7 Keys To Building Stronger and Better Relationships in Your Life

Last Update on August 3, 2022 : Published on July 22, 2020
Building healthy relationship

We all are very well aware of the fact that we humans are social in nature. And this calls for building relationships with others to make our living better. Building and maintaining relationships eventually end up becoming an important part of our lives.

In fact, the longest-running study on happiness came up with one distinctive finding that good relationships lead to happiness and longer life. But, sadly while we are doing great at sparking relationships, building and maintaining them is where we struggle.

So, we are often left wondering how to build better relationships? To answer this question that keeps popping in our head we are suggesting 6 keys that are crucial in building better relationships and few don’ts take care of.

7 Keys To Building Better Relationships:

1. Communicate… Communicate… Communicate…

“The key to a good relationship is communication.”

Communication like oxygen to relationships, it is required for a relationship to be healthy and survive. It helps in building the bridge between confusion and clarity, which might be hampering your way to a great relationship. Dan Oswald quotes that communication for a strong relationship should be H.O.T., that is, Honest, Open, and Two-way.

This means, you neither hide nor mask your feelings or thoughts. Most importantly you both are actively listening and responding to each other, it should be interactive not like a lecture. It will help you identify each other’s needs and further respect them.

2. Have Laughter Time

“People who laugh together stay together.”

Smiles tend to bring people closer together as supported by nth studies. Then, why should you miss it? Although, sadly this laughter time has now shrunk to forwards on social media and so has its impact on relationships. Taking a practical route to enjoy laughter time is definitely advised here.

Meet and spend time together doing fun things that you both enjoy or just simply have light and fresh talking sessions, and enjoy each other’s company. Those little laughter breaks in between will make your relationship grow stronger.

Have Laughter Time

3. Be Genuine and Honest

“Be honest, brutally honest. That is what’s going to maintain a relationship.”

If you are masking in a relationship the chances of it not working are high, as a healthy relationship demands genuineness and trust. Being genuine and honest is probably the most sincere way to show that yes you care about the other person and value them. All it takes to be genuine and honest is to be open about your feelings and do things from the heart, with no hidden reason attached.

Most importantly your honesty works as the driving energy behind a strong relationship. If you have these qualities it will further reciprocate in your relationship, making you feel positive and good about yourself.

Be Genuine and Honest

4. Be a Great Listener

“Listening is one of the finest tools to have a healthy relationship.”

Being a listener is important to build and maintain relationships. When the other person feels being heard they feel more connected and loved. We all can learn active listening and build on our relationships. It will take little effort, but active listening will definitely offer two-way benefits.

While the other person feels heard you too are likely to receive the same treatment in return. It is through listening that we can pay attention to the other person’s needs and concerns and further meet them. So, keep your ears open for a stronger relationship.

Be a Great Listener

5. Be Emotionally Responsive

Listening to the other person is important but is that it? What if you are listening but not responding to their concerns. Will that help in building a strong relationship? Certainly No! You must have emotional responsiveness in your relationship. The three aspects of it as identified by Dr. Sue Johnson are:

  • Accessibility: Being there for the other person when they need you.
  • Responsiveness: Understanding the needs of the significant other especially during difficult times and responding to those needs.
  • Engagement: Valuing each other’s likes and dislikes. Actively working on them as well, while staying close to each other.

6. Build Commitment

“Commitment is another name for a relationship.”

Promises are definitely easy to make but difficult to abide by. And this error in keeping your promises is a major reason why a healthy relationship sinks off. Committing to your words reflects in good relationships.

Build Commitment

7. Be a Giver

“You always gain by giving love.”

Giving definitely fuels relationships and keeps it on track of a healthy relationship. Now giving can be in two terms monetary and emotional. You may give the other person a gift that can be measured in monetary or you may give emotional gifts.

While there is a large pool of monetary gifts for you to choose from ranging from adult coloring books to positive plants, there are some important and pure emotional gifts that you should give in a relationship This includes, time, help, hug, DIY acts of service, a kiss, a surprise meeting, and others that will cost you nothing but will definitely boost your relationship.

Be a Giver

10 Don’ts Towards Building Good Relationships With Others

    Above we discussed the major keys to build stronger relationships that fall under the Do’s category. But, certain don’ts should be avoided to ensure that your relationships are strong.

    • Don’t take the other person for granted.
    • Don’t go to bed angry.
    • Don’t allow insecurities to overpower your relationship.
    • Don’t hide things from each other.
    • Don’t put the other person down.
    • Don’t hold your pasts against each other.
    • Don’t ignore each other.
    • Don’t belittle each other’s dreams.
    • Don’t be sneaky in their lives.
    • Don’t point out each other’s weaknesses and play on them.

Now, it is time for you to apply these Do’s and Don’ts of healthy relationships in your life and pave the way for happiness.

Have you been practicing some of these effective ways of building stronger relationships? Do share it with us in the comments section below.

Or if you need more guidance for any of these 6 keys feels free to drop your questions in the comments section.

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