Oddly Satisfying Videos: The Psychology Behind The Feels

Last Update on August 10, 2023 : Published on October 12, 2021
Psychology behind Oddly Satisfying Videos

While scrolling through social media do you also find yourself stuck in a loop of watching oddly satisfying videos?

Have you ever wondered why we keep on watching these oddly satisfying videos and what is so satisfying about them? Well, psychologists have tried to understand the psychology behind these “oddly satisfying” videos. Let us see what gets these videos millions of views, why it relaxes us, and why it is so appealing to us.



Hey, don’t get hooked yet! Continue reading to understand the science behind the pleasing aspect of oddly satisfying videos.

Psychology Behind Oddly Satisfying Videos:

1. Brain Chemicals and Oddly Satisfying Videos

Professor Rober Colombo did a study in which he found that such videos release happiness hormones, serotonin and dopamine chemicals in our brain. Along with this, a report by Wired found that the tingly sensation caused by the audios and visuals of these oddly satisfying videos makes us feel calm and relaxed.

Therefore, we find ourselves glued to these videos as we experience peace and happiness by watching them.

Fact Check: In 2018 Instagram identified “Oddly Satisfying Videos” as the fastest-growing niche.

2. ASMR and Oddly Satisfying Videos

If you have been on social media for a while you surely know the term ASMR (another trending video niche!). ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response which is a brain message that gives you a relaxing feeling.

The founder of ASMR University, Professor Craig Richard concluded from his observation that from the colors to the hand movement of such videos sends a ticklish sensation from our head to the spine. This causes the experience of positive emotions, changing our mood.

Fact Check: On an average at least one video with hashtag #OddlySatisfying is posted on Instagram every minute.

3. Child Like Brain and Oddly Satisfying Videos

Professor Craig also suggests that looking at someone doing something skilled with their hands captivates our brain as it appeals to our childlike tendencies. He says that these hand movements appeal to our younger brain, which is focused and interested in learning new things.

So when we see these oddly satisfying videos our brain gets the message that we might be learning something by looking at other’s fine motor skills. Thus, activating our childlike focus.

4. Gratification and Oddly Satisfying Videos

We humans are always allured by immediate pleasure. Just watching 5 seconds of visuals which costs us nothing and comes handy for instant stress-relief makes us go back to these videos again and again. The instant relaxation offered by these videos work like a min-meditation session making us feel lighter and happier.

To get all this in a short amount of time and immediately, we often find ourselves hooked to these videos. In fact, psychologists also suggest that these videos and their sensations kick in the “just right” feeling.

5. Personality Traits and Oddly Satisfying Videos

Interestingly, your personality type can also play a role here. Yes, if you have a particular type of personality your chances of watching these oddly satisfying videos and gaining pleasure from them is high.

This interesting study was carried out by Fredborg et al. (2017), where he found that people who are higher on openness to experience and neuroticism, lower on conscientiousness, extraversion, and sgreeabless (Big- Five Personality Traits) are more likely to enjoy these satisfying videos.

Why? They are more anxious and at the same time more imaginative and open-minded to find these videos pleasing.

6. Mirror Neuron Theory and Oddly Satisfying Videos

Before understanding the link between oddly satisfying videos and mirror neuron theory, let us first understand what this theory is all about. According to the mirror neuron theory, if we look at someone doing something we start getting the feeling (neurological response) that we are the ones performing that task.

So when we see someone crushing the slime and organizing, we feel like we are the ones doing it instead. Thus, instead of relaxation and calmness is felt.

So it is safe to say that watching oddly satisfying videos comes as a handy way to combat stress and anxiety? Well, yes! Next time when you want a mini-mental break or an instant stress-buster, try watching some unusually satisfying videos.

Disclaimer: We are not suggesting oddly satisfying videos as an alternative to therapy. We are recommending it for self-help and quick tips to feel better. Also, while watching such videos make sure that you don’t fall in the trap of addiction. Therefore, limiting how many videos to consume is suggested.

Special Section: Your Daily Dose of Oddly Satisfying Videos

Well, on days when you feel overwhelmed or struggle for a good night nap you can visit any of these Instagram pages to get your dose of mini meditative tour. If you have any recommendations to add to this, share them with us in the comments section!




What are your views about these satisfying videos? Do you also feel calm and relaxed after watching such oddly satisfying videos? Share your viewpoints with us in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading!

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