40+ Things to be Grateful For in Your Life, Everyday

Last Update on February 16, 2023 : Published on February 17, 2023

“Always have an attitude of gratitude.” ~ Sterling K. Brown

And ain’t this quote true! Gratitude is a powerful habit that everyone should possess. It’s a shame how much we take little things in life for granted. What’s even more surprising is that we don’t realize that sometimes the things we take for granted are the things that make a huge difference in others’ lives.

Psychologists say that expressing gratitude has always been an important part of our well-being. Being grateful allows our brains to create connections that positively affect our mental health and wellness. When we show our gratitude for small things, we focus on what is in front of us and not on the “What Ifs”. This is important as it encourages us to live in the moment.

Today, I’m taking you on a small guided gratitude walk where you’ll learn how every aspect of our life – big and small – plays an important role. It could be your job, your partner, your pet, your home, and even your favorite book.

When you focus on these small things that make a difference, whether big or small, it can bring you to the present moment and make you realize how these things have impacted your life. Try to imagine your life without having your favorite book to comfort you during rough times. How would your life turn out then?

Want to go a little introspective? Let’s take a look at all the things to be grateful for in life – small and big…

Things to be Grateful for in Life

Let’s start our gratitude walk with the big but simple things to be grateful for;

1. The Roof Over Your Head – After all, there’s no place like home, right? Be grateful for having a comfortable place to rest, no matter how big or small it is.

2. Your Parents – Parents are our very first friends, teachers, and mentors. Be grateful for their presence in your life.

3. Your FriendsFriendships are also an important part of our lives so be grateful for the people you chose as your companions and who’ve been through the ups and downs of life with you.

4. Your Pet(s) – If you ever had a pet that made your childhood worth it or if you have a pet now, be grateful for their unconditional love.

5. Your Health – Now, this is something big that you should be grateful for. If not for your good health, where would you be?

6. Your 5 Senses – Without your five senses, how would you ground yourself to the present? Be grateful for the eyes that see, the ears that hear, the nose that allows you to smell, the touch that allows you to feel, and the tongue that allows you to taste.

7. Other’s Kindness – When you’re in a tough spot and if someone comes to your rescue, make sure to be grateful for it. If not for others’ kindness, you won’t have compassion for life.

8. Nature – Be grateful for the planet you live on and the nature you can appreciate. It’s Mother Nature’s presence that allows you to live and breathe with it. Be thankful for it.

9. Love – Again, if not for love, you wouldn’t know kindness and compassion so be grateful for the love in your life that taught you to accept and appreciate whatever comes your way.

10. The Food You Eat – It’s easy to take the food you eat for granted, but it’s the food that sustains your body and mind. Without a proper meal, you won’t be able to do the things you’re doing now.

Continuing on your gratitude walk here are the things to be grateful for about yourself;

11. Waking Up In The Morning – Every morning, you get out of bed and do your morning routine, be grateful for that and to yourself.

12. Doing Something Kind For Others – You should be grateful for your ability to be kind to others and extend that gratitude towards life and the people around you.

13. Your Ability To Forgive – Even when someone wrongs you, and you decide to be the bigger person and forgive them, be grateful for this ability. You will be an even bigger person for it.

14. Staying Connected With Others – Express your gratitude for staying connected with others. Despite having many relationships, you can still give quality time to each relationship. That matters!

15. Your Quirks – Even if your sense of humor is underappreciated by others but loved by you, be grateful for your little quirks. After all, it’s the little things that make you…YOU.

16. Your Good Intentions – When things don’t go the way you want them to, it’s easier to think negatively about the situation, but what about the good intentions you had in mind? Think about your good intentions and be grateful for your foresight.

17. For Staying Strong – Even in the face of adversity, you stood strong so be grateful for this ability. You are a strong and capable human that deserves all the thanks and love.

18. Your Imperfections – No one can be perfect, and we’re quick to dismiss our imperfections as something negative because of this. That should not be the case. Be thankful for the little imperfections you carry. They make you unique.

19. Your Sense Of Time – You know when to dwell on the past and when to focus on the present and be grateful for this sense.

20. Your Conversational Skills – Whether it is personal talks, small talks, board meetings, or a simple greeting, you can make every conversation worth it. Be grateful for your ability to communicate.

Moving on, let’s focus on the things to be grateful for in a relationship;

21. Your Spouse/Partner – You chose each other as lifelong partners, so be grateful for that choice – the freedom to choose and the partner you chose.

