Best Spiritual Practices to Relax Your Mind

Last Update on August 22, 2020 : Published on June 23, 2020
Best Spiritual Practices to Relax Your Mind

Covid-19 pandemic has put us on halt and forced us to see and manage things that were beyond our control. Time was the one thing and another thing was a healthy routine which most of us were failing upon. Overburdened lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits have affected the lives of people around the world. We were not alerted even when things became alarming and we have to accept that.

While the Covid-19 has affected millions of lives worldwide, it has also given us an opportunity to redesign our lifestyles. Truth to be told, people are more aware of their mental and physical well-being now than ever before. If you are one of them and relying upon best spiritual practices, spiritual discipline, and spiritual meditation to stay healthy mentally and physically, then we are here to help you.

Best Spiritual Practices You Should Follow Today:

Spirit + ritual = spiritual. Well, you got the point. Rituals without spirit can’t be resulted in success. If you want to know the best spiritual practices to stay healthy, then you need to follow them with complete dedication and spirit. So, what are the best spiritual practices to calm your mind and relax your body? Let’s discuss this.

1. Pray


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Prayer has a divine power to transform your mental and physical status. It connects you with the supreme power and evokes your inner wisdom. Prayer is asking for help to change things that are beyond our control. While there is no harm in asking for help, but you should be also thankful to things that you have in life. It will bring gratitude and calm your mind. The most beautiful thing about prayer is that you can pray anytime anywhere.

2. Meditate


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Meditation has no boundaries. It is practiced on an everyday basis around the world by millions of people. The history of thousands of years of Yoga practices could help you meditate to bring the best out of you.  The best part is, it isn’t limited to your mental wellbeing, but it also helps you stay fit physically. Now that you have Yoga gurus and Yoga classes available around the world, you can take the help of these professionals to learn and practice spiritual meditation. If not that, you can even try online Yoga classes to do Yoga and meditation at home in expert guidance.

3. Live Spiritualism

Read, learn, practice and above all start living ‘Spiritualism’. Inculcate spiritualism in your daily life as a healer, a friend, a motivation, and guiding light. Follow the path of spiritualism and lead life to attain inner peace which is more important than anything else in life. Read good books, listen to spiritual leaders, practice good habits, train your mind to focus on the positive side of life, and have company of good people who are there to elevate you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

4. Focus on the Positive

Focus on the Positive

The next best spiritual practice is to focus on positive and good things in life. You need to train your mind to focus on positive things happening around you. As hardships and challenges are an inseparable part of human life, you need to take it as an opportunity to bring the best out of you. You should not succumb to circumstances; instead, you should defeat negativity in all forms in your life to attain inner peace and wisdom.

Pro tip: You should follow a life coach or spiritual leader and take their guidance to live a stress-free and successful life.

5. Discipline and Surrender

Discipline and Surrender

If you are following the above-mentioned practices, you have already come a halfway along to spiritual success and inner peace. Spiritual discipline is the next best spiritual practice you should focus on to lead stress-free life. If you know good spiritual practices, then you should follow them today instead of resting them for tomorrow. The second important thing is to surrender. Try to surrender where you release control of the outcome of things and situations in life, instead, you trust that everything that is happening is working out for your highest good.


In addition to following these best spiritual practices, you should also take care of your physical health as a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. If you have found these spiritual practices of help, then do share your experience. Don’t forget to share if you are trying something else as it could help people too.

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  1. sanjana rathor
    sanjana rathor

    According to me Meditate is one of the best practice to calm and relax your mind , rest are also helpful.

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