Traits Of a Highly Sensitive Person! P.S- It’s Okay

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highly sensitive people

Feeling too much or feeling too deep is a trait that many of us (including myself) carry. When I’m faced with anything that threatens me to change or leave my comfort zone, I fall into the pit of overthinking until I get scolded for thinking far too ahead and deep without having all the evidence.

I’m not saying that thinking too deeply or feeling too much is wrong but it’s a trait that most highly sensitive people carry. A highly sensitive person (HSP) experiences the world in a different light where each experience and moment leave a deep impression on their hearts, minds, and souls.

Highly sensitive people are empathetic to a fault, creative beyond imagination, and innocent as a bunny, and yet they get affected and overwhelmed by little things just like you and me. Did you know that according to research, a highly sensitive person is only 15 – 20% of the world’s population and because of this percentage, many people tend to take HSP as a disorder or some chronic illness?

If you are someone who identifies as a highly sensitive person, then you need to understand that there’s nothing wrong with it. In truth, it makes you unique! In this blog, we will talk about the traits of a highly sensitive person that you can relate to.

Common Highly Sensitive Person Traits

1. You Cry A Lot

It’s okay if you cry. There are many benefits of crying including improved sleep and better mood. But if you are a highly sensitive person, then movies, fluffy and cute animals, or even babies will make you cry. You will start crying when you are happy or too overwhelmed to control your emotions.

2. You Can Scan The Vibes

When a highly sensitive person starts a conversation or gets involved in some gathering they can already understand the path of some conversation is taking place. They know what could be the action and reactions in such situations and can also predict someone else’s comments on a certain point. Most highly sensitive people are keen observers and are often considered master communicators.

3. You Are Highly Self-Aware

Highly sensitive people are original when it comes to being themselves and are not afraid to get creative with their ideas. This can only be done when one is highly self-aware of their mind and heart. While it’s a good thing, there’s also a chance that this makes an HSP an overthinker. They over-analyze everything and tend to self-criticism.

4. You Abhor Violence

You can’ stand in front of some brutal graphics content or horror movies. I know, no one likes brutal acts of violence toward any living being. But when highly sensitive people hear or see such unsettling content that involves violent, gory, and brutal acts, they struggle to get them out of their minds for days, or weeks.

Moreover, HSPs are also considered sensitive to sounds. Such people tend to have some deep reactions towards any particular sounds. A sudden or loud noise could startle or shake you very easily.

5. You’re Very Empathetic

A highly sensitive person has an innate ability to sense what others are feeling, thinking, or struggling with. Even scientists say that HSPs have active mirror neurons that allow them to understand and connect with other people’s emotions. This makes you a person with a high IQ and empathy. However, this may also cause you to put others’ needs first and veer into the people-pleasing territory.

6. You Falter Under Pressure

When you’re under pressure or scrutinized quite closely, it can make you feel anxious. If you’re asked to speak up in a public setting, you will likely end up nervous and overwhelmed. This is common in highly sensitive people as they get easily stressed and anxious. You can manage your nervousness by learning to control your anxiety and giving time to self-care when you become overwhelmed.

7. You React Strongly To Criticism

A highly sensitive person is also quite sensitive to criticism, more so than anyone else. You go out of your way to avoid being judged and criticized. So, you work too hard and too much which often leads to stress which causes you to experience burnout. Again, with the right stress management techniques and self-care, you can learn to let go of the tight leash you seem to have on your life.

8. You’re Too Compassionate

People often compliment you saying how polite, courteous, and kind you are and these are the traits that are often found in highly sensitive people. You are a champion when it comes to integrity and compassion. While these are some great qualities to have, they can make others around you feel envious. This is where your people-pleasing personality might take a hit.

9. You Are A Problem Solver

Another trait of a highly sensitive person is that they are a problem solver and dedicated to fixing issues troubling others. You make a great team player and are always willing to give your utmost attention to everyone and everything. You see conflict and step in to fix it, always successfully. You also allow opportunities in your journey and your commitment to your work and life never flags.

10. You Seek Purpose

Unlike others, you don’t do something unless it holds a meaning or purpose. While many people may work just because of external motivators (fame, money, etc.), you work when the task holds meaning and it feels like a calling. You don’t do anything without meaning and that makes you unique. However, this could make you too emotionally invested in things that often throw your work-life balance out of sorts.

11. You Like Self-Reflecting

A highly sensitive person works best when they have had time to self-reflect. You need some time and space from time to time to self-reflect as this allows you to pick up on things that you couldn’t before and makes you competent in getting things done when you are aware of who you are. During this, you need to remember to give yourself the time to create proper boundaries and self-care so you don’t constantly get overwhelmed.

So, Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?

Are you sensitive, empathetic, intuitive, caring, thoughtful, creative, and so much more? If yes, then know that it’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with your personality. All you need is some time to yourself now and then to not give in to the pressure of all those emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

I hope you’ll take my advice and take care of yourself. If you liked this article and agree with the above-listed traits of a highly sensitive person, then do share it with your friends and family. If you think I missed any traits, let me know in the comment section below.

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Thanks for reading!

Take Care!

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