How to Live Life on Your Own Terms?

Last Update on March 15, 2021 : Published on May 11, 2020

Starting to live life on our own terms… does not look easy right. Well, personally speaking living life on our own terms is a little tricky. You all might be thinking, why we have to live on our own terms… Let me tell you to live life on our own terms is to live the happy positive life we have dreamt of. When I say start living life , it does not mean that you should start swimming upstream and shake off the shackles.

Simply, living life on our terms is to not give up on what others think. It means doing whatever your heart says. To be honest, it takes a lot of hard work to live life on your own terms. You have to completely modify yourself according to you, your needs, and not according to the world. Through this blog, I am going to tell you some best ways to live more happier life.

50 Ways to Start Living on Your Terms:

1. Do what matters to you.

2. Sideline your inner critic.

3. Lockout the negative people for your life.

4. You are responsible for your happiness.

5. Set clear defined goals for you and make sure that nobody interrupts in between.

living life on my own terms

6. Learn from your past, but do not be a prisoner of your past.

7. Apply this Mantra everywhere. Mind your own business.

8. Stop holding yourself for people who do not deserve you. Achieve your goals bro!

9. Find the purpose of your life. Stop putting everything together.

10. Stop consuming caffeine in excessive amounts.

11. Start meditating or praying at least 3 times a day.

12. Read one self-help book per week.

13. Make your own Journal and learn from your learning and avoid habits.

14. Do whatever it takes to keep happy with the person you love.

15. Make a bucket list and achieve one goal every month (Life is too short!).

16. Say no to refined sugar.

17. Opt for fast food for only once in a week.

18. Take time to think about the process. Avoid digital devices at least once a week.

19. Say no to fake news and keep distance from the newspaper.

20. Make a list of things that terrifies you and try to do them monthly (Like yes, work on that idea).

live on your own terms

21. Adapt kindness. Do something kind for someone daily.

22. Leave the bed early and go to bed early.

23. Get +7 hours of sleep. Take proper rest.

24. Opt for cold showers instead of hot showers.

life on your own terms

25. Learn to say a “No” when you are not interested (Sis, we do not need such negativity in life).

26. Learn to say “Thank toy” when someone do anything for you.

27. Do not forget to say “I love you” to your partners and family members.

28. Include more protein in your diet. (At least 30 grams)

29. Listen to life-changing and inspiring, motivational podcasts and Audiobooks to speed up the positivity process.

30. Ask yourself, where you see yourself in the next 5 years… and work on that daily. Make a step every day.

31. Eliminate all the non-essentials from your life (be it people or stuff!).

32. Give a place to healthy fat in your body and remove the extra carbs.

33. Have a glass of juice daily (keeps us fresh).

34. Keep faith in yourself (never lose the hope).

35. Stop obsessing over people and results (let karma decide it).

36. Stop being guilty for the things you should not be held accounted for. (Move on, it’s high time).

37. If you have mistreated someone, go apologize (As I said earlier, it is never too late to apologize).

38. Be friends with people who inspire. Keep your small (Remember, Quality over Quantity!)

39. Say a big yes to savings and do it for your future.

living life on your own terms

40. If you are interested in donations, do it!

41. Stay hydrated (Here, I recommend water and juice).

42. Get your own small place.

i want to live life on my own terms

43. Avoid emails and social media on weekends.

44. Make radical changes every year. (Stick to resolutions, I know it’s hard, just give it a try).

45. Define happiness and wealth in your own terms.

46. Invest but only in affiliated and reputed industries.

47. Opt for multiple income ways (the more the better).

if you want to live life on your own terms

48. Improve one bad habit once in a month (do not indulge yourself in the habit loop).

49. Make your to-do-list to get going with the day.

50. Last but not the least; make one audacious request per week.

Out of these 50 ways to live your life on your own terms, there were some steps which were related to health. I have added some health related terms to make ourselves stronger health-wise also. Therefore, I suggest you follow some of these to live a happy positive life.

I hope this article is motivational enough to live your life happily. Comment down and let us know that which way or ways you are opting to live your life on your own terms.

Stay positive and maintain that big smile on your face (Big smile suits you)!

Signing off!

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  1. Dolly singh
    Dolly singh

    Good work Aayushi !! Your writing is inspiring as usual . If a person can do or follow atleast half of the points you have mentioned in your blog , he/she will be very happy and successful in life . All the points whether Health related or others are really inspiring. Keep motivating and keep inspiring . Keep it up ?

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