22. The Space In Your Relationship – You both are stronger together but for once be grateful for the space to be you in the relationship. The time you spend together can be great but the time you can spend alone with yourself…that’s the one you need to be grateful for.

23. Communication – You can communicate with your partner without feeling rejected, judged, or disappointed; be grateful for that.

24. Friendship – Wouldn’t it be scary if you weren’t friends with your partner nor shared any kind of friendship with them? After all, your partner should be the one person in your life who won’t judge you for being imperfect. Be grateful for their friendship.

25. Security – Isn’t it amazing how safe and secure you feel in the relationship? Be grateful for that too.

26. The Things You Can Celebrate – For all the birthdays, anniversaries, and achievements; be grateful for the occasions you can celebrate in the relationship.

27. Unconditional Support – You can be free and quirky because you got the unconditional support of your partner. Express your gratitude for the support you got.

28. The Little Disagreements – Yes, I want you to be grateful for the little disagreements that you get into in a relationship. It’s those arguments that make you learn something new about yourself and your relationship, so express gratitude for them.

29. Intimacy In The Relationship – And I’m not just talking about the physical closeness either. Here, I want you to be grateful for the emotional intimacy too. It’s what makes any relationship emotionally secure and safe. You can be vulnerable and not feel threatened.

30. The Trust – I’ve always believed (and said) that there are three foundations to a relationship; trust, respect, and loyalty. Without them, the relationship’s foundation can become shaky. So be grateful for the trust you and your partner have for each other.

It’s time you focus on the things to be grateful for at work. It’s where you spend most of your hours anyway, right?

31. The People You Work With – From managers to the housekeeping staff, be grateful for them. It’s in the big things your manager and coworkers do as well as the little things like making you a cup of tea that the housekeeping staff brings that makes you feel cared for at work.

32. The Challenges You Face – As they make you resilient and offer an opportunity to learn and grow. Be grateful for the problems you encounter and the challenges you face.

33. Your Talent And Skills – If not for your talent and skills, you won’t be succeeding at work and in life, right? Be thankful for those skills and abilities that make your work life worth it.

34. Your Competitors – These are the people or places that push you to do better, challenge you to think more, and inspire you to be a better version of yourself. Be thankful for them as they are as essential to your professional success and development as your colleagues.

35. Your Emotions – At your workplace even, your emotions are the things that keep you floating. Without them, you won’t be able to figure out what’s wrong and what’s right.

Lastly, let’s focus on the unexpected yet small things to be grateful for;

36. Your Comfort Book/Movie/Music – Without these small things, life would be quite dull, wouldn’t it? Be grateful for your favorite movie, book, or music band.

37. The Silence – Even the stillness and silence of the world is something to be grateful for. It’s the silence that helps us connect with our other senses so be thankful for it.

38.  Sunrise And Sunset – The beauty of the world lies in being able to experience the rising of the Sun and its setting. A sunrise to remind you of a new day and a sunset to remind you that you had a good day.

39. Holidays You Celebrate – Being able to celebrate your religion or your faith with your loved ones is a small thing, but in hindsight, it’s an occasion that allows you to come together with your loved ones and be there for each other.

40. Memories You Carry – If you couldn’t recall the happy times with your favorite people, how terrible would it be! Be grateful for a small thing like your memory. It makes everything even more special.

41. A Compliment – As it brings a smile to your face! Be grateful for the praise, the appreciation, or the compliment you receive. Someone saw something special in you, and it should be met with heartfelt gratitude and a smile.

42. Life Experiences – Lastly, I want you to express your gratitude for the experiences in life you’ve lived. Without life experiences, life would be dull and cold. So, extend your thanks to your life experiences, no matter how bad or good they’ve been.

No matter what life throws at you, we should be able to withstand it with a smile and face it headstrong. Being grateful for things in life is a part of it all, and it’s a journey that makes us better people.

Take a few moments every day and give gratitude for things in life that make it worth living. Reflect on what you’re most grateful for and give a boost to your mood and well-being.

It’s that simple!

Hopefully, this article will help you focus on things to be grateful for in life every day. If you like the list of things to be grateful for or would like to add your own things to the list, you can comment in the section below or drop an email to us at info@calmsage.com.

You can also leave us a message on our social media.

Take care and keep giving thanks, every day!

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