11 Ways To Let Go Of The Past & Move Freely In Future

Have you had things in your past which you want to let go of but couldn’t forget or forgive? We all go through many things that pinch us and even stop us from enjoying life. But if you look at it cl...

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Why We Don’t Always Get What We Want – Because We Self-Sabotage!

Self-Sabotaging seems a little tricky & usually individuals sabotage without even realizing it! Can you be one of them? Keep reading to know about the phenomenon & how to control self-sabotagi...

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S.M.A.R.T. Goals The Key To Achieve Your Aim, Manage Time, and More

Do you have a goal in your life that keeps you going or drives you to be unstoppable? I bet we all have at least one goal in our life that we wish to achieve in this lifetime. But “How To Achieve I...

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10 Powerful Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt (& Give Your Best Shot)

“The worst enemy to creativity is Self-Doubt.”--Sylvia Plath "This is the opportunity I was waiting for months. But wait, I don’t think I will be able to take it up. I am not capable enough a...

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8 Effective Tips To Change Your Self-Defeating Thoughts

Our beliefs and thoughts related to our capabilities sometimes convert into self-defeating thoughts patterns which really needs to be identified and worked on. How to recognize if you have self-defeat...

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5 Ways Your Imagination Can Work Wonders In Your Life

Imagination has the power to create so many wonderful things that we often miss to execute in real life. Many of us might consider imagination as daydreaming alone but often people miss the power of i...

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80+ Best Mental-Health Related Resolutions To Hustle In 2021

Getting a car, losing weight, getting into shape, having your own space, attending that music show, having long hair, learning cooking, getting married or engaged, finding a partner blah blah blah… ...

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What To Do When You Feel Worthless In Life?

When you believe that you are feeling worthless, you find yourself in an insignificant situation when hopes are simply doomed. Although one can find the feeling of worthlessness under depression, low ...

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10 Psychological Strategies For Keeping Your Resolutions This Year (2021)

While turning a new page, we all make resolutions for the New Year. Indeed, New Year brings new opportunities and beginnings to change those bad habits which we always wished to change and adapt to ne...

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