10 Incredibly Famous People With Autism Are An Inspiration For All

There are some inspirational figures that directly deliver one strong message, “Dare to live the life you dreamed of. Don’t let fear decide your destiny.” Yes, we are talking about those inspira...

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How to Stop Being Lazy All The Time : 5 Step Process

Are you also among the millions of people who procrastinate during most of their tasks daily and regret it every day? Do you also make promises about how you will stop being lazy? Do you hate this hab...

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5 Best Mantras for Anger Management: Must Try

We all are struggling in our everyday life either with stress or anger. Some people choose to stay quiet; some people speak the words which they should not due to anger. Sudden anger is full of regret...

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Lessons Of Life Unfurled By ‘The Pursuit Of Happyness’

We often talk about various roads to success or how to be more successful in life but sometimes, there are instances where life teaches that ‘The road to success comes through hard work, determinati...

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Honesty and Integrity: Road to Success and Happiness

Integrity means “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.” Honesty and integrity bring out success. Basically, having integrity is like avoiding unnecessary traits like stre...

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How To Rise Up After Life Knocks You Down?

In life, we face numerous bittersweet situations, but failures in particular could cause you to lose hope. In most cases, you can find yourself useless after defeat. If you don't see failure as an opp...

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Powerful Words for Inspiration and Motivation

One of the things that can turn a bad day into a good one is powerful words. Additionally, there is a famous phrase, motivation and inspiration can come in any form. If you are bored with motivational...

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Buddhist ‘Eightfold Path’ In Modern Times Is Exceptionally Motivating

I came across the teachings of Buddha and the noble Eightfold Path a few years ago and it had me changing my whole perspective of living a life. When I personally started implementing the learnings in...

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5 Lessons To Be Learnt From Kobe Bryant’s ‘Mamba Mentality’

After paying our heartfelt tribute to the untimely demise of Legendary NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, it’s time to learn some of the most invaluable lessons from his life. In fact, Mamba Mentality, a bo...

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