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What is Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing: Definition, Techniques, and Examples

Motivational counseling is a newly formed approach that is specially designed for helping people to…

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creative Visualisation techniques

10 Visualization Techniques To Help You Reach Your Goals

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it” - William Arthur Ward And honestly,…

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Best Stress Relieving Games : Online & Offline

We all face stress or anxiety in our daily lives. Anxiety can happen to anyone…

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Top 10 Uplifting Movies On Netflix That Could Change Your Life

Netflix is like no less than Santa (even the color is red). Be it Santa…

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How to be happy alone

How To Be Happy Alone & Be Your Own Best Friend?

Some people find their happiness being alone while some cannot bear the thought of it.…

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Mental Health Benefits Of Positive Self Talk

“Positive Self talk is the most powerful form of communication because it either empowers you…

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Live in the Present Moment

12 Tips To Start Living In The Present Moment

‘Live In The Present!’ What does this statement mean to you? To me living in…

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The Importance Of Having Aspirations #Inspirations_Follows_Aspirations

We all have dreams, hopes, ambitions, and goals. This is what aspirations mean. Aspirations are…

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How To Stop Zoning Out

‘Why Do I Zone Out So Much?’ | How To Stop Zoning Out

Do you ever feel like you’ve been reading the same lines for over ten minutes…

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