7 Best Mental Health Resources For The Black Community

Last Update on March 3, 2022 : Published on March 3, 2022

The black community in America is highly prone to having mental health issues. Sadly, there are fewer resources to seek help. Research shows that Black Americans experience more psychological distress than any other ethnic group. The fact is that only 50% of Black adults get treatment in relation to mental health. Additionally, only 4% of registered psychologists are black.

Moreover, the cost of the treatment is high for such ethnic groups and most of the therapists do not accept health insurance. Hence, there are more challenges for Black people to seek therapy. In this blog, I have enlisted the 7 best health resources for the Black community which provides support and strives to destigmatize the mental health of the Black community. So, let’s get started.

7 Best Mental Health Resources for the Black Community

1. Therapy in Color

Visit: Therapy in Color

Therapy in Color is specially created for developing healing. The only aim of Therapy in Color is to make sure that Indigenous, Black, and other people of color are able to access therapy with the help of culturally diverse professionals.

The other goal of therapists is to destigmatize therapy for black people. The organization destigmatized Black mental wellness with the help of blogs, resources, and directories. Therapy in Color was developed by licensed psychotherapist Ashley Bryant.

2. The Liberate Meditation App

Visit: The Liberate Meditation App

The Liberate Meditation App was developed by Julio Rivera in 2019 for people of color. One fine day, Rivera couldn’t find any app related to the Black community on the internet, so he created this app to help people fight mental health issues.

The best part about this app is that it provides audio meditations and helps people with topics like mindfulness, gratitude, sleep, and ancestors. Additionally, this app provides meditations that help in healing racial discrimination. Overall, this app encourages you to feel better by supporting you throughout your mental health journey. This app is widely accepted all over the world and its users are from various racial backgrounds.

3. The Black Mental Health Alliance (BMHA)

Visit: The Black Mental Health Alliance (BMHA)

BMHA provides a database for Black therapists. After entering the site, users are provided with a questionnaire that helps Black people to match their perspective with the therapists. Not only this, BMHA promotes “black lives matter” by organizing training, educational forums, and referral services.

BMHA also provides school-based services for mental health, after-school programs, fatherhood initiatives, and more. Workshops and programs conducted by BMHA are based on structural racism, mental health stigma, and race-based trauma of the Black Community.

4.The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation

Visit: The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation

The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation was launched by Taraji P. Henson after she opened up about anxiety, grief, and depression. After that, she successfully became a mental health advisor for Black Americans. In 2018, this organization won a Golden Globe.

This organization provides awareness regarding mental health in the Black community. This organization has partnered with non-profit organizations that also provide scholarships to Black students.

5.Therapy for Black Girls

Visit: Therapy for Black Girls

Therapy for Black Girls was developed with the aim to make therapy reachable for Black women. Not only this, this organization helps in lifting the mental health of the Black community. The organization provides support for mental health issues like PTSD, violence, racism, depression, and more.

This site also provides a wide directory for girls seeking mental health support. It also has a community named “sister circle” and blogs for addressing mental health issues.

6.Therapy for Black Men

Visit: Therapy for Black Men

Therapy for Black Men is the only site that supports black men’s mental health. The aim of this site is to change the perception of seeking therapy, men’s weaknesses, and make therapy accessible for Black men.

It also provides a wide directory of 30 life coaches and 150 therapists that provide help for issues like confidence-building, relationships, stress, and more.

7.Black Mental Wellness

Visit: Black Mental Wellness

Black Mental Wellness collaborated with stakeholders of the community to provide cultural and race-relevant mental health resources for the Black community. Additionally, this site provides training for Black mental health students and professionals interested in making a career in mental health.

The best part I loved about this organization is that it provides fact sheets on mental health issues like anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and depressive disorders.

I hope this blog helps you with the 7 best mental health resources for the black community. Comment down your queries related to black mental wellness. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

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