20 Most Inspirational TED Talks That Will Change Your Life

Apart from reading books, learning concepts, exercise, a strict routine, eating good food, etc. if there is any other thing that is considered healthy for a successful and knowledgeable life, it is li...

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How to Live Life on Your Own Terms?

Starting to live life on our own terms… does not look easy right. Well, personally speaking living life on our own terms is a little tricky. You all might be thinking, why we have to live on our own...

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Stick These 30 Positive Self Affirmations On Your Wall To Keep You Going

Hey Guys, each one of us wants someone to praise us or tell us that no matter how difficult life or its tasks are, we can go through them positively. But the best comes out when you yourself become th...

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Why Fear Is Good For Your Health?

When we think of fear many thoughts surround us from situations that we have faced or the circumstances we have created in our mind. For others, they may also have some fearful approach towards any co...

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Best Stress Relieving Games : Online & Offline

We all face stress or anxiety in our daily lives. Anxiety can happen to anyone be it a working employee, students, or house making wives. When we say stress and anxiety are common, we don’t want you...

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Best Uplifting and Motivational Famous Speeches That You Can’t Miss

We all look for motivation around us throughout our lives. Surprisingly we often manage to find motivation, sometimes via a few lines in the form of quotes and other times from the full-fledged script...

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10 Famous People And Celebrities With Schizophrenia

Any kind of illness or disorder does not differentiate between the people. Those who think ‘Why Me’ can always look at those who are facing the same disorder or have faced it already with courage ...

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Single Dads 101: Here’s How You Can Survive Your Daughter’s First Period!

How to be a Good Single Dad to Your Daughter? Menstruation is a natural event in every woman's life and if you are a single dad, and have witnessed your daughter’s first period don’t panic becaus...

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Best 51 Motivational Songs to Inspire you in Life

Whenever I feel anger and sadness, I put on my earphones and listen to music. Listening to music is my way of dealing with demotivation around. Music works like a healing tool for me to reflect on the...

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