7 Strongest Ways On How To Be More Decisive In Life (& Avoid Unnecessary Confusion)

Last Update on June 28, 2021 : Published on July 29, 2020
How To Be More Decisive

All the great leaders have one thing in common; they are strongly decisive in nature and overcome all the obstacles that intrude in the path. “Decision is the ultimate power” and many people who aren’t able to take strong decisions usually either procrastinate or keep regretting their already taken decisions again and again.

On the other hand, those who are strong-headed and take their decisions saying “I’ll do it” or “This is what I choose”, shape their own destiny. So how to be more decisive in life, avoid hopping in between thoughts and never regret it? Well, this blog is meant to give you a positive direction.

Can I Be Decisive?

Of course, Yes! Decision making is a strong skill that nurtures with continuous practice, self-confidence and determination. Instead of overanalyzing the tasks and waiting for them to reach a level of perfection needs to be kept aside first. In fact, you may need to defer from the world to set your mindset and it may help make better decisions in life.

Be More Decisive

How To Be More Decisive in Life?

1. Take Decisions In Your Comfort Zone

We know you are willing to make better decisions but this doesn’t mean that you pressurize yourself, especially when there’s a lot on your plate. Rather make choices when you have to do one or two tasks a day and find the best possible solutions for them.

For example, you need to drop a file to your boss’s residence, pick your kid from school and attend a meeting in a limited duration. Now, this is the time you can boost your confidence. Take the responsibility, plan out the process for all three and make smart decisions.

Don’t be afraid to tweak your decisions in a different manner when you are in your comfort zone. All you need to do is focus clearly! Mind you, when you have decided on the work, don’t overthink it but enjoy the process. It is going to help in overcoming the fear as well as decide if your choices are going in the right direction.

2. How, Why & What

It’s always easy to make better decisions when you answer yourself about what the task is, why it needs to be done and finally how it will be done. These answers clear out your head and you don’t need to walk down on a foggy path. When the vision, mission, value and strategy are clear, there is no need to go for a non-exhaustive debate. In fact, you even start to make decisions faster than ever with this strategy.

3. Ask A Mentor For Help

Are your spouse, colleague or Team Leader able to make decisions quickly? How can I be more decisive like them? Sometimes being in an open conversation with such decision makers without being hesitated can do wonders. For example, you have been assigned a pile of tasks in the office, there is no harm in discussing and taking opinions. Being more decisive is a process and it comes with gathering different experiences and information.

But make sure you are communicating your thoughts more clearly while also acknowledging that you will learn it, no matter how.

4. Don’t Run After Perfection

If you are someone who says “It could have been better” despite working hard, remember another quote next time which says “Done is better than perfect”. If there is something that’s stopping you then let yourself know that you have to do this task for a bigger goal.

For example, you will think that I will only throw the dart when it will hit the bull’s eye. How is that even possible if you haven’t missed the shot 100 times before? Answer yourself the question if you are looking for a perfect answer on how to be more decisive! Even though you are miles away from perfection, you will be doing better with continuous skill enrichment.

5. Don’t Let Past Hold You

Many people have stated that when they are ready to take decisive action, the happenings of the past clutter their mind and don’t let them take a fresh start. For instance, a couple invested in a disputed property a few years ago and lost money but they are not able to make decisions for another property thinking about the past mistakes. Does that sound fair? No, right?

Instead of overanalyzing and thinking about the past, just learn from the mistakes. Your next decision is supposed to be free from past issues and supportive of the future. We bet, you can do it.

6. Set A Time Limit

You can think about working on a task for infinity but this time, try setting a time limit to make a decision. As we have recommended in the first point, practice the task completion in a limited time limit. Even if you have to order a pizza for lunch, simply decide the toppings and order before the clock hits midnight. Or else, the shop will be shut and you have to stay hungry all night, you don’t want that. Setting a time limit will help in not just being decisive but also in making faster resolutions.

With this time limit, you need to even prioritize your needs. These preferences play an important role in taking the right decisions at the right time.

7. Set A Long-Term Vision

If you have understood the above points on how to be decisive, it’s time to set a long term goal. Perhaps your long term goals might look unrealistic right now but breaking down the goals into smaller sub-goals is the key for being real. Most of the businesses require quicker decision making and there is a need for commitment to your long term goals. Are you ready to strike the goal and stay up to your commitments?

Trust Yourself & Be Decisive

In the end, I have realized that many people forget to trust themselves while comparing and overanalyzing the other situations. Oh dear, breathe deep in and release it all, there is no need to hang in and out at one place. Decide and most importantly, TRUST yourself as there is no place for self-doubt.

Happy Reading & Happy Decision Making!

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