Give Your Home Good Vibes With These Fortunate Artefact!

Last Update on September 2, 2020 : Published on April 25, 2020
Items To Give Positive Vibes To Your Home

Everyone dreams of a happy and prosperous home and why not to be? We laugh, live and create every single memory in there. Remember when your spouse painted the dining area? Do you recall that incident when your kid tried to help you in dinner but messed up everything?

Give Your Home Good Vibes With These Fortunate Artefact

Such sweet and precious memories can take place only at your home and like you, I too believe to welcome good luck to our place. We people are already fortunate enough to have food, clean drinking water and other basic amenities for survival but we can still try to attract more charm, so that we can help others too right?

I know most of you agree with me, hence I am mentioning some amazing list of items that are considered a lucky charm for your home sweet home!

Items To Give Positive Vibes To Your Home:

1. Hang A Dreamcatcher

hang A Dreamcatcher

Every one of us is aware of this beautiful dreamcatcher. It is believed that dreamcatchers originated from Native American culture and are known to catch evil dreams and nightmares. It is formed as a web live design with feathers and beads that captures all negativities around you and offers peace and relaxation to your mind.

As they represent good and positive energy, dreamcatchers are considered as a lucky item to your home.

 2. The Elephant

the Elephant

Elephants are considered as a symbol of wisdom, strength and charm. You can go for elephant tapestry, ornaments and elephant-shaped cushion to decorate your home.

These objects bring luck, balance and positive energy to the family member. You can also hang elephant design metallic wall hangings to add grace to your living area or any specific part you want.

3. Get A Fish

get A Fish

You can get 8 or 9 golden fish to your home, why 8? It’s because according to Feng Shui number 8 and 9 denote money, good luck and long life.  These pretty tine creatures are believed to absorb negativity and bad energy in your home.

If we talk about Feng Shui, it promotes bringing dragon fish or cute golden fish in your aquarium as it promotes positive energy, wealth and good fortune.

4. Burn Incense Sticks

burn Incense Sticks

Incense sticks are believed to have originated from Egyptian civilization and still people all over the world burn these sticks to clear negative energy of your home.

These sticks are full of aroma and you can choose them according to your choice. It is to be said that one should burn incense sticks as it will cleanse the negative aura and will give good vibes to your home.

5. Get Bamboo Plant

get Bamboo Plant

Our list is complete without mentioning bamboo plants! Here again I am going to mention the word “Feng Shui” if you are still not aware about this term, check it from this link.

Back to the point, bamboo is an essential part in the Feng Shui, it is because it attracts abundance of luck, prosperity and wealth to your home. If you are planning to get one for you, make sure to place it either east or south east direction.

Some Other Effective Ways To Attract Positive Vibes Are:

  • Hang Horseshoe
  • Statue of Buddha
  • Hamsa Hand
  • Crystals
  • Build a Koi Pond
  • Wind Chimes
  • Barn Stars

With the help of these items you can surely drag positivity to your home.

How You Attract Positive Vibes To Your Home?

That’s All Folks! This is how we can attract energetic vibes to our that can help us to increase abundance of happiness. After all, we deserve happiness too!

Apart from this I have also mentioned some Feng Shui items on the list because they are quite popular and proven to give benefits to the beholder. I am willing to know your method too, how you bring charm and positivity on your way, don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below.

If I missed out any point, let me know in the comments!

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