Super Thinking Ideas For Brain Toolbox: Improve Your Intellect

Last Update on February 17, 2021 : Published on February 14, 2021
Improve Your Intellect with Super thinking ideas

Each of us go through peculiar phases in life where equipping with tools of decision making, conflict resolution, shortcuts and frameworks are required. However, if we are not aware of such tools then it may lead to late and inferior decisions.

In fact, two authors namely Gabriel Weinberg and Lauren McCann have also provided us with super thinking ideas through their book, ‘Super Thinking – The Big Book Of Mental Models’.

Combining the ideas of design thinking toolbox and learned philosophists, we give you smart ideas for your brain. These ideas are also meant to improve and upgrade your intelligence which ultimately takes you a step further for future perspective.

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Super Thinking Ideas To Incorporate From Today

Key Ideas

  • Add a number of effective tools in your mental health kit. These thinking ideas will help you with focused and clear decision making power.
  • We don’t know everything. Accept the fact! Choose to collect the associated knowledge and try hitting every aspect before making a decision.
  • Spend your time wisely and efficiently if you wish to achieve something great in life.

1. Circle Of Competence

Circle Of Competence
Image source: Drift

The circle of competence is meant to ask you if you know your limits of knowledge. Successful people know about what they know and what they don’t which helps in making decisions easily. Know yourself but don’t make a fool of yourself by feeding wrong or overconfident information.

2. Inverse Thinking

The concept of inverse thinking is another super thinking idea as it allows you to think in both directions simultaneously. For example, you are thinking of winning the game but at the same time, you can think of not losing the game at all. Another example is to invest in the finance world to save money or invest to make more money in the future.

3. Mere-Exposure Effect

Mere-Exposure Effect
Image Source: Productive Club

It is a common principle that the more we see, hear or think about something, we develop a preference for it. It happens due to exposure and familiarity with it. Hence, it is required that one is very mindful of his or her own environment and even about a particular thought they are going through.

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4. Long Term Vision

Choose a long term vision for yourself in order to increase your intellect. For example, if you choose to go North, choose North Star as your goal. Your growth acts as a process even if you cannot see when is the right time to reach it. Believe in the power of incremental process rather than overestimating or underestimating the upcoming opportunities.

5. Occam’s Razor

The simplest solutions are usually the best ones. You should only keep clarity of thoughts, especially when there are two best options in front of you. The option which lets you gel easily and doesn’t require a lot of changes or thoughts, it will work and flourish best with you.

6. The Ostrich Effect

We often sideline important pieces of information when we are stressed, worried or overwhelmed and it leads to poor decisions. Such situations often happen when we want something to happen desperately and we can do anything in order to get it. Understand that desperate decisions do not always work in a long term manner!

7. Pareto Effect

Pareto Effect

The Pareto Principle is a smart method suggesting 20 percent of your efforts show up in 80 percent of results. If you invest your 20% of time into something, you reap for the same. For example, investing 20% of time in reading books will account to your knowledge gain and polished experiences.

8. Confirmation Bias

Many of us stick to those things and knowledge that we already possess and refrain from getting it changed. Even if new information comes along the way, we avoid asking our own embedded values. Little do we know that change is the only constant and we must muster the courage to drive ourselves towards changing patterns of life.

9. Self Handicapping

With the fear of failure, we take a step behind in never trying again. The fear of failure to save your self esteem today is actually a dent on the risk which could change your life completely tomorrow.

10. Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias
Image Source: Farnam Street

When you have gathered information, it is great to confirm it from multiple sources to gain a number of perspectives. It gives your thinking design toolbox a super power and confidence that you are getting along in the right direction.

11. First Principle Thinking

It simply makes you understand that only if you know something from scratch or learned it from the beginning, you can build better value, knowledge and arguments around it. The rock solid foundation makes a building stand better. Hence, you must equip yourself with all the facts and first principles to combine later for better results.

Equipped With Super Thinking Ideas?

We are hopeful that these super thinking ideas will not only help in increasing your intellect but also provide you effective tools to make focused, quick and better decisions. Although we sometimes fail to follow such ideas despite their knowledge. In such situations, we must remain calm and mindful and revise the positive thoughts again.

Do you think that these ideas are great enough for a successful business and merrier life? Share your thoughts and views in the section below!

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