How To Be Happy Alone & Be Your Own Best Friend?

Last Update on August 30, 2023 : Published on May 21, 2020
How to be happy alone

Some people find their happiness being alone while some cannot bear the thought of it. Family settled in different cities, friends busy in their lives and your hours being single at home are unbearable to be spent. It is an understandable fact that even those who find happiness in being alone begin to find themselves lonely, so we can imagine what happens to extroverts who wish to stay surrounded by people.

Before we go ahead on how to be alone and happy, the concept of being alone and loneliness must be cleared.

‘There Is A Difference Between Being Alone & Lonely’

Being Alone could be a situation where you enjoy your own time in solitude watching movies, cleaning dishes and doing household chores. It doesn’t mean that you do not have friends or social life outside.

Whereas being lonely is a concept that deals with your inner soul. If you are not happy despite being surrounded by people or just feeling disconnected from everyone, this is the case of loneliness.

Here, we will deal with the former concept, give you the ideas of how to feel happy alone and enjoy the time being with yourself.

How Can I Be Happy Alone To Live Happy Life?

Do you know being alone is the best time to know yourself, enjoy the self-company and nurture something new within? If you have slightest idea about it, you are half-way done. And if you do not have one, we’re here with some tips. Before we begin, forgive yourself and others for the past and forget those things which can’t be changed. Move on because it is time to be happy

1. Listen & Connect With Yourself

How To Be Happy Alone

During the time searching for an answer of how to stay happy alone, we forget to listen to our own mind. Are there any thoughts that are bothering you or you have not been yourself since a long time? What do you want and what do you wish to do? The answer to these questions will come in your mind only when you have clarity of thoughts and some peace within. Now how will it happen?

Since there are numerous thoughts boggling you, it is best to start with writing a journal. You can divide it into points like:

  • Things that make you happy
  • What is your aim for the coming few days?
  • What are the things you are grateful for today?

Spending time with your journal is such a fruitful experience and you would simply appreciate yourself for doing so later. But while doing all this, you have to make sure that you do not write a single negative word about anything or anyone, I challenge you. Can you do this?

2. Take A Break From Social Media

take A Break From Social Media

If you are thinking that spending time on social media is my favorite thing and what I will do without it when feeling alone, we are repeating ourselves, TAKE A BREAK. Looking at what is happening in the lives of others may bring a feeling of stress within. But remember that there could be different stories hidden behind different posts.

It is moreover better if you can take a few steps back from social media, escape from straining your mind and even give rest to your eyes. It is best advice to be happy alone if you can spend your hours on social media into something productive that enhances the person within you.

3. Take Care Of Yourself & Your Home

take Care Of Yourself & Your Home

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, are you forgetting to take care of someone really special? Yes, YOU! In order to learn how to stay happy alone, you must start to exercise every day in the form of Yoga, HIIT, Pilates, intense dance or anything that makes you healthy & active. With that, prepare delicious meals for yourself, set a date night, take a long hot water bath or scrub your skin with a refreshing homemade pack. The reason behind all these acts is one, becoming happy within.

And when you are done with caring for your body and mind, arranging home must be your next aim. Your surroundings play a special role in maintaining the calm and peace inside and their clean arrangement instantly releases all the tension. For example, imagine a room filled with piles of clothes and another one decorated with mild lights. Where do you want to crash after a long day at the office? If you can find the answer to that, you know what we are talking about

4. A Walk In The Nature

a Walk In The Nature

A walk with you in the shades of green and blue sky is amazing for a healthy mind. It may look like a regular suggestion for once but close your eyes and imagine yourself walking by the river where the shadow of trees and pink flowers could be seen. Where birds are chirping and you can breathe fresh air deep. How do you feel now?

Probably amazing! So give yourself a treat of beautiful nature (without looking in the phone) by either spending time in your garden or walk in the green park nearby. Don’t miss such a simple but great opportunity to live a happy life alone.

5. A Break From Everything & Everyone

a Break From Everything & Everyone

Stressed from work and routine life? It is time to take a few weeks break! So what is it that you will do to make yourself happy within this timespan? Well, make a mood boosting playlist and groove with some music, try your hands on cooking new dishes, spend time gardening, hug your pillow and lie down, go for shopping and simply cut any kind of toxic relationship.

This break is meant to give you some much needed time you have been missing since days. You can be very happy without friends by being a friend of yourself.

6. Solo Travel

Solo Travel

You may not allow yourself to get into this stream so easily but when you are learning how to be happy alone, add solo travel in your bucket list right now. There might be something that may stop you, it could be your fear to go out alone, but think what will happen if you free yourself from all the bondages and go out for a trip.

You would meet new people, try new cuisine, learn new things from others and get back home with so much renewed energy. This energy would prepare you for your routine goals and if you drop tired again, plan a trip once again. Learning to be alone is a lovely process.

7. Meditate


Meditation must become a daily ritual for you if you wish to stay happy alone or even amongst others. As meditation improves your focus, determination and mental health, you will also find mindfulness coming back in your life with some exercises. You will also be able to free yourself from the clutches of stress and anxiety while reconnecting with peace within. You can even try out some great meditation apps for guidance and soulful music!

8. Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others

In order to handle yourself being alone, you need to definitely stop the idea of comparing yourself with others. There might be a lot of friends on social media going for social outings and you are just accepting being alone. But you never know the life behind the camera, hence comparing is just not the right idea.

9. Remember About Things You Are Grateful For

Being grateful can itself increase feelings of happiness and hopefulness and you can enjoy being alone even then. This gives you a chance to devote some time to things that you love but just forgot to remember them now.

10. Shake up your routine

Believe it or not, your routine can just be dull enough to make you feel alone and empty. But you can be happy without friends by shaking up the whole routine like going out for coffee alone, painting the flower pot or just being creative in your own way.

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Don’t stop yourself from being happy alone as it comes from within. All the people around you may act as the mood chargers but your inner strength lies deep within you. Search it, follow it and love yourself.

Having any issues in reconnecting with you? Or cannot find the right way to keep you happy when alone? All you have to do is drop us a message in the comments section below or personal message us on our Facebook page.

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