Pregnancy Brain Is Real! – Know Why And How To Overcome It

Last Update on August 29, 2022 : Published on August 19, 2022
Pregnancy Brain Is Real

Hello “Mom-To-Be,”

You must be enjoying your pregnancy months, right? Pregnancy is indeed a joyful period for all mothers.

Are you eating well, doing all the exercises, taking your vitamins on time, and communicating with your little one?

Well, have you ever noticed a slight change in your memory these days?

Are you also forgetting tasks or forgetting what you did 15 minutes ago?

Does your brain also feel foggy?

We all know that during pregnancy a female’s body goes through a lot of changes be it physical or mental. But do you know that pregnancy also has some impacts on our brain?

Yes, the brain of a pregnant woman is related to feelings of inattention, lack of focuand , forgetfulness, mental fogginess. Don’t worry; all such symptoms are normal during pregnancy. The feeling of forgetfulness during pregnancy or loss of memory is called Pregnancy brain or momnesia.

Yes, pregnancy brain is real, while it can create some humor in the room, it can also make you worried or frustrated. Don’t worry, pregnancy brain is common and I have got your back, in this blog I have enlisted some effective ways to cope with it on the basis of my personal experience. So, let’s get started!

What is Pregnancy Brain or Baby Brain?

Forgotten appointments, lost keys, missed showers, and missed vitamins can take a toll on your mental health during pregnancy. When you begin to forget things or tasks during pregnancy, it is called as Pregnancy Brain. The pregnancy brain hijacks our bundle of joy.

Such a foggy brain can be a cause of your worry, frustration, or stress during pregnancy. Meanwhile, it happens due to massive changes in our body like hormonal shifts, physical changes, fetal development, and more. It does not change your brain, usually, the symptoms of pregnancy brain subside after delivery or post-partum.

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Impacts of Pregnancy Brain

There are so many studies that show how pregnancy brain impacts your mental health. Below are some impacts based on the research:

1. Memory

Some studies show that pregnancy brain impacts pregnant women and women post-partum. A study showed that the memory of pregnant women and post-partum women are affected by spatial recognition memory. If you keep on forgetting things, you can blame it on your memory. Additionally, the researchers found that pregnancy brain also impacts deficits in memory tasks and learning.

2. Mood swings

Due to the impact on memory and learning skills, women reported having high levels of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Additionally, signs of pregnancy are more likely to be similar to signs related to a premenstrual syndrome which causes mood swings. Women who experience high mood swings during PMS are likely to happen more during pregnancy.

3. Alterations to the Gray Matter

High changes in mood and cognitive tasking result in alterations of gray matter. According to a study, pregnancy causes striking changes. According to the research, gray matter shrinks during the period. but the fact is that it does not change your brain. It just results in a loss of concentration and focus.

Causes of Pregnancy Brain

Below are some common causes of Pregnancy brain:

1. Hormonal shifts

Hormones cause memory problems. According to the research, it shows that cognitive functioning is affected due to the rush of sex hormones which basically occurs during the nine months. mostly, it happens during the last two trimesters.

2. Deprived sleep

Some lifestyle factors like less sleep can also cause pregnancy brain or foggy brain. Sleep deprivation can also be problematic during postpartum as well. This shows that pregnancy brain can be caused after postpartum as well due to sleep deprivation.

3. Pregnancy stress

Increased levels of stress during pregnancy can also be a major contributor to the pregnancy brain. Additionally, anxiety levels also increase during pregnancy. During postpartum first few months with the newborn are stressful, this can also result in pregnancy brain.

How to Overcome Pregnancy Brain?

Here are some self-help tips to cope with Pregnancy Brain:

1. Get proper sleep

By getting proper sleep, you will be able to manage your stress levels which will eventually help in overcoming pregnancy brain as well.

2. Get proper nutrients

By getting proper nutrients, you will be able to balance your brain functioning.  You can eat foods rich in antioxidants and vitamins. You can try taking a balanced diet of omega3-fatty acids, eggs, and spinach.

3. Hydrate yourself

Set an hourly reminder to drink water as much as you can. Hydrating yourself will help in proper brain functioning and will also benefit the baby.

4. Set reminders

If you are continuously forgetting tasks or things to be done, you can set reminders on your phone to complete them on time. In order to be more organized and productive throughout the day, you can try:

  1. Maintain a daily calendar or schedule.
  2. Add sticky notes to the wall.
  3. Set regular notifications or alarms.
  4. Take the help of note-taking apps.
  5. Carry a notebook for daily reminders.

8. Play brain games

Brain games like Sudoku or Crossword puzzles help in boosting brain performance. Additionally, they are considered mental exercises. You can also try downloading gaming apps that boost memory.

9. Be kind

While forgetting things and tasks can be stressful and depressive, be kind towards yourself and keep appreciating yourself for growing a beautiful life inside your body.

10. Simplify your life

Avoid multitasking, instead, keep your life more simplified and focus on activities that are important to you. Save your energy and focus on your health and baby more.

That’s it “Mom-to-Be.” I hope this blog helps you with your Pregnancy brain. Connect with Calm Sage to learn more about “Pregnancy and Mental Health.”

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Thanks for reading!

Take care ☺

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