20 + Affirmations for Healing the Agonies of An Unhealthy Mind and Body

Last Update on September 28, 2021 : Published on September 28, 2021
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We all have some emotional wound that we carry with us everyday. People say time can heal everything. Does it really heal or do we just learn how to live with it? If it still hurts everytime you think about an emotional pain then it’s far from being healed.

We carry the emotional baggage with us at all times. This weight doesn’t let us live a content, happy and comfortable life.

Emotional healing is possible! The power of positive affirmations is immeasurable. The good news here is that we can use positive healing affirmations for our emotional and physical wounds. The universe is always listening, so you can manifest anything you want.

Now, if you are wondering what healing affirmations are let me help you….

What are healing affirmations?

Healing affirmations are a set of words, phrases and sentences which you can use to manifest your desire regarding your health. These affirmations are generally formed in a way that can provide hope, faith, integrity and sometimes conviction.

Such affirmations are meant to heal us emotionally. Whatever you put out in the universe it’s sure to come back to you.  It’s better you put out positive healing thoughts rather than negative thoughts.

Manifestation has healed so many of us. All we need is positive healing affirmations, patience and gratitude.

Healing affirmations make us focus more on self-improvement, self-care and self-love. We should all have love and compassion for ourselves too. Emotional healing can help us recognise the strength and happiness that lies within us.

Click here to find out how you can use affirmations to manifest your desires.

Here are some healing affirmation prompts that can help you manifest emotional and physical healing…

Positive affirmations for healing

  1. I have a calm and healthy mind and body.
  2. I attract happiness and joy in my life.
  3. I have respect and acceptance for my feelings.
  4. I love myself, even though I am flawed.
  5. I try to heal my emotional pain everyday.
  6. I can heal myself because I have the power to do so.
  7. My happiness will heal my emotional and physical pain.

Scientific healing affirmations (given by swami paramhansa yogananda)

  1. “I have the strength to overcome all obstacles.”
  2. “God is within and around me, protecting me.”
  3. “I will radiate goodwill and love to others.”
  4. “I will help weeping ones to smile, by smiling, myself even when it is difficult.”
  5. “I will relax and cast aside all mental burdens. Allowing God to express through me, his love, peace and wisdom ”
  6. “ I am submerged in eternal light. It permeates every particle of my being. I am living in the light. The divine spirit will me within and without.”

Spiritual affirmations for healing

  1. I have the light of the universe within me.
  2. I am letting out my negative thoughts and feelings to lighten my soul.
  3. I am concentrating on the solutions to my problems.
  4. I love and respect myself and others unconditionally.
  5. I articulate my thoughts and feeling to gain inner peace
  6. No one has the power to hurt me unless I let them.
  7. The Almighty wants me to be happy, content and peaceful.

Self-healing affirmations

  1. I will forgive myself.
  2. I forgive all those who hurt me.
  3. I am willing to let go of the past.
  4. I accept my imperfect self.
  5. I will be okay.
  6. I am enough for myself.
  7. I will give life another chance.

Physical healing affirmations

  1. I am stronger than my pain.
  2. I am sure I will heal very soon.
  3. I heal my wounds and eliminate pain by attracting happiness.
  4. Healing the physical pain feels really good.
  5. I will take care of the beautiful body God has given me.

Healing affirmations

  1. “I forgive myself for not being perfect”
  2. “I honour who I am”
  3. “Today no one can irritate or annoy me”
  4. “I return to the basics of life: forgiveness, courage, gratitude, love and humor.”
  5. “In the infinity of life where i am, all is perfect, whole and complete”

Tips to successfully manifest good emotional and physical health via healing affirmations?

1. Set a specific goal: What do you want to manifest? Eg. freedom from pain and suffering.

2. Have trust in the power of healing: If you do it half-heartedly with lots of doubts, the effectiveness might reduce. Have belief in the process.

3. Visualize your manifestation: Visualisation makes the affirmation stronger. Makes your brain think it’s happening for real and healing can begin sooner.

4. Have unshaken belief in your affirmations: Don’t let worry and doubt corrupt your affirmations.

5. Produce healing energy: You can meditate, visualize or articulate your affirmations out loud.

6. Have patience: Be patient because sometimes manifestations wait for the right time to come true.

7. Be grateful: Gratitude is said to activate the law of attraction. Thank the universe for all the things you have.

Food for thought

Manifestation is one of the fastest ways to make all your desires come true. Emotional healing is very, very important for all of us. If positive healing affirmations can heal you inside out, there’s no harm in trying.

Why put out negativity when we have all the power to spread positivity. I am surely giving healing affirmations a try, will you do it too?

I have the power in me to heal myself and I will do it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

Thanks for reading!

Take care and stay safe!

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