Basic Traits Of a Highly Sensitive Person! P.S- It’s Okay

Last Update on August 16, 2020 : Published on May 19, 2020
highly sensitive people

A highly sensitive person has their own world and their experiences are very different from others. Such people are more conscious of subtleties and are empathetic, creative, innocent. Nevertheless, they get affected to overwhelm and stress too just like normal people.

highly sensitive person traits

According to research, a highly sensitive person (HSP) is only 15 – 20% of the  world population and because of this many people tend to take HSP as a disorder or some chronic disease.If you are someone who is too sensitive for everything, don’t worry you are like me, like other people! A perfect normal human being!

In this blog we will talk about highly sensitive person traits that you can too resemble if you have one of them!

The highly sensitive person, I am sharing your Traits that defines you a little differently from this world.

Common Highly Sensitive Person Traits

 1. You Cry A Lot

you Cry A Lot

Umm! It’s okay if you cry. There are various benefits of crying such as it helps you to sleep better and also enhances your mood. But if you are one of those people who are too sensitive, movies, fluffy and cute animals or babies will make you cry, You will start crying when you are happy and if this image is making you sad, chances are you are a highly sensitive person.

2. You Can Scan The Vibes

you Can Scan The Vibes

When a highly sensitive person starts a conversation or gets involved in some gathering they can already understand the path of some conversation is taking place. They know what could be the action and reaction in such situations and can also predict someone else comments on the certain point. Most sensitive person is a keen observer and oftenly considered as a master communicator.

 3. You Think Deeply

you Think Deeply

A highly sensitive person will think deeply about every decision and people in their life. You may feel so many feelings at once and this situation can make you stressed, anxious, hungry or sad, When you start to think about anything it starts to create an intense shell around you. You started to feel both negative and positive emotions on your mind. All the small and little things started to have a bigger impact on you.

4. You Are An Amazing Human

you Are An Amazing Human

Wait wait I am justifying! Every person on this planet is best on its own way. I am  sharing highly sensitive person traits. You need not to judge yourself or questioning yourself – Am i too sensitive?. You are best at your story and they are doing good in their part. Back to the point, in a nutshell every human is amazing, no matter from which race, creed or caste they are from.

I am saying that a highly sensitive person is an amazing human because they think deeply as said above. When a person has a habit of thinking and taking everything so deeply they tend to be an amazing partner, helpful family member and a good listener to their friends and colleagues. HSPs believes in meaningful and lifelong relationships.

5. No To Violent/ Horror Things

no To Violent or Horror Things

You can’ stand in front of some bruta graphics contents or some horror movies. I know, no one likes brutal acts towards any living beings. But when highly sensitive people hear or see such unsettling contents that involve violent or scary movies, gory and brutal acts, they are caught in a struggle to get them out from their mind for days, or weeks.

In addition to this, HSPs are also considered as sensitive to sounds. Such people tend to have some deep reactions towards any particular sounds. Sudden or loud noise could startle or shake you. They can either get shaken through car horns or banging on doors.

 Are You The Highly Sensitive Person?

Are you too sensitive? If yes it’s okay you are still considered as a normal person. I hope you like this article and have shared it with your friends and family. If I missed out at any point if you want to add any specific part in this blog let me know in the comment section below.

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