Happiness Hormones : Ways to Boost Them Naturally

Boost Happiness Hormones

We all strive and thrive each day of our life to lead a happy life. In this journey of finding ways to lead a happy life we are involved in different activities not even knowing whether they will promote happiness or not.

But, not anymore!

From now we are going to focus on activities that will eventually boost our happiness hormones.

What are the Happy Hormones?

Yes! You heard it right, while there is no one gene associated with happiness there are four happiness hormones that are found to pave the way for a happy life. So, let us explore what these hormones are and how we can boost them naturally, no supplements required.

The four happy hormones and their description is discussed below:

Happiness Hormones Other Names Functions
Dopamine “Chemical Reward Hormone” Whenever you get rewarded and praised, dopamine runs through your body. It is your brain’s reward system.
Endorphins “Natural Pain Killers” It is our body’s natural pain reliever. When stress and discomfort causes wear and tear in our body, the hormones save us from any damage.
Oxytocin “Love Hormone” When you are around someone with whom you bond or have trust on, oxytocin releases in your body making you feel happy.
Serotonin “Mood Stabilising Hormone” This hormone regulates our mood, sleep, appetite, and digestion. Majorly, it is a regulator for your mood. Feeling good? Thank serotonin. Feeling upset? Time to boost serotonin.

Although these happiness hormones are naturally present in our body but depending on the activities we are involved in they keep on fluctuating. When they are suppressed our happy life comes to a pause. On the contrary when the level of these happy hormones is accelerated our happy life hits the play button.

To help you boost happiness hormones of happiness we are sharing the best natural ways with you. Let us see how we can hack these chemicals and invite happiness in life.

Natural Ways to Boost Happy Hormones

meet your happy hormons

5 Ways to Boost Dopamine Hormone

1. Each Day Set An Attainable Goal Or Task And Complete It

You all will agree with the fact that when completing a task we feel happy! Ever wondered why? Well, when you accomplish a goal or complete a task, it is a reward itself. This further triggers chemical- Dopamine in our brain, making us feel happy.

That’s a big reason why we feel under the pump until a task is not completed. So, next when while working on a huge project make little accomplishable goals like steps, and when you will achieve them, yay happy days will follow.

Practice one simple act of self-care.

2. Celebrate That Little Victory Of Yours

When you complete a task and don’t self-sabotage. Even if you feel it is such a trivial task, remind yourself that you have still put in efforts to accomplish it.

So, treat yourself with your favorite cake or going to your favorite hanging out spot, just celebrate it. This will help you boost your dopamine level. Next time don’t wait for a big event to happen before popping that champagne bottle.

3. Cook Your Favorite Meal

Cooking is ideally found to boost all four major happiness hormones. But, increased dopamine level is the one that impacted the most. Think about your favorite meal or a new dish that you have planned to try and cook it this weekend. And with a good plate of food coming from you, happiness will also follow.

4. Practice an Act of Self-Care

Tell yourself and your brain that after that hectic week you still love yourself. The best way to make it happen is by practicing self-care. Even studies support that to level up your dopamine, self-care should be the first step to start with. So, when do you plan to treat yourself with love and care next?

5. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Good Night's Sleep, Boost happiness
After a hectic day at school, university, or work just reward your body with a good night’s sleep. Sleep is necessary for your body to refuel and recharge. Both quality and quantity of sleep are important to maintain an optimal level of dopamine in your body.

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5 Ways to Boost Endorphins Hormone

1. Exercise

Without a doubt, exercise is good for physical health but it is also equally good for our emotional wellness. Although even 5 minutes of exercise will help in releasing endorphins but to experience runner’s high a 30-minute exercise session is recommended.

Studies have even found that people who exercise on a regular basis tend to be happier than the ones who don’t. So, when are you planning to sweat it out?

2. Laugh Out Loud

Laughter is the best self-therapy, a fact known to all! Then what is stopping you from throwing your hands up in the air and laughing your heart out?

Studies show that laughter can help you stress relief, anxiety, and boost your mood by flushing endorphins in your body. Next time when you receive a funny message don’t reply with LOL, truly laugh out loud.

