How to Do Body Scan Meditation and Its Benefits

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If you have landed here then you are already aware of the benefits of meditation but confused about which one to go for. One such practice is Body Scan Meditation. For some, This may be a new term. So, let’s understand what is body scan meditation and Why You Should Practice it?

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What is Body Scan Meditation?

A technique that scans the body from head to feet is Body Scan Mindfulness Meditation. This is a type of practice to establish mindfulness in our bodies.

The technique goes through all of your body parts and relaxes the area one by one. People who practice body scan mindfulness meditation are mindful and present at the moment. Additionally, they have relaxed muscle groups.

Body scan meditation can also be practiced for having a good quality of sleep.

What are the Benefits of Body Scan Meditation?

When it comes to the benefits of body scan meditation, I think there is nothing best than getting a Mindfulness body scan because it instantly relaxes the tightened muscles and relieves stress and anxiety from the body, and helps the body in falling asleep fast.

This mindfulness meditation uses a mix of mindfulness meditation, yoga, body awareness, thinking, action, feelings, and exploration of patterns of behavior. This means the whole body relaxation in only one technique! 

Mindfulness is the non-judgmental acceptance and present experience that includes internal mental states, body sensations, emotions, memories, impulses, and thoughts. Mindfulness is achieved to increase well-being and reduce distress.

Overall, This is an effective and simple way to turn off the racing mind and turn on the peaceful state of the mind.

Here are the major benefits of mindfulness body scan meditation:

1. Reduced Stress

The main benefits of this type of mindfulness meditation are reduced stress and tension. Reduced stress and tension bring back physical health in a good condition like reduced inflammation, good sleep, and reduced anxiety. The benefits of this meditation reduce the symptoms of depression as well.

Reduced Stress

2. Increased Self-Compassion

When our mind wanders, we feel irritated and frustrated. Herein, this type of mindfulness-based meditation helps us to approach acceptance and gentleness. With mindfulness body scan, we generally learn to approach the solutions of our problems in everyday life with self-compassion.

3. Grounding

Mindfulness meditation helps to sync body and mind connection by pulling our negative thoughts and letting us live in the present moment. The mindfulness-based meditation also reduces the pains and aches.

How to Practice Body Scan Meditation?

Like other forms of meditation, practicing this meditation is also simple. Here are the basics steps to practice this meditation for seeking most of the benefits:

how to do body scan meditation

1. Get yourself into a comfortable position

To begin with, you really need to get yourself into a comfortable position. Lying down is suggested. Mostly, this meditation is performed to fall asleep, therefore, lay down. If you don’t want to sleep, you can also sit in a comfortable position.

2. Start by taking a few deep breathes

After getting into a comfortable position, slow down your breathing. Try to breathe from your belly instead of your chest. Let your abdomen expand and contract during each breath.

Additionally, if you feel like your shoulders are also rising and falling whenever you take a breath, try to focus more on breathing from your belly. The fact is that the balloon is undergoing inflation and deflation in your abdomen whenever you breathe. It will eventually come with more and more practice. Therefore, keep practicing it.

3. Bring awareness to your feet

After accomplishing the belly breathing, bring your focus to your feet. Try to observe sensations going around in your feet. If you are able to notice the pain, observe it, acknowledge it, also observe any emotions and thought which accompanies it, and gently slowly breathe through it.

4. Breathe into the tension/stress

If your focus goes on any kind of uncomfortable sensations or feelings, keep your focus on them. Breathe into those uncomfortable sensations and observe what happens next. Now, deeply visualize the stress or tension leaving your body through your breath and dissolving into the air. Repeat the process until you feel you are ready to move.

5. Scan your entire body and let your stress move out

Repeat this practice with each part of your body; gradually move up through your feet until you reach the head (the top).

Now, focus on you feel and if you are still holding any stress or tension in your mind. If you feel any pain, pressure, and tightness, you can continue breathing into the pain, pressure, and tightness you are feeling. This surely will help you in releasing stress or tension from your body. Just remind yourself, to be more aware of the part of your stresses so that you can easily release them in the future.

Beginner Tips for Practicing Body Scan Meditation

1. You can practice this meditation whenever you feel stressed. Or you can just simply do it as a regular practice as well.

2. If you really don’t have time to practice it in a fuller version, you can do it in an abbreviated manner by just sitting comfortably and noticing all the stress you have been carrying throughout the day. You don’t have to perform a full scan just directly focus on what is stressing you. This practice is easier to practice when you have only a few minutes free.

