Healthy and Simple Self-Care Practices that You Should Adopt

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Simple Self-Care Practices

Self-care is simply, caring for yourself. We have a busy life and since the evolution of mankind, we have been getting busier and it’s not going to change. The more we progress, the more options we will have open to us. But in order to live the life we dream of, we have to work hard for countless hours no matter what field we choose and by doing so we often tend to ignore ourselves, our body, our mind and our health. By ignoring it we become more prone to stress, tension and even diseases and none of us want that. So today, I am going to share with you some of the self-care practices which you can follow. Have a look.

Healthy Self Care Practices

There are several ways in which you can take care of yourself. A human being, has various aspects of his personality, of his being and so does the opportunities in which he or she can take care and recover.

Healthy Self Care Practices

1.   Physical Aspect

Are you physically sound? Not just mentally, but have a look at yourself and ask yourself. Are you in your best physical condition possible? There is a possibility that maybe you are sleep deprived, maybe you have some tension in your neck or soreness in your back? Maybe you haven’t exercised in a while and have grown a belly? When was the last time you spent a whole week eating healthy and nothing junk? To a majority of the population, these questions will bring back a lot of flashbacks, memories and even surprises. But the most surprising thing is, we have learnt to live with it and worse ignore it.

Healthy Self Care Practice

What you can do?

You can start by sleeping. Yes, people ask you to wake up and don’t waste time sleeping? You can be assured; you are not wasting your time if you sleep for 8-9 hours. It is like an investment. You are investing your time in your wellbeing. Exercise, eat healthy, go for a good nice oil massage. Allow your body to relax. It is the greatest asset that you have.

2.   Emotional Aspect

This is, by far the most ignored aspect of a person and surprisingly, by the person. We all go through stress, tension, anxiety and what not. But instead of facing it, we start ignoring it. And why won’t we, no one taught us to face our emotions. Men are asked to hide their tears and pretend doesn’t exist, women are asked to bear inhumane situations and conditions. So we live in a society where showing emotions is considered weakness.

how to start self care

What you can do?

Give time to yourself. You are not a machine with ultra-fast calculations. Though you can calculate fast but when it comes to emotions, we as humans are still in quite the early stage. It is always a good decision to think and ponder over the decisions that you have taken and what you can do in the future. It not only goes with your career but with your emotions as well. Take time, think and then take any action. You should not be rash if you are in a certain mood. And if you feel like situation is overwhelming and you can’t control it then approach a professional

3.   Social Aspect

Man is a social animal and likes to be around other beings. Though being all away up in the mountains and away from any social contact because you don’t want to be around people and want to spend time on yourself, is also an acceptable behavior. It all depends on the mindset and your motive. If you are distancing away from people because you are upset and think that people are not for you? Or does everyone hates you or you feel inferior to the whole society? Then stop. If you want to distance yourself because you feel that there is a higher purpose of life, then you will know what’s best for you.

benefits of self care

What you can do?

If you are feeling inferior among the people you are with, then maybe you are with the wrong people. You are not inferior but have a different approach towards life. Which others won’t understand and when in groups, may make others feel shunned or out of the place. So you need to find friends who are more compatible with you and understand you. Don’t worry, you will find them soon enough.

4.   Mental Aspect

Now this is where the hard part begins. You can start socializing, you can start exercising and sleeping but can you control your mind? Here is a small activity for you to find out how difficult or easy it is for you to control your thoughts. So, take a deep breath and start counting sheep and kick out all other thoughts. Imagine in your head that there are sheep crossing through a gate and only one sheep can pass at a time, so try to find out how many sheep pass before your mind wanders-off to other thoughts? For some people, thinking about sheep and nothing else would be a challenge in itself. Some would give up after 2-3 sheep and while others may even go to a big number. The important thing here is to notice how better you can control your mental thoughts and processes.

self care strategies

What you can do?

Usually the answer would be to meditate. But even simple meditation would not help you much and you may not get better results. Yes, it is a fact that meditation can be a great help if you want to calm your mind down and focus. But there are other things as well on which you will have to start working, like increasing your mental capacity. Try to learn things, practice again and again. As students we were proficient in it and at times struggled too. But as we leave studies behind, we also memorize less and less. Another thing you can start is solving puzzles, quizzes, playing chess etc. All of this will sharpen your mental health and will provide you a better control.

benefits of self-care

So these were some of the self-care practices that I wanted to share with you. You also need to understand that caring for self is important and not an option. If you don’t care for your body then you may not have a fit body to work enough. Start today. It is never too late until its too late.

Hope it helps. Do let us know in the comments what all changes have you done in your lifestyle to start caring for self. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!

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