How To Deal with Rude People?

Last Update on August 22, 2020 : Published on July 1, 2020
how to deal with rude people

If you’ve ever driven during rush hour or forded a crowded store, you know very well that rude people are everywhere. Whether it’s an insulting comment or a contemptuous attitude, rudeness is omnipresent and dealing with rude people is an art!. Too often, this negativity rubs off on us.

You cannot control someone else’s behavior, but you don’t want to be provoked by someone’s ill-mannered attitude. So what are you doing?

dealing with rude people

When faced with toxic behavior, whether from a grumpy stranger, a grumpy co-worker, or a friend, here are some proven and true methods that smart people use to effectively treat a rude person.

Smart Ways to Deal with Rude People:

1. Realize That Rudeness Is Nothing New!

Rudeness Is Nothing New

Coarseness seems to be part of human nature. We have been complaining about it since the beginning of time – Plato, famous for his disrespect and bad manners among young spirits. Rude behavior can easily become a habit for many peoples. We often forget the importance of showing kindness, sympathy, and understanding of others.

Rudeness is contagious: it tends to trigger more negativity around us and within us. But if we can see that these morose behaviors are hampering our productivity, happiness, and health, we can recognize the importance of ending these ways. Coarseness is nothing new, but that does not mean that we must continue the cycle of coarseness.

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2. Stop The Rudeness Spiral

Stop The Rudeness Spiral

Rude behavior or a rude person can spread like an illness if you let it. An act of rudeness can easily follow on from one another and cause other acts of rudeness, spreading foul smells and bad practice in its wake.

It’s easy to see how it happens. A rude driver cuts you off on your way to work, which annoys and frustrates you. You take away these negative feelings from your office colleagues when you find yourself hitting on coworkers for no real reason. Your colleagues, feeling upset, are then grumpy and rude to others. And so on.

You have the power to stop this rudeness cycle. With a little empathy, you can defuse rudeness with kindness. I firmly believe this is the best way of dealing with rude people.

3. Don’t Take Rudeness Personally, Ok?

Don't Take Rudeness Personally

The first step in stopping the cycle of rudeness is to stop engaging in rudeness personally. We all have bad days when the world seems to beat us. It is all too tempting to take it out on the world, which really means taking it out on the person closest to you.

It happens to everyone, so realizing that the offended person may be having a bad day can put things into perspective. They may be facing something difficult when you find yourself in their line of fire. Often you can break the cycle of rudeness by avoiding reacting to bad behavior with your own negativity.

4. Respond To Rudeness With Kindness

Respond To Rudeness

Don’t let a rude person make you react the same way. One of the best ways to defuse a rude and negative response is to stay friendly and positive. This gives the other person a chance to calm down and adapt their behavior to your own. Kindness can be a wonderful antidote to rudeness.

It can be extremely difficult to be kind to someone who is aggressive or insulting to others. But by giving them a calm and well-mannered example, you can encourage them to follow your example. If that doesn’t work, you can be proud to know that you haven’t lowered your standards or added your own rude behavior to the mix. Instead, you kept your cool. This is how you can deal with rude people.

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5. Use Humor To Diffuse A Difficult Person.

Use Humor To Diffuse A Difficult Person

A rude and difficult person can create tension and anxiety in themselves and those around them. Remember that they are probably rude because they are angry or upset about something they are going through. Humor can create a diversion and break the tension, allowing everyone to laugh about it.

You can do this by finding a way to laugh at a common situation or by joking about a common experience that you can all relate to. Self-deprecating amusements can also be disarming. Finding a way to insert a bit of lightness when someone feels uncomfortable can be the perfect thing to help everyone hit the reset button and start over on a better note.

What’s Your View In This?

I would like to know your method, how you deal with a rude person? Let us know in the comment section below. If you have any questions related to this blog let me know in the comment section below.

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