If You See These Signs, Then It’s Time To Walk Away From A Relationship

Last Update on April 29, 2022 : Published on May 1, 2022

“To love is easy, to be in a relationship is extremely difficult.” — Santosh Kalwar

Don’t you agree with this quote? Loving someone can be easy but to be in a relationship can be quite challenging and even more challenging can be walking away from a relationship or from someone you love. 

After being in love for years with your partner, you may assume that this love is going to stay forever yet now you’re wondering if this love is real. After years of being in a relationship, you are not sure if this relationship is the right one for you. 

If you are wondering about your relationship or about how the love you used to feel for your partner is fading away, it does not mean that you need to walk away from this relationship or make any decisions that you may come to regret in the future. Sometimes, you may just need to work on the conflicts but sometimes, you may just need to walk away. 

Here are some signs to know when to walk away from a relationship. If you see these signs, then know that it’s time to walk away from someone you love.

How To Know When To Walk Away?


The signs to look for are:

1.You Feel Lost About Who You Are

If in a relationship, you feel like you’ve forgotten who you are, and you’ve lost your sense of self, then it can be a red flag telling you that you need to walk away from a relationship. In a happy, healthy relationship, you don’t feel the need to change to make the other happy. However, if you’re slowly losing your self-identity, then you don’t need to stay in the relationship anymore.

2.Your Gut Is Telling You To Walk Away

Never fail to listen to your gut. When you know that there’s something wrong in a relationship, even if you can’t put your finger on it, then you need to walk away from the relationship. If you’re in a committed relationship, then talk to your spouse about your gut feeling or if you’re dating, then you can discontinue seeing your partner when you don’t feel safe around them.

3.You’re Just Going Through The Motions

It is one of the hardest things walking away from someone you love but when you find yourself going through the motions and not gaining any contentment, happiness, or love, then it’s better to walk away from a relationship than endure a stagnant relationship. Happiness and growth are important to a relationship and if they are lacking in yours, walk away now.

4.You Don’t Feel Respected

Respect and trust are the foundation of a relationship and if your relationship is lacking respect, then it’s a sign you need to walk away. Lack of respect in a relationship can eventually lead the foundation of your relationship to shake and fall. This disrespect also means that your partner does not care about your boundaries and does things that you’re not comfortable with.

5.You Are Being Abused

Abuse in any form, in any relationship, is NOT OKAY. If you are being abused – physically, verbally, emotionally – then it is a clear sign that you need to walk away from the relationship. This kind of love isn’t okay so don’t get caught up in your partner’s manipulative ways. If you’re in an abusive relationship then first, you need to reach out to your safe space or people.

Abuse is not okay and if you’re being abused then you need to contact the National Domestic Violence Helpline or connect with your nearest emergency helpline.

6. When Your Opinions Aren’t Heard

When your opinions and thoughts are rejected or ignored by your partner, then it’s a sign of disrespect too. If you don’t get to voice your thoughts and ideas on something as casual as where to eat on date night, then it’s not exactly a healthy, loving relationship. If there’s no give and take, then you need to walk away.

7. You Can’t Trust Your Partner Anymore

All relationships are built on the foundation of trust and respect. If you can’t trust your partner anymore then it’s a sign you need to walk away from someone you love. If you know that your partner is keeping secrets from you or if they have broken your trust time and again, then it’s a sign you need to walk away. Leaving now can save you from heartbreak in the future.

8. You Feel You’ve Changed

If you feel that you’re now acting differently than when you were at the beginning of the relationship, especially around your partner, then it’s a sign that you need to walk away from the relationship. You don’t feel comfortable in your partner’s company anymore. If you can’t be true to yourself when with the one you love then it’s a sign that you need to walk away from them.

When To Walk Away From A Relationship?


There are many stages of love that you may experience being in a relationship. You can’t stay in the permanent phase of excitement forever. Falling in love makes you overlook the flaws and imperfections of the other person that you may come to uncover later in the relationship.

Trust me, it’s normal. No matter what kind of love you experience with your partner over time, the one thing that should remain constant is respect and trust for each other – psychological and emotional. If you face a small hurdle in the relationship, it’s not a sign you need to walk away. However, if you see the above signs in your relationship, then you shouldn’t ignore them.

Don’t walk away from someone you love just because you disagreed with them. Remember that both of you have unique personalities and are bound to have different opinions. It’s okay to argue now and then. But if those arguments turn into disrespect and abuse, then it’s not okay.

Ups and downs in a relationship are relatively normal and a healthy, loving, trusting relationship will prevail in the face of hardships and struggles.

Should You Get Help?

Talking to a therapist can help – individuals and couples. If you’re thinking about walking away but are not sure, then talking to a professional counselor can help work through your emotions and figure out what your next steps are or should be. If you want to continue the relationship, then a therapist can help you learn skills to improve your communication skills and gradually improve your relationship.

If you love your partner but feel like it’s time you walk away from them and a relationship, then I hope the above-mentioned signs helped you gain some insights. If you feel that you need additional help and guidance on how and when to walk away from a relationship, then you can consult a professional therapist by signing up below.

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