10 Most Effective Manifestation Techniques For You To Attract Positivity

Most Effective Manifestation Techniques

Most of you must have heard of the ‘Law Of Attraction’, right? The principle saying that we attract what we think, we believe in. You put positive thoughts out there, you’ll receive positive experiences. Similarly, putting out negative thoughts will attract negative experiences.

Through this Law Of Attraction comes the ‘Law Of Manifestation’ as well. The law of manifestation explains that with the power of our thoughts we are capable of influencing our lives.

In this article, we’ll discover some of the most effective and best manifestation techniques that will help you influence your life, reach your goals and fulfill your dreams. To practice these powerful manifestation techniques you need to keep an open mind and heart. The only way these best manifestation methods will work is when you direct yourself to change.

Below are the 10 most effective manifestation techniques for you to attract positivity and bring a positive change in your life!

10 Powerful Manifestation Techniques

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1. Vision Boards

A vision board or a dream board is one of the best manifestation techniques. When you prepare a vision board, it helps you look and subsequently focus on the big picture. Sort of like scrapbooks, vision boards can include images, cut-outs of places you want to visit, positive abbreviations, pictures of what you imagine your future would look like, etc.

Mostly a vision board is artistic and creative. Make sure the print-outs you put on your board are in sync with your values and beliefs.

Once your vision board is set, take a moment to reflect on what you want to experience. Reflect on where you want to go, whom you want to meet, experiences you want to gain, etc.

2. Intent Journaling

Another best manifestation method is intent journaling. Our intentions also play a huge part in how our life is influenced. You can write in this intent journal once a day, a week, or a month. Making it a ritual will help you set your intention and move forward from there.

What you need to do in this intent journal is to make a list of things you intend to do (depending on your day, week, or month). These intentions need to be specific, for example; “I intend to get 2000 steps tomorrow” or “I intend to open my heart and mind to new opportunities this month”.

Again, your intentions should be in sync with your beliefs and values.

3. Gratitude Journaling

Count your blessings whenever you can. Once we are appreciative of the blessings, the things we have, the universe will give us more to appreciate. With the help of a gratitude journal, you can become aware of the blessings you have.

Make writing in your journal a nightly routine. Be grateful for the experiences you had during the day and write them down. Use this journal to express gratitude towards the universe and thank it for the blessings you’ve been given so far.

4. Conscious Belief Assessment

You may not realize it but your mind carries subconscious thoughts and beliefs that may affect our lives whether we like it or not. For example; you might yearn to perform well in competition but somewhere in your subconscious, you might believe that you’re not worthy of winning.

These subconscious beliefs can have an impact on your dreams and aspirations as well. Remember, the law of manifestation states that our thoughts and beliefs transform into real experiences.

For a conscious belief assessment, you can try self-reflection exercises to understand and change your beliefs.

5. Visualization

Apart from the above techniques, you can also try practicing visualization to strengthen your manifestation. Try to introduce different perspectives and visualize your goals. This technique is about imagining your future now!

Visualization techniques for manifestation can help you get a clear vision of what you need or want. To practice visualization you need to have a clear goal in mind, then visualize that you already achieved the goal.

6. Manifestation Affirmations

Positive manifestation affirmations are another best and powerful manifestation technique you can try. Once you’ve done your belief assessment, this technique can come in handy. These manifestation affirmations can help you eliminate negative perceptions and create more positive thoughts and beliefs.

You can try manifestation affirmations such as:

I’m worthy of getting what I need

I believe in the power of the universe

I open my mind and my heart to change, trust, and faith

You can repeat these affirmations during visualization, during meditation, or when you write in your intent journal.

7. Wheel Of Focus

This yet another manifestation technique will help you move your focus from negative thoughts to positive ones. To start with, you can jot down your goal on a piece of paper and write down a positive thought related to that goal next to it.

For example; your goal is to write a novel in one year, then you can write a positive statement next to it such as – I will write 1000 words daily or I will spend one hour of my day on my goal. This manifestation method will help you visualize your thoughts a little better too.

8. 17-Second Manifestation

Taking 17 seconds out of your day doesn’t sound too much right? Manifesting does not need to take more than 17 seconds either. This manifestation technique is not difficult to do. All you need to do is when you wake up, lay still for 17 seconds, and daydream.

How good your life will be if you had the car you wanted, the dream house you dreamt of, the relationship you always yearned for. Once you’ve given 17 seconds to these thoughts, get up and get on with your day.

Nothing will happen in 17 seconds but in these seconds you’ve put your thoughts, your desires out in the universe.

9. The ‘As If’ Practice

Another quick and effective manifestation technique is the ‘As If’ method. Developed by Alfred Adler, this practice aims at acting as if you already have what you desired. Fake it till you make it, ever heard of this? That’s what you need to practice here.

Act as if you’ve reached your goals and fulfilled your dreams. Instead of theorizing what you need, act as if you have everything you’ve been manifesting.

10. Positive Networking

Last but not least, this method of manifesting is as important as the rest of the techniques. Our minds work as a radio, it transmits what it hears, sees, and surrounds itself with. Negative attracts negative, positive attracts positive. Surrounding yourself with positive people can also play a huge role in manifestation.

Hang out with people who give positive vibes, avoid people with negative energies. You can also start this by following positive influencers on social media, read books with positive themes, listen to positivity podcasts, etc.

Thoughts Become Things…

Each of these methods of manifestation has a different role but the result will be the same. No matter which manifestation technique you use, if your intention is not positive and powerful, it won’t work. There is a whole science about the law of manifestation. You can read more about the Law Of Attraction to understand how manifestation works.

Experiment with the above-mentioned manifestation techniques to find the one that works best for you! You can also combine two or more manifestation methods.

Remember, manifestation will only work if you keep an open mind and heart. Believe in yourself and the universe.

Did you try these manifestation techniques? Did any of them work? Let me know in the comments below!

Believe in yourself, follow your dreams, and let your thoughts become your reality!

Take Care!

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