5 Simple Steps to Deal with Toxic People


Toxic people, as the name goes, are quite harmful to your health and mood, especially when you got to deal with them. The worst part is that many of these people are not even aware that they are negatively affecting others, and they are under the impression that they’re quite reasonable. So also if you try to tell them that something is wrong with them, they won’t believe it. So what should one do to deal with the situation and such people whose presence is dragging you down and making you feel bad? Everyone tells us to either ignore or fight them, but what exactly is the right way? I am sharing some simple steps through which you can get rid of this toxicity or reduce its effect to a great extent.

How to Deal With Toxic People:

Act but don’t React:

Steps to Deal with Toxic People

It would help if you stopped getting upset or angry as soon as they open their mouth or act in a hurting way. Make sure you are not letting them on your nerves even if they say something that hurts. Most of the time, they are unaware, and also, if they are, you are just letting them win. So in both situations, my advice to you would be to stop and manage to get angry and stop reactive. You need to act and stop yourself in the tracks. That way, you can take the first step towards preventing them from hurting you.

Learn to say NO:

How to deal with toxic people

This rule applies in many aspects, and you must have heard it already. Saying no is a great way to protect your space. You can fight bullies, toxic people, peer pressure, family tensions, etc. by just saying a simple, tiny, two-letter word, that is NO! It may hurt people when you start taking up this habit, but once you learn to stand for yourself, you will see how beneficial it is for the peace of your mind. And I can safely say that, to maintain peace of your account, you need to stop others giving you a piece of their mind.

Make Yourself Unavailable:

simple steps to deal with toxic people

Yes, you read it right. Usually, people tell you to make yourself available, go ahead with your friends, and go out, but it is not always in the best interest of oneself. Yes, though, man is a social animal, but too many interactions with people who suck out your energy will only leave you depleted and tired. Make yourself busy, enroll in new courses, give time to your hobbies, sharpen your skills, or just meditate. There is so much to do rather than waste your time with people who won’t even value your presence.

Jot down your feelings:

best way to deal with toxic people

Make it a habit to write about the day in the end, before going to bed. You can write how your day went, what made you happy, what unsettled you. How did you deal with it? The steps you took coping with it, were they right? Or would they have been better? Our brain works faster when we are tensed, but it works efficiently when we are calm and not in a rush. Jot down your emotions, and if you are bullied, jot down how you dealt with the bully and how this can be improved. It will be your personal strategy diary. A systematic approach will make you feel good and will help boost your confidence.

Remember, no one is perfect, and everyone is here to learn new things every day. You can grow strong, but only if you give time to yourself. Patience and practice are the keys. And after some time you will be able to stop these toxic people from affecting you.

Have you ever fought a toxic person in your life? Do share your experiences in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Aayushi Kapoor

    I think I really need to learn to say "No". Have been experiencing toxic people from the past two weeks! This blog gave me the strength to overcome toxic people in life.. :)

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