5 Proven Ways Your Pet Can Boost Your Mental Health


When you bring a pet to your life you bring loads of happiness and an unbreakable bond that you will cherish for life. But that’s not it! Research supports the notion that there is a positive impact of interacting with companion animals on the mental health of pet owners.

List of 5 ways in which pets can boost up your mental health:

1. Enhanced Self-esteem

The amount of unconditional love and support that a pet offers to their owner makes them feel needed, wanted and approved of. Along with this, pets provide acceptance without judgment which boost-up the self-esteem of an individual. Also, if you are living alone then having a pet is definitely suggested, as they will bring a sense of security to you. They also work as a perfect companion to share your routine with, thus offering valuable company and support.

Fact Check: 67% of pet owners confirm that their pets remove their self-doubts and loneliness by providing companionship.

5 Ways Owning a Pet Can Improve Mental Health

2. Reduced Stress Level and Anxiety

The state of stress is marked by high levels of blood pressure and cholesterol. Well, instead of taking pills for the same we would recommend you snuggle with your pet. A study conducted by the University of Buffalo revealed that having support from a pet can aid in reducing blood pressure and control heart rate while facing any stressful situation.

Fact Check: Spending 15-20 minutes with your pet on a daily basis can make you feel less stressed and anxious. It also reduces your chances of heart attacks and stroke by 30-40%.

12 Ways Your Pet Can Improve Your Mental Health

3. Increased Happiness

If you want your brain to release the happy hormone- Oxytocin, then just pat a pet and enjoy the happiness! Not only this but with oxytocin being released in your body you are more likely to feel relief in your pain (emotional and physical). Your pet can in fact help you manage the emotions in an effective way. Along with this, they are likely to distract you from the symptoms of any physical/mental health condition thus, making you feel happier altogether.

Fact Check: Pets helps in healing depression by promoting feelings of calm, care, empathy and acceptance

Mood Boosting Power of Pets

4. Better Social Skills

The bond you share with your pet is likely to attract more positive and healthy bonds around you. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Psychology found that pets tend to increase social interaction and conscientiousness of their owners by charging up the self-confidence. Also, having a pet works as a catalyst to start a new conversation and makes you to be perceived as “friendlier” by others.

Fact Check: Pets helps in maintaining relationships and in sparkling new relationships, as per a study published in PLOS One.

Ways Pets and Mental Health Go Together

5. Aids in Childhood Development

Pets have a special role to play in developing and promoting mental well-being of children. From being a therapist to teacher to best-friend, pets can do wonders! Caring for a furry friend doesn’t only bring immense joy in kid’s life but also offer various mental benefits such as:

6 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Health 

Induces Empathy

Pets are neither critical nor ordering, instead they encourage self-compassion and positive attitude in kids. This in turn helps to develop empathy in them. Studies support that any kind of pet attachment helps child in regulating his emotions effectively and promotes mental well-being

Controls Temperament

Studies support that if pets and kids are taught to behave appropriately when together, pets can bring calmness in the kid’s life. Pets also relax the hyperactive and overly aggressive kids by releasing their energy into playtime.

Cures Autism

Autistic children learn and respond prominently from the non-verbal cues. Similarly, pets rely on these cues for communication therefore, better interaction between the two can be established. It has been found that when a child plays or spend time with pets their attention tends to increase.

mental health

If you wish to enjoy all these benefits that a pet has to offer than go own one and lead a happier, longer and healthier life. And if you already have one, take good care of him/her pal!

You need them as much as they need you!

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