10 Best Hobbies For Mental Health To Take Up in 2024

Last Update on February 27, 2024 : Published on April 12, 2022
Best Hobbies For Mental Health

Finding the free time to focus on our hobbies is not always as easy as we think. I mean, during my free time, my mind would rather focus on baking or creating music but my body would want to catch up on sleep. Confusing, isn’t it?

Well, many studies have shown that finding opportunities to indulge in hobbies for mental health. Having hobbies isn’t just about doing something in your free time but it is about dedicating your time and mental energy to things that bring you joy.

Many of us are still working from home while trying to manage the household chores. Top it all off with some light dose of anxiety, stress, and boredom, and you have a nice little cocktail of losing control.

Here’s where hobbies help mental health and keep you from spiraling downward in the sea of negativity and stress. Did you know that having hobbies can help reduce the production of cortisol, the stress hormone?

It’s one of the main reasons why I choose to spend my downtime focusing on my hobbies and so should you!

Let’s take a look at the benefits of hobbies for mental health + the 10 best hobbies for mental health you need to take up, today!

Benefits of Hobbies for Mental Health

1. They Reduce Our Stress

In our daily lives, we need to deal with micro-stressors and at first glance, these stressors may not have a bigger impact on our health but they can still disrupt our mental focus and clarity.

Taking up hobbies to improve mental health can give you relief from stress, anxiety, and even depression. By pursuing a hobby, you not only unwind and relax but you also give yourself time to re-learn your favorite things and recharge for the next challenge.

2. They Help Us Re-Discover Ourselves

As you take up a hobby, you allow yourself to re-learn a lot about yourself. Struggling with poor mental health can mean losing a sense of self but pursuing something of interest can help re-discover yourself and get back on track. Once you begin to do what you love, you increase your reliability on your strengths, improving your confidence.

3. They Help Increase Feelings Of Community

Whatever hobby you choose – whether joining a musical club, playing a sport, or cooking with your loved ones – it is a great way to boost your mental health. Not only can hobbies boost your mood, but they can also help you increase your social connections and improve your social health.

10 Best Hobbies For Mental Health

1. Playing A Musical Instrument

One of the best hobbies for mental health in my book would have to be learning a musical instrument. Or in some cases, re-learning an instrument. While listening to music has its benefits, learning to create music can help in neuroplasticity or rewiring your brain to improve emotional and mental health.

Pick up a guitar, learn how to play the piano, or maybe create a tune on a flute. This hobby can help reduce stress and anxiety and can improve your social connections.

2. Engaging In Some DIYs

Did you know that DIY activities can also help improve your mental health? That can be used as a wonderful hobby for your mental wellbeing. So Now, not only do DIY projects save money, they can help your mental state by engaging you in a creative outlet for your emotions.

You can also learn a lot about yourself when you take up DIY projects as hobbies. Plus, won’t you achieve feelings of accomplishment once you’re done? You can always check out DIY tutorials on YouTube!

3. Solving Puzzles

As a kid, I loved solving puzzles. I remember sitting with my family and trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together to get the final picture. Oh, how fun those summers were!

Well, if I could enjoy solving puzzles as a kid, who’s to say I can’t do the same as an adult? Solving puzzles as a hobby can increase your brain power and increase your mental flow. Activate your brain muscles and improve your cognitive functions by taking up this hobby.

4. Try Some Tai Chi

Tai Chi is another hobby that I’ve recently taken up and let me tell you, this is one of the most relaxing hobbies for mental health you can take up.

The ancient Chinese exercise combines gentle movements and deep breathing to reduce stress, boost mood, bring calm, and increase focus. Practicing tai chi regularly can also ensure better physical health, better sleep, and better immunity.

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5. Learn How To Sew or Knit

Just last week, I was talking to a friend and we decided to take up knitting or sewing as a hobby. In the beginning, this hobby can get a little frustrating but once you get a hold of that sewing needle, this hobby can greatly improve your mindfulness state and focus.

The flow of knitting or sewing can lower your stress levels, and blood pressure, and reduce anxiousness. Plus, this hobby assures handmade scarfs for those brutal winter winds or hats for those brutal summer heats.

6. Go On A Hike

Not very high on my list of hobbies for mental health, hiking is, nonetheless, one of the best hobbies you can take up if you want to relax and destress. Ironic though, isn’t it? How does such an exerting hobby help in relaxation?

Well, hiking combines nature and walking and can keep your negative, ruminating thoughts away. Check out your local hike trails or gather your friends (humans or furry) and go on for a hike of your own.

7. Learn Flower Arranging

I was a high schooler when I created my first flower arrangement and boy, was it fun! It does not matter if you pick some fancy flowers or grab a few from your garden, flower arranging can help you come into a meditative state, make you focus on your breathing, and decrease your anxiety.

Plus, taking up flower arranging as a hobby can assure a brighter living space!

8. Pick Up A Paintbrush

This is another hobby for better wellbeing that many may find soothing and relaxing. Painting has, time and again, proven to be a stress reliever. Pick up a paintbrush and experiment to your heart’s content with watercolors.

Why watercolors? The soft colors can produce a soothing effect and can blend well onto the canvas. There are painting kits available that can help you get started on this hobby, today!

9. Join A Pottery Class

At the top of my hobbies list is this wonderful hobby for mental health. You’ve tried painting, now, let’s dive into the art of pottery-making. This creative endeavor will work to reduce your stress and calm you down in just under an hour.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to use handmade pottery items as decorations at home? If you can’t join a class, you can try DIY pottery kits. Get your clay game on and create something amazing.

10. Take Up Candle Making

Candle-making can be a good choice as a hobby. This creative outlet can act as a meditative experience and can allow you to be productive too. Once you’ve created a candle, you can full-on engage in Hygge and invite your loved ones too. Plus, homemade candles make the best gift ever!

So, what are you waiting for? Get a candle-making kit and make your own candles!

Final Words:

Well, now you know how hobbies help mental health. If you find yourself struggling with your poor mental health, make sure you take some time out and engage in your favorite hobby. If your favorite hobby isn’t mentioned in this article, let us know in the comments below!

You can also share your thoughts with us at info@calmsage.com or DM us on social media for more. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones and do give us a thumbs-up if you found this article helpful.

Take care and stay well!

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