ALERT! 7 Signs Of Teen Depression Not To Be Missed!

Last Update on July 9, 2021 : Published on June 30, 2020
Signs Of Teen Depression Not To Be Missed

Teenage is indeed a strange time where adolescents face hormonal changes and there is a significant change in their behavior and mood. Although depression can hit any age and any gender, it is necessary to monitor signs of depression in teens. Their capacity to handle depression is pretty vulnerable and hence, no symptoms of depression in teens shall be ignored.

Causes Of Depression In Teens:

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There could be various causes of depression within teens including:

  • Peer pressure and school difficulties.
  • Drugs and alcohol abuse
  • The feeling of shame, guilt, ugliness, failure, and worthlessness
  • Addiction to social media and smartphone
  • Bullying nature of other students

8 Signs Of Depression In Teens

Signs Of Teen Depression Not To Be Missed

1. Frequent Anger & Irritability

If the teen is angry all the time and his every response is being irritated, do not miss this sign. Though you may not consider it as depression very early, rather find if this behavior is running for a long time.

2. Persistent Sadness

Does your child come back home sad every day? Is he showing any signs of violence or bruises? Well, his or her expressions speak dominantly and it should be taken seriously.

3. Loss Of Interest

Whether you talk about daily activities or activities that this child was enjoying with his friends, if he is not showing any more interest and keeping self-isolated, get alert. He might be having very poor self-esteem due to any reason like losing again and again in baseball game, failing in exams, etc., your support is needed.

4. Trouble In Concentration

Depression among teenagers could be noticed when they are moved with various thoughts and not able to concentrate on anything straight. It could happen that he is not able to take a stand for self, can’t remember things properly and even makes poor decisions.

5. Energy Loss

A very strong symptom of depression in teens, there could be a significant drop in the energy level of a child. This energy loss is evident when he is not eating properly, gaining or losing weight suddenly or not taking enough sleep at night.

6. Poor Performance

Now there could be multiple other reasons too that child is showing poor performance in academics, sports or music, but school depression signs can not be ignored in one flip. Something might be biting inside the brain of the kid which no one is aware of, so need another alert sign.

7. Thinking Of Self-Harm

Giving privacy to the child is absolutely fine unless he is not thinking to harm himself inside his own head. Suicidal thoughts or talking about suicide jokingly shall not be ignored. This is the most dangerous stage when talked about teen anxiety and depression.

What To Do If Signs Of Depression In Teens Are Present?

  • Listen To The Child: Many people commit this mistake by lecturing the child and forgetting to listen to what he wants to say. Rather than speaking from your side, gain the trust and listen to what he means to speak. Be patient!
  • Take Him For Walks or Exercise: Spending some time with him/her and taking to the long walks is soothing. If signs of depression in teens are present, physical activities are going to break the monotony.
  • Motivate: You need to motivate the child to undertake the activities that he loves. It could be taking his favorite classes, cooking or going out with friends for a movie.
  • Set Screen Time Limit: Now this could be a really healthy option. Social media is one such place that kills a lot of time at one end and peer pressure mounts on them at another. Various applications like Social Fever are really helpful in doing so.
  • Encourage Him To Sleep Proper: It is not such a good idea that the kid spends a whole lot of time watching movies all night or chatting with friends and finally facing insomnia issues. This, in turn, creates depression!
  • Professional Help: depression in teen girls and boys is becoming prominent each passing day. If no solution can help you, look out for professional help nearby or talk to a doctor. In fact, you can also talk to us and we will get back to you very shortly.


Let us know if we could be of any more help to you and take your kid out of signs of depression. We believe that depression might have gone too much within the generation but it is absolutely possible to control it with strong will-power and inspiration for life. So get up and take the stand, fight depression bravely!

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