5 Thoughts We’ve Had During Lockdown To Explore Life’s Perspective

Last Update on May 15, 2020 : Published on May 14, 2020

It’s been a few weeks since the lockdown has taken place and it’s expected to continue for some time now. We are sure that your thoughts have already played hide and seek or ran from top to bottom by now. Well, don’t worry as many of us are going through something similar and being bothered by various thoughts. In fact, the perspectives of life are being revisited once again (which is not bad at all). Life during lockdown may look a bit tricky to many of us. This is why here are some questions and their answers that might help with your idea if the lockdown is a good time to rethink various life perspectives.

Q1. Rest v/s Self-enhancement? What should I do in this lockdown? 


One question that might be lingering every morning in our minds is ‘I don’t have any work to do. Should I just rest or watch another movie on Netflix?’ Well, we understand that this lockdown may never return again in this life and we must utilize it as much as possible. But we are sure you will still get tired of so much rest by the end. Or some of us are already! That said, some of us might also be thinking about only self-enrichment and do not want to take rest for even a few hours thinking that this is how to build competence and become successful in life. But this is not the truth.

The truth lies in a balance between the rest as well as self enhancement. One shall neither just rest nor keep working but manage time for both properly. For example, start your day with exercising (self enhancement) every morning for 1 hour, enjoying breakfast with music (rest), baking something in the kitchen (self enhancement) at noon, watching movies (rest) for lunch, etc. to have an equal participation of both sides. A balanced version of the two would be the best thing to keep you running in the lockdown for a longer period. This balance would even help you when the lockdown gets over, trust us!

Q2. I have lost my job because of lockdown. What should I do?

hope is always good

There is a whole lot of stress about people losing their jobs and businesses falling apart during the lockdown. Some are even having a feeling of worthlessness and it is indeed tough time to maintain your calm and be sane. But remember that good times are on its way. You were being patient enough; some more efforts towards it would definitely help you. This wave will pass easy only if you can keep calm.

Yet there are some tips that we would like to recommend during lockdown.

  • Keep your life structured and disciplined. Stay productive by other means (reading or learning new skills) as turning your life lazy or lethargic would only do harm in future.
  • Spend time with your family. Do not think of isolating yourself and let your family help you with the process.
  • Make your CV interesting again and look for the future opportunities.
  • Validate your feelings but understand that your work status does not define you as a person. Be realistic about the time frame to gain new employment and manage your expenses with a calm mind.
  • Keep searching for new opportunities without getting tired. Trust us, losing hope is the last thing you ever want. Your hopefulness and dedication are the only things that matter today.
  • Most importantly, stay physically active! Practice Yoga, mindfulness exercises, and breathing techniques to maintain a positive mindset.

Q3. Should I make some charity for coronavirus patients? What difference would my small amount make?

job well done

Imagine a long row of people outside an NGO expecting some money today so that they can feed their families. But someone last in the row is not about to get donated money as the stock is empty but you have just now donated $5 to the care fund. Now this last person will not sleep hungry tonight. Happy, right?

This situation has been created and explained so that you realize that even the smallest charity counts. When a human being puts others well-being before his own, he is in a really powerful position. Now embrace this great feeling knowing that your charity is definitely going to help someone. In fact, you probably want to give more, eh? Appreciate yourself and with that, don’t forget to contribute any which way for coronavirus patients.

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Q4. Have I wasted my life doing nothing till now?

Have I wasted my life doing nothing till now

Straight away, NO! You cannot think of this and question your own existence and we understand the bombardment of thoughts in your head during lockdown but your life till now is NOT a waste. Instead of feeling worthless, wish to achieve something big and start thinking about it from now. If you were afraid to take action till now, this is the right time to plan for it.

Moreover, do not try to delve into the past, rather create a purpose now. Remember that there is no defined time frame for dreams to come true. Moreover, it is never too late to start dreaming and make aims as well. They will definitely be a success if you remain determined. Hence, stop thinking, start acting.

Q5. Why am I comparing myself with others?

never compare yourself

Every human being is different and every being has different life situations. Your comparison with someone is not such a healthy way to compete. The only comparison that validates is self-comparison so that you can grow bigger than you were yesterday.

This lockdown, you can firstly accept where you are, water your own grass and be grateful for what you already have. It could be your family, friends, and even your past that built you the way you are. We recommend meditation so that you can clear up your thoughts for your own betterment.

Remember that none of us are perfect. Even though you feel that grass is greener on the other side, you never know the thorns someone else has gone through. So better relax yourself, avoid over hitching to social media and decide some choices for yourself. You will notice that your world is becoming better and better with each passing day.


Did we help you? Are you able to guide yourself through this lockdown phase? We hope we did and now you are able to see this lockdown as a pool of opportunities rather than a negative side. Make the perspective of life optimistic than ever before! Don’t forget to share your views and opinions with us in the comment section below!

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