Difficult People Are Everywhere! Know How To Deal With Them

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How to deal with difficult people

Difficult people are everywhere and the truth is we can’t ignore them; certainly, we have to deal with them to build or develop positive relationships with everyone. While difficult people are hard to understand, hard to talk to, or hard to partner up with, it is quite important we know how to deal with them.

When I began my writing journey, I got into a similar situation wherein I had to deal with a fellow worker who was too difficult to work with. Not specifically talking about the workplace, but difficult people are everywhere like they can be your family members, friends, colleagues, partners, and more.

Difficult people have different multitudes which need to be understood to deal with them properly. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss types of difficult people and how to deal with them in a positive manner. So, let’s get started.

Types of Difficult People and How to Deal with them


The first step to deal with difficult people is to identify the types of difficult people. According to psychology, there are 4 types of difficult people. In this section, you will be able to recognize which type of difficult people you are dealing with and how to deal with them positively.

1. Downers

Downers are referred to as those types of difficult people who are always judging someone, forwarding critiques, and complaining. Overall, whenever they speak they say something bad. And, they are impossible to please as well. Such people can also be referred to as Debbie Downers. If you also know a downer and if it is getting difficult to deal with them, let’s see how we can deal with such difficult people.

How to deal with a Downer?

The best way to deal with downers is to ignore them because they are always judging or complaining, you can’t change them, or their views, therefore, try to ignore them. When they are always going to provide a negative input, and when we are not going to need such negativity, we must learn to ignore them. It’s always a bad idea to make them understand, therefore, ignore and remember that you can only control what’s controllable.

2. Better Thans

Better Thans are those people who “know it all” or the people who always show off or feel like they are superior. In the beginning, such people try to impress us; then they begin name-dropping, and slightly they move on to compare us with others (at this point we somehow start figuring out that they are negative and hard to deal with). If you also know a better thans personality, let’s see how we can deal with them.

How to deal with Better Thans?

First of all, when you figure out that they are spreading negativity and they are being difficult to understand, you need to stay calm and try to stay paused at the moment. Don’t overreact otherwise they will start throwing more toxicity toward you. The second way is to focus on you, the point is that we can’t change them however, we can focus on ourselves. Turn your focus towards yourself, change your group, and try to stay positive.

3. Passives

Passive people are also referred to as “push-overs” people or weaklings. They act passively, they don’t speak much, and usually, they don’t contribute anything, but they are still difficult due to their expressions. The important signs of passives are that they let others do the hard work and stay silent. Let’s see how we can deal with them.

How to deal with Passives?

If you’re doing all the hard work and they have been passively aggressive towards you, it may be the time to overcome your fear of conflict. It’s time to stand up for you and try to establish boundaries so that they can understand what they are doing wrong. But, whatever you do, do it respectfully.

4. Tanks Also

Tanks also are the type of difficult people who are bossy, handful, and explosive. These people appropriately know how to make their own way and how to get things done anyhow. Let’s see how we can deal with them.

How to deal with Tanks Also?

The fact is that they are explosive and they are the hardest to deal with, the first thing you can do is to ignore them since you can only control what’s controllable. If things go messy or explosive, you can overcome such situations by sharing your side. Articulating your side, sometimes makes a huge difference. You can let them know how you feel and what you are doing to resolve it.

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That’s it, folks. I hope this blog helps you understand the multitudes of difficult people and how to deal with them. Comment down and share your views on difficult people. For more such content, connect us on all social media platforms.

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