Emotional Detox: 10 Ways to Release Negative Emotions

Last Update on April 14, 2023 : Published on April 14, 2023
Emotional Detox

When you hear the word, “detox” are you thinking about drinking healthy tonics to release toxins in the body or are you thinking about digital detox? We’ve, over time, become used to seeing detox as a physical health thing or a mental wellness one, but never have we connected detoxing with emotions, have we?

Yes, emotional detox is a real thing! We often fail to have a healthy relationship with our emotions. And it’s not our fault, either. It’s just that we forget how emotions make us feel and to experience the full spectrum of life, we need a healthy emotional expression.

Now when I say, “emotional detox” I’m not talking about getting completely rid of your negative emotions. What’s the point of embracing life if we can’t embrace our negative emotions too?

No, emotional detox is about cleansing the emotions that have been stagnant for a while and have stopped helping us move forward in life. These stuck emotions are the ones that prevent us from processing and healthily experiencing our feelings.

Just like a physical detox can help cleanse your body of toxins and impurities, an emotional detox can help you cleanse the emotions stuck in a stagnant state. Keep reading to learn the signs you need an emotional detox and some quick ways you can detox your emotions.

Signs You Need an Emotional Detox

Emotional Detox

Trauma, unhealthy attachments, and our inability to accept emotions can all cause emotions to get stuck and become stagnant. These emotions are the ones we fail to “digest” properly, hence they become stuck and prevent us from moving forward emotionally.

Here are some signs that say you might need to detox your emotions;

  • You feel guilty for saying “no”
  • You become easily distracted
  • You worry about the future a lot
  • You are experiencing weight issues
  • You are experiencing financial difficulties
  • You are struggling in your relationships
  • You are spending too much time alone
  • You feel easily overwhelmed these days
  • You ignore or don’t trust your instincts anymore
  • You are using unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with your emotions
  • You are stuck in the past more than the present
  • You are constantly second-guessing yourself
  • You feel out of balance
  • You constantly compare yourself to others and believe that you’re not good enough
  • You struggle with finding your purpose in life

Physical signs and symptoms that you say you might need an emotional detox can include;

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Frequent headaches
  • Allergies
  • Chronic pain
  • Body tension
  • Physical symptoms of depression and anxiety

How to Do Emotional Detox:

Detox Your Emotions

If you can relate to the above-listed signs that say you need an emotional detox, then here are some quick fixes for you. These ways to detox your emotions can help you feel lighter and release the negative emotions that have been stuck in your mind and body for some time now;

1.Know Your Emotions

Sometimes we pretend that everything is fine even if it’s not. This means that you’re suppressing your emotions by either distracting yourself or denying your feelings. We do this because we’re not comfortable with unpleasant emotions. We’re often told that we’re not supposed to feel bad but it’s important to know that it’s OK to feel negative emotions. Try to notice what you feel and don’t distract yourself from unpleasant emotions.

2.Create a Plan of Action

Once you’re aware of your emotions, then you can make an action plan to move forward. If you feel yourself losing your temper then take a walk. When you begin to doubt yourself, recite a positive affirmation or remind yourself that whatever caused you to doubt yourself is not a reflection of who you are as a person. When you have an action plan, it can become easier to deal with stagnant emotions.

3.Clear Your Mind

There’s nothing as good as decluttering your mind and this is one of the best ways to release stuck negative emotions. Take a paper or open your digital journal and just write whatever emotion you feel. Do not edit it or think too deeply about what you’re writing. Just let it all out. This way, all the unconscious thoughts and emotions would find their way out and you’ll have a successful emotional cleansing.

4.Divert Your Focus

Being aware of your emotions is essential for healing your mind and soul, but sometimes you need to focus on other things. When you’re stuck in an emotional rut, one simple fix could be to just divert your focus. I’m not saying to ignore your emotions, but to find ways to get emotionally involved while being productive. Check-in with a friend, volunteer, or just focus on something that gives you a positive perspective.

5.Be Present in the Moment

It’s never easy to stay in the present moment when our mind is preoccupied with the past. As hard as it can be, you need to allow room for some mindfulness to successfully detox your emotions. Focus on your current situation and don’t allow your mind to wander in too many directions.

6.Limit Your Vices

We often seek comfort when things become too overwhelming or uncomfortable for us. It’s good, but not when unhealthy vices get involved. It’s easier to find comfort in alcohol or food, but these things will only increase the impurities in your mind instead of releasing them.

Emotional eating or drinking is common but to heal you need to limit them. Stop yourself from reaching for that extra cookie or another glass of wine after a stressful day.

7.Try Morning Journaling

Writing can give insight into your soul, trust me. If you’re seriously considering emotional detox, then try some morning journaling. Every morning, for at least 15 minutes, write. Don’t scroll through your social media, watch TV, or walk around mindlessly. Sit down and write. You can use prompts to get started. Writing in the morning is good as it is when your mind is clear and nothing is stressing you out.

8.Change Your Self-Talk

There are times when you forget to show empathy towards yourself. When negative emotions become too much to handle, they often bleed through self-doubt and insecurity. Here, you need to change the way you talk to yourself.

If you’re anxious, then instead of feeling bad about it, give gratitude to it for trying to keep you out of danger. Every negative emotion has a purpose, so instead of berating yourself for feeling it, change your perspective and free yourself.

9.Fill Your Life With Positivity

If you’ve ever done a physical detox, then you know what you have to do post-detox, right? Once you remove the toxins from your body, you take steps to replace them with healthier things. That’s what you need to do now too.

Find things that fill your mind and heart with positivity. It could be a group of people, the environment, positive news, etc. Anything that allows you to add positivity to your life, post-emotional detox.

10.Ask For Help

Stress has slowly become a part of our life and every day we struggle to live a stress-free life. Sometimes doing little things help, but other times we need additional help and support. If you believe that you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it.

Therapy is one of the best (and safe) spaces to open up about the negative emotions that often hold you back in life and learn how to work through them to live a positive life.

Emotions Are Important…

Emotions are what make us human and give us something to feel. Yes, there are times when emotions can cause us distress, but even then they have a purpose. Emotional detox helps us understand that it is important to digest (or process) an emotion rather than just react to it. Only when you digest your emotions properly can you live a life free of worries.

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Thanks for reading! Take care!

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