3. As this meditation promotes stress awareness, relaxation, and body awareness. You can practice it more often. You can also try doing breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, or visualization exercises for dissolving the tension and stress in your body.

10 Best Body Scan Meditation for Mindfulness

1. The Body Scan

Time: 10 Minutes 22 Seconds

This Meditation starts with moving into a comfortable position. The soothing voice of the narrator is quite calming. The duration of the video is 10-minute. The body scan is one of the best mindfulness based which you can perform anytime and anywhere even at work. All you need to do is find a silent place.

2. 20-minute body scan meditation

Time: 20 Minutes

This is best for the people who love to go solo for meditation. The meditation begins with lying down comfortably and draws the attention from feet to head. While doing the meditation just simply observe the practice. The main part of meditation is to relax and be in a comfortable position.

3. 10-minute body scan meditation

Time: 10 minutes

Such mindfulness meditation has various physical and mental benefits that reduce stress, improve your focus, and improve sleeping patterns. Therefore, if you are looking for a beginner, start with 10-minute Mindfulness scanning. The voice of the narrator is magical. This body scan meditation can be used for having good quality sleep. 

4. Guided Meditation for Sleep

Time: 16 Minutes

It begins with getting into a comfortable position and ends up with a good deep sleep. The meditation encourages deep breathing which in turn lowers the heartbeat and delivers deep sleep.

5. Guided Body Scan Meditation

Time: 15 Minutes

This Mindfulness meditation begins with a calm and relaxed position. In the duration of 15 minutes, the narrator tries to establish mindfulness by relaxing the whole body and mind in a peaceful state. The guided Mindfulness meditation is best whenever we face anxiety or stress.

6. Body Scan Meditation

Time: 30 Minutes

This meditation is good when you have chronic pain and you want to feel relaxed. The background music and the narrator’s voice take you to the celestial world wherein everything is so calm. Such things make the 30-minutes mindfulness meditation one of the best meditation practices.

7. 10 Minute body scan meditation

Time: 10 Minute

Now begins with the establishment of a calm and relaxed mind and body. 10-minutes video for mindfulness body scan are perfect if you want to deal with stress and anxiety.  The narrator’s soothing voice helps you to establish mindfulness within the mind.

8. Body Scan Guided Meditation

Time: 10 Minutes

This guided mindfulness begins by getting yourself into a calm and relaxed position. For the duration of 15 minutes, the narrator tries to establish mindfulness by relaxing the whole body and mind in a peaceful state. This guided meditation is the best whenever we face anxiety or stress.

9. Mindfulness Meditation Body Scan

Time: 14 Minutes

This Mindfulness Meditation begins with moving into a comfortable position. The soothing voice of the narrator is quite calming. The duration of the video is 14-minute. Meditation is one of the best meditation practices which you can perform anytime and anywhere even at work. All you need to do is find a place wherein you can relax.

10. Body Scan 45 Minutes

Time: 45 Minutes

This is one of the long-duration meditations but it is effective when you want a deep sleep. You can try meditation on your bed in a relaxed position.

Making Mindfulness Body Scan Meditation a Habit

Body scan meditation is a slow process with positive results, but you will be able to find some improvement or benefits right after practicing this meditation. With some time and attempts, you will be able to seek more benefits and improvement within your mind and body. 

Various people come and tell us that they are not enjoying meditation and every time we suggest they must practice it regularly even if they do not like it. Consistency will only lead to positive thoughts, improved focus, increased compassion, and greater ability. Therefore, make it a habit and try to maintain a routine. 

Effective Meditation-Related Tips for Beginners

If you are practicing any kind of meditation or body scan meditation, please notice that improvement and healing is a slow processes. it takes time to get back on the right track. Consistency is the only key to reaching your goals. Try not to feel discouraged right after practicing this meditation. Below are some more other effective tips to practice meditation: 

  • Stop worrying about being perfect or putting on the right approach. There is no such right approach. The meditation will only work for you when you will put focus on finding peace and calmness. 
  • Do not put too much stress on deciding the location and timings, meditation can be done anywhere at any time. Therefore, take out 5-10 minutes from your schedule and keep practicing it with compassion. 
  • Avoid practicing meditation with specific goals, it will become harder to stay focused, just try to feel the sensations and let the stress go away whenever you practice body scan meditation. 

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