Pebble Doodling For Mindfulness: Untangle your worries

Last Update on October 20, 2020 : Published on October 20, 2020
Pebble doodling for Mindfulness

Who all enjoyed gathering different types of stones or pebbles during childhood? I know I know every one of us enjoyed this activity. At that time I didn’t know that gathering pebbles is a mindful task to do. Talking about, pebble doodling or stone doodling is a cherry on the cake. Pebble doodling helps in letting go of our negative thoughts. In return, pebble doodling allows our minds to drift towards positivity.

It is not important to be an artist to practice pebble doodling for mindfulness. Also, you don’t have to select any design prior to practicing pebble doodling for mindfulness. In this blog, I have mentioned how to practice pebble doodling for mindfulness. So, let’s get started.

How to Practice pebble doodling for mindfulness:

To begin with, all you have to do is head towards the river bank and find your perfect pebble for doodling. While searching your pebble, make sure you pick a pebble on which doodle art can be created easily. Specifically, look for pebbles with a round and smooth surface. You can also try water meditation while looking for a perfect pebble.

To check if your picked pebble is perfect for doodling or not, you can roll the pebble between your fingers for the examination. You can also check the color and veins of the pebble just by rolling the stone between your fingers. You can check all these parameters by sensing the surface. While you are picking the right pebble for you, do not fasten the process. Take time to look for perfect stones that have pleasing color and shape for doodle art. Use your visualization techniques and think how perfect it is going to look after you will draw something on it.

Pebble doodling

You can make this process mindful by taking some deep breaths. Allow your mind and body to wander more through the river bank and shore. Also, try to observe the movement of the water and the colors of the pebble. Once you have picked up your perfect pebble and have returned to your home, think about the relaxation and peace you have experienced by nature with mindfulness. Now, try to decorate your pebbles mindfully.

You can begin doodle art by first getting into your comfy zone and in the right state of mind. Try to find your comfy place and make yourself a refreshing drink or tea. Now, try to get into your artistic mode. Wendy-Ann Greenhalgh appropriately mentioned in her book, The Art of Drawing, “with our thinking minds calmed, fully observed and in the flow, we come into a state of being characterized by a sense of open, spacious awareness.”

Things you need to make a decorated pebble

  • Pebbles
  • PVA glue or varnish
  • Gel pens
  • Colors

Decorating your pebbles with Doodle Art:

pebbles with Doodle Art

1. Pick up your favorite pebble and think about what you like to draw on it. What are you going to pick… heart, swirls, lines, dog, paws, or mandala? Take your time and think about it.

2. Once you have decided, take a gel pen and start drawing. Try to make the drawing clear.

3. Now, protect or seal your art with a PVA glue. If you want to decorate it more, you can also take the use of colors and paint your art. After that, secure the art with PVA glue to give it a glossy look. You can also make your doodle art waterproof with varnish.

4. You can now use your pebble doodle art for anything like showcase decoration material, paperweight, or make your plants look more beautiful. You can also decorate your garden area with such arts.

I hope this blog helps you to practice mindfulness with pebble doodling. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

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    Aditi Singh

    Mindful pebble doodling is a great way to step back from our worries.

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    This is so creative... My kids are enjoying it to the fullest!

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