Dare to Be You! 6 Character Traits of an Authentic Person

Last Update on April 3, 2024 : Published on April 3, 2024

In a society with carefully curated online persons and following trends, being true to yourself seems like a myth. Even if it isn’t online, people like putting up facades to escape their true selves. Authentic people might be hard to spot, but you’ll know if you’ve met an authentic person if they are comfortable in their skin, true to their values, and radiate a magnetic aura.

When I say “Authentic”, I mean more than just being honest. Authenticity is about living a life in harmony with your inner voice. It’s the commitment to your values, even when you’re under pressure to conform. If you meet an authentic person, then look for genuine self-awareness in them. These people act with integrity and express their true emotions.

Authentic people care about genuine connections, building strong relationships, and inspiring others to be their true selves. But what is “authenticity”? How do we know if someone is being authentic?

Keep reading to know why authenticity matters, the signs of an authentic person, and how you can cultivate a life where you are true to yourself!

The Importance of Being True to Yourself

Authenticity isn’t just a feel-good trait. It can have some real-world benefits. When you’re genuine in your relationships and connect with others, you allow yourself to build deeper friendships and relationships. Trust flourishes when you create meaningful relationships.

Living a life where you’re true to your values can also foster a sense of inner peace and self-acceptance. This can translate to a happier and healthier self-image and increased confidence. Also, when you know your values, you make choices that make your life better. You are less likely to be swayed by external pressures and know how to move your life with a sense of purpose and direction.

Authenticity allows you to live a life that aligns with your desires. This helps you live a purposeful and fulfilling life, boosting your overall life satisfaction.

Your authenticity can inspire others to shed their masks, facades, and carefully constructed personas, and embrace their true selves. This ripple effect can help you and the world, one step at a time.

While there is goodness in being authentically YOU, it isn’t always easy. There will always be times when you face challenges.

The pressure to conform is strong with social media, societal expectations, and even close relationships. This pressure can make it harder for you to stay who you are. Moreover, we all crave acceptance. The fear of rejection or being judged can make it harder for us to live the life of an authentic person.

Sometimes, your values might even face conflict with one another, creating internal turmoil. This can be confusing and make living authentically feel like a target.

Despite these challenges, the benefits of living authentically outweigh the difficulties. Authenticity allows you to live free from the burden of pretense. You can live freely without worrying about judgment.

So, are you an authentic person? Or are you living authentically? Let’s look at the signs and traits of an authentic person.

The Character Traits of an Authentic Person

1. They Are Self-Aware

The foundation of authenticity is a solid, if not complete, understanding of yourself. Authentic people spend time on self-reflection – understanding their values, strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. This self-awareness allows them to make choices aligned with their true selves.

2. They Value Honesty and Integrity

A sign of an authentic person is in how much they value honesty. Authentic people are honest – with themselves and others. They are truthful with their words and actions and build a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. This integrity of theirs allows their actions to reflect their beliefs and values.

3. They Can Be Vulnerable

An authentic person is willing to be vulnerable. This doesn’t mean that they overshare, but rather they are open about their emotions and experiences – good and bad. Allowing themselves to be vulnerable helps them create deeper connections and allows others around them to feel comfortable enough to do the same.

4. They Are Confident, Not Arrogant

Another trait of authentic people is that they are confident. This confidence in authentic people comes from self-acceptance, not a need for external validation. These people are comfortable in their skin and don’t feel the urge to boast, compete, or brag. They are secure in their success (and failures) and help others celebrate their successes too.

5. They Are Open-Minded

While authentic people are firm in their beliefs and values, they are also open to new experiences and perspectives. They know that each person is different and has diverse opinions. They are willing to learn and grow, adapting their views as they come across new ideas, perspectives, and information.

6. They Are Empathetic

Authenticity fosters empathy and compassion. Authentic people connect with others even if they have different viewpoints, and are never shy about offering their genuine support. They celebrate others’ successes and offer a helping hand to those struggling with issues and challenges. They don’t do this for selfish reasons, either, but out of the goodness of their hearts.

How to Live Life Being True to Yourself?

  • Self-reflect on your actions and thoughts. Dedicate time to journal, meditate, or converse with yourself. Figure out your values, desires, goals, motivations, and fears. Learn to know yourself better.
  • Express your true self to others. Don’t be scared to be yourself, even if it differs from what others expect of you. Speak your mind, dress comfortably, and pursue hobbies that ignite your passions. Don’t live for others, live for yourself.
  • Embrace all that’s not perfect because nobody can be perfect. We know perfectionism is a myth, so accept your flaws and imperfections. Let your quirks and qualities shine through.
  • Respect boundaries and learn to say NO. Setting boundaries can allow you to live your true self. It prevents you from wasting your time and energy on things that don’t matter and allows you to focus on what matters most.
  • Hang out with authentic people who accept and appreciate you for who you are, not the facade you put on yourself. Positive attracts positive, so allow yourself to be influenced by their authenticity and positivity. See how surrounding yourself with authentic people influences your well-being!
  • Know that it’s OK to be vulnerable and that stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t make you less. Vulnerability can be scary, but it can take you one step closer to authenticity. Share your true feelings with trusted people and see how that changes your attitude towards living your authentic self.
  • Don’t be shy with your compassion, for we all need it, especially when we make mistakes. We’ll make mistakes, that’s a guarantee, so learn to treat yourself with kindness, empathy, and compassion. When you make mistakes, learn to understand where they come from and be kind to yourself.

Wrap Up…

In this world where we crave instant gratification and connection, living a slow and authentic life can be powerful. Embracing your true self can create deep relationships, improve your self-esteem, and inspire others to do the same. Living authentically might take some time, but some self-discovery and celebrating each step as you move forward can help.

The world might live on carefully curated facades, but it also needs your genuine self – your authenticity, to balance it out. So, shine brightly, my friend!

Let us know if this article helped you understand the character traits of authentic people and how to live your life by being true to yourself in the comments below.

Take Care!

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