditation: Benefits and How to Practice it?

Meditation: suggested by all, practiced by few, and ignored by masses. Why is it such?…

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How -to-Control-Your-Anger-With-Meditation

Meditation For Anger Control: How To Control Your Anger With Meditation

Meditation has many benefits for our health and wellness but did you know that meditation…

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The 3-6-5 Meditative Breathing Method

Practicing The 3-6-5 Meditative Breathing Method For Better Sleep

Sleep doesn’t come easy these days? Do you find yourself counting sheep for hours before…

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What is Chocolate Meditation? How to Practice Meditation with Chocolate?

Have you Heard about Chocolate Meditation? I was amazed when I came to know about…

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Music Meditation

What is Music Meditation: How To Meditate With Music

Music has been present for centuries and healing people with various illnesses for decades. However,…

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Spiritual Meditation

What is Spiritual Meditation : Benefits, and How to Practice

“The quality of being concerned with the human spirit…

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Learn to Meditate in Shower or Bathtub

Meditate While Bathing | Learn to Meditate in Shower or Bathtub

Bathing is a basic act of cleanliness and self-care. That’s what we primarily think of…

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8 Headspace Alternatives You Can Try For Meditation And Relaxation

With life becoming more and more challenging as the days pass by, stress is inevitable…

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Which-Type-Of Meditation-To-Try-At Home

Meditate At Home With 5 Simple Steps (Which Type Of Meditation To Try At Home)

Finding time to meditate at home can be a challenge in itself when you’re trying…

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