3. Essential Oils

Studies have found that essential oils are calming and euphoric in nature. These oils release the feel-good hormone, endorphin. You are free to use these essential oils in any way you want. Use them as aromatherapy, inhale it, or use it on the skin, the benefits will follow.

4. Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates are a big source of happiness. They stimulate the production of endorphins and help us enjoy the feeling of pleasure.

Well, of course, you can eat other chocolates too, but the theory behind chocolate and brain chemicals is simple, more cocoa= more endorphins. So, next time when you feel low take a bite of dark chocolate and get those endorphins flowing.

5. Watch a Funny Video

Make your bond stronger, Happy Life
If you can’t really throw your hands up in the air and laugh out loud, it is okay! You may enjoy social laughter. It is found to trigger endorphins as well. So, either watch a funny video with your friend or share it across. It will help you enjoy the benefits of endorphins on one hand and make your bond stronger with others on the other.

5 Ways to Boost Oxytocin Hormone

1. Snuggle Your Pet

There is a long list of benefits that your furry friends have to offer and emotional well-being is one of them. Giving them love, attention, belly rubs, and pets to boost the level of oxytocin in your body. Research has found that pet owners experience an increased level of oxytocin when they snuggle and cuddle their furry buddy. Surprisingly, even watching a dog can help you experience happiness.

2. Cuddle With a Baby

If you are not a pet lover then you may increase the level of oxytocin in your body by cuddling up with another source of pure love- Baby! When you play or cuddle with a baby the level of your stress goes down and the level of oxytocin increases. You can actually save yourself from an emotional crash by just hugging a baby.

3. Hug Someone

Interestingly, oxytocin is also known as the “cuddle hormone.” So, you know how to boost the happy hormone oxytocin after a sad day, just hug someone. From our end, sending you virtual hugs. Hope you feel happier!

4. Pass On A Compliment

Hey, you are beautiful just the way you are! Didn’t you have a small pop of happiness in your brain after reading it? Well, that was a pop of oxytocin in your body! The best part is that while a receiver enjoys the benefits of getting compliments

5. Just Hold Hands

Just Hold Hands, Happiness Hormone
Touch and oxytocin are closely related. That’s why when someone you love pets you or touches you feel calm. Even if you are holding hands of your loved ones, the brain will feel calm and instantly release oxytocin in your body (proven by research). Next, don’t miss an opportunity to hold hands!

5 Ways to Boost Serotonin Hormone

1. Meditate

Meditation is the number one source of the happy hormone serotonin. That’s the reason why meditation is used as an alternative treatment approach for various mental health issues. Many studies have supported meditation to be linked with the escalation of happy hormones.

If you think meditation is not your cup of tea or you don’t know where to begin with, we suggest you first clear your head and then track which mediation you need. Good luck!

2. Go Out And Run

If you have heard of runner’s high you can easily figure out why running is on the list. But, if running is not your preferred route of increasing your serotonin levels then you may give a shot to walking in the forest! Not only is forest bathing meditational but also a great source of boosting your serotonin levels. Time to wear your favorite running shoes and connect with nature!

3. Listen to Music

Music is a great tool to boost happiness. The good news is that when you plugin to listen to your favorite music, all the happy hormones will flow in. Enjoying music brings a positive mood change leading to the production of serotonin. Do you know what can be even better? Creating your own music! It will amplify the dose of happiness that music has to offer.

4. Take Swimming Laps

Swimming is one of my favorite exercises! Interestingly, serotonin and swimming are found to be closely related. No wonder, each swimming lap pop a small bubble of happiness. Swimming also reduces the level of stress hormones. Basically, swimming will make you fit and happy, go take those swimming laps now!

5. Get Sunlight

Soaking yourself into the sunlight can increase the level of serotonin in your body. Feeling stressed or low? Just go outside and let that sunlight pour on you. Even a dose of 10-15 minutes of sunlight is enough to make you happy.

Soaking yourself into the sunlight
Now that you know about these happiness hormones and natural ways to boost them it is time for you to try them.

If you have practiced some of these activities that boost happiness hormones then do share your experience with us in the comment section.

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