Self Care

Feeling Lonely In Your Marriage: Why & What To Do About It?

You marry someone thinking about happiness, cuddling nights and a partner beside you in every ups and downs. However, if loneliness creeps inside the married life then it can turn most amazing things ...

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How to Find Your Purpose of Life

Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Do you want to make a bigger difference, but you are not sure how? The day you find out the purpose of your life is the day you achieve some of it. ...

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Conscious Escapism: The Much-Needed Break From Spiritual Journey

From celebrities, world-renowned scholars, scientists to the common man; spiritualism has shown a path to deal with suffering in numerous cases. With a number of physical and mental aspects of spiritu...

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50+ Journal Prompts for Self Discovery And Self Reflection

Do you ever wish to look inside of yourself? Then why not practice journaling for Self Discovery? Writing down your thoughts and self-reflection are found to be closely related (even research suppo...

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Swedish Fika: It’s More Than Just A Coffee Break

A few weeks ago, I came across the Swedish word “Fika”. It sounded silly but when I read about it some more, I realized that this Swedish tradition is quite brilliant. Fika is more of a concept th...

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7 Self-Care Rituals & Wellness Trends From Other Cultures You Can Try

Self-care is all about understanding what your body and mind need to feel better, calm, and relaxed. No matter where you are in the world, the concept of self-care remains the same. Self care rituals ...

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5 Self-Care Habits That You Might NOT Know

Self-care is an amazing concept, one that has become popular in recent times. Practicing self-care has many benefits and can help with your overall health and wellness. Self-care has many types: ...

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Bring A Change In Your Life With Power of Positive Thinking

It takes the same energy to worry as it does to be positive. Use your energy to think positive and experience the change. Don’t worry this piece is not about if you are a positive or negative think...

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How To Self-Monitor For The Effective Treatment of Eating Disorders

To begin with, self-monitoring includes tracking symptoms, experiences, and behaviors over time so that one can effectively recover from any kind of disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy includes sel...

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