30 Reasons Why You Are Amazing, Awesome & Worth Admiring

Last Update on January 3, 2022 : Published on December 9, 2020
Reasons Why You Are Amazing

You should stay happy, fearful, cheerful and excited in your life, after all this is why you came into this world. However, we cannot be the same every single day and there are days that make you feel low or bad about yourself. This doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you but it’s time to remind yourself of your strengths, willingness and reasons why you are so amazing.

Well, let us show you the hints that remind you why you are awesome and why life runs on your thoughts, decisions and self-trust. Exploring the power of self affirmations helps during the rough phase as these self-affirmations keep you going for life.

Worth Admiring

Reasons Why You Are Amazing

1. You have had a lot of challenges and you have survived each of them with grace.

2. You have faced rejection and failure very smartly. You could have backed out easily but staying there and facing your wounds had made you stronger.

3. You are very thoughtful and notice little things before making decisions.

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4. You have apologized for your mistakes. ‘Sorry’ is a tough word to come out but owning the problems, admitting them and moving ahead is what makes you awesome.

5. You have adapted to the changes rather than being a rock in your place.

6. You embrace the face that getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to expand the horizons.

7. You understand your weaknesses and try to make progress to convert it into strengths.

8. You forgive others, even those who have hurt you in the past. It is tough to take such a call but you did it.

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9. Not only have you solved your own problems but stood beside others in their tough phase.

10. You have faced your fears fearlessly. Although these fears seemed huge sometime back but crossing over them is just great.

11. Your intentions for others are pure for others. Even if you are angry and wish to do wrong to someone, your heart makes you land in the right place.

12. You appreciate everyone around you because that is what makes you feel good about yourself and others get a chance to smile as well.

13. You treat people just like you want them to treat you. This is why you make sure to add respect and love in your communication.

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14. You call, message or ask people in-person about how they are doing and genuinely want to help them, if they need.

15. You try to keep your calm towards others. Even if there is an anger outburst and bad words have spilled out, you make sure to apologise.

16. If needed, you don’t refrain from giving second chances to people.

17. You know that a smile can make someone’s day happy. This is why you try to smile even if bothered by something.

18. You acknowledge other’s efforts equally and support them to raise themselves.

19. You never give up when you know that it’s worth chasing the goal.

20. You understand the moment when you have to speak or when to stay quiet.

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Let’s now understand another set of reasons why you are unique, amazing and awesome. It also defines who you are and makes you different from the world.

21. You are passionate about your work, hobby, goal or something that you want to achieve. This passion keeps you going and makes you admirable.

22. You have a great taste in your world and love to introduce your taste to the world in terms of music, food, culture, books, cafes, etc.

23. You had many ups and downs but everything just made you stronger and wiser.

24. You did not wait for opportunities in your place but carved them, excelled in them and are still moving ahead for more.

25. You are a gift of God who is given a unique combination of facial features, color, shape and size.

26. You are creative in your own ways. Origami, cooking your favorite meal, gardening, or anything that you love, you make sure that your heart is into it.

27. Your memories are collected in a beautiful box and you embrace it eventually.

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28. You have found out what matters to you and what not. Now you act very smartly and make mindful decisions.

29. You had the capability to start over again when failed in life. Whether it was a relationship, job, location or anything else, you stood up and started again.

30. The reasons why you are awesome don’t end because you have just explored your strengths. Now it’s time to find why you are awesome at heart.

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You are mentally strong and this fascinates everyone around you.

 Yes, You Are Amazing!

Finding so many reasons why you are awesome just makes your day, isn’t it? The list isn’t exhausted yet because you have so many things that are still unwritten but make you amazing human beings.

We would say, keep exploring and keep growing. Team CalmSage appreciates you for being here and making yourself a priority!

Happy reading!

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