Signs You Have An INFJ Personality (The Rarest Personality Type)

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Myers & Briggs developed a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which is a personality test. Myers & Briggs identified almost 16 different personality types and one of which is the INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging) personality type.

INFJ personality is considered one of the rarest of personality types, perhaps because of the combination of different personality traits it has. It is the rarest personality type because according to a survey only an average of 1.45% of the U.S. population has an INFJ personality type.

INFJ personality type is rare so you’ll find only a few people with this personality type. In fact, there is a chance you might never meet someone with such a personality. But in case you meet someone with an INFJ personality type or you identify with an INFJ personality type, this blog is just for you.

Today, we will be talking about signs you might have an INFJ personality type, what it means, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of having an INFJ personality type.

Let’s get started…

What Does It Mean To Have An INFJ Personality?


The INFJ personality is one of the rarest of personality types. He is also known as an advocate. People who have an INFJ personality type have an advocate-type vibe; such people can be described as ‘idealists’.

INFJ is an abbreviation for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. People who identify with an INFJ personality are usually seen to be very serious in whatever they do, they have a logical approach to life and are very hardworking. Along with that, they also have a lot of compassion and are slightly reserved.

The INFJ personality type is as special it is as it is rare. They are very sensitive people and strongly rely on their intuitions. In fact, they are big-time empaths and have the ability to really tell when someone is lying.

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To get some more clarity on what exactly is an INFJ personality type, let’s look at the INFJ personality traits…

5 Key Characteristics Of INFJ Personality

If you think you are someone who has an INFJ personality type, here’s a list of some key characteristics of an INFJ personality that you need to look for in yourself. If you have most of the characteristics, you’re most likely to have one of the rarest of personality traits.

These characteristics will not only help you understand what an INFJ personality is but will help you get to know yourself better if you identify with one. Let’s have a look at some key characteristics of an INFJ personality type;

1. Compassionate

Compassion is one of the profound traits of an INFJ personality. This is so because they highly rely on their intuition and have a lot of empathy for others because they easily can sense what the other person is feeling. This combination of being highly intuitive and high on empathy makes them very compassionate people.

2. Helping

An INFJ personality makes you very compassionate and empathetic which can make you want to help people in need. It gives you joy in helping others. Although because of being introverted, they do take some time off to just regain their energy, they do like helping people.


3. Idealism

INFJs are idealists and not the ones who simply talk about making the world a better place. They actually make things happen, they dream big and work hard to make that dream come true. Idealism is one of the greatest characteristics of an INFJ personality type.

4. Organized

The INFJ personality type is one of the most organized personality types. They are always thinking ahead of time and tend to plan everything they do. They get their life in control by simply planning properly and making concrete decisions to execute their strategies.

5. Emotional But Logical

Now, this is a rare combination to have, INFJs are highly emotional because of the amount of empathy and compassion they have in them, they are also very logical. They do pay a lot of attention to their emotions but do not get carried away by them. They acknowledge their emotions but act logically.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of INFJ Personality

Now you can draw an outline of what a person with an INFJ personality looks like. It is time you look at the strengths and weaknesses of someone who is an INFJ personality. Let’s begin with what strengths an INFJ has…

Strengths of INFJ personality;

  • They are sensitive and deal with others with compassion and kindness
  • They are revered in nature
  • They know how to value relationships and connections with others
  • They are highly idealistic
  • They have a creative side to them
  • They have their eyes on the prize (focused on their future)
  • They enjoy dwelling on the thoughts of the meaning of life

Weaknesses of INFJ personality;

  • They can be highly sensitive
  • They can be difficult to understand
  • They have high expectations from themselves and others
  • They can be stubborn
  • They do not enjoy confrontations

That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this blog about the INFJ personality type interesting and informative. If you still couldn’t picture an INFJ personality type, here’s a list of famous people with INFJ personality for you to get a clear picture of what INFJ personality really looks like;

  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Nelson Mandela
  • K. Rowling
  • Princess Diana
  • Bill Gates
  • Lady Gaga
  • Emma Watson
  • Steve Jobs
  • Malala Yousafzai

I hope now you at least have a picture of an INFJ personality type. Do let us know in the comment section if you identify with the INFJ personality type because you might have one of the rarest personality types